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troubledseoul  asked:

I was wondering if I could ask what are your current favorite jams and what are your all time favorites??

Giriboy: ZOA, I’M IN TROUBLE, Take Care Of You, Its Pretty, Highway, Adult, Space Flight 2, All Day Long,  
Elo: Tattoo, Your love, Angel, Day n Night, The End
Dok2: 치키차카초코초, Future Flame
Zico: Bermuda Triangle, Yes or No, VENI VIDI VICI, Predator 
Zion.T: Comedian, The Bad Guys, Eat, Knock,
Jay Park: Sex Trip, In this Bitch, Fuckboy, You know, Want it
Kush: Machine Gun 
Crush: Beautiful, Don’t Forget, Oasis,
Sik-K: Habibi, Don’t Play, Nowhere,

I’ve always listened to Giriboy the most but Zion.T, and Elo are the runner ups! I have all of their albums on my phone so they will always be timeless to me. I still need to check out Locos new stuff cause I’ve not followed the scene for awhile. Please tell me your favorites and I’ll check them out :)

I was tagged my @reynnisdenolds and @toadcircus to do this tysm Scoob and Roastie i owe you both my life

rules: list 10 songs youre currently vibing on and then tag 10 mutuals

1. Dime- Cake

2. Song 2- Blur

3. Girls and Boys- Blur

4. Que’ Onda Guero- Beck

5. Don’t Bring Me Down- ELO

6. Snookeroo- Ringo Starr

7. The Boys Are Back In Town- Thin Lizzy 

8. Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting- Elton John

9. We Didn’t Start The Fire- Billy Joel

10. Uptown Girl- Billy Joel

the only people i can think of are @boreavement @illist-rat-or and @thesockprince but anybody else that wants to do it can if you want!


[ 1/5 ] fave male soloist // crush 

► a mini playlist w/ crush 

sofa - crush, sometimes - crush, hug me - crush, give it to me - crush ft. jay park & simon d., two melodies - zion t ft. crush, stupid love - rhythm power ft. crush, shall we dance - pinodyne ft. crush, whatever you do - crush ft. gray, crush on you - crush ft. swings, denim heather t-shirts - elo ft. crush, beautiful you - crush ft. choiza, sleepless night - crush ft. punch, call you mine (cover) - crush, just a little bit - crush ft. lydia paek, i’m fine - crush ft. kumapark, shower later - gary ft. crush, i fancy you - crush

honestly listen to his whole album here //

[HD Fancams] Jay Park tellin’ you to turn off your fandango phone right now with Elo. xD Looking so good in that simple black tank……

He was teasing the fans the entire night haha love it! Plus talking and interacting with them between songs….. look at him seducing a fan with that finger lick lol

Watch his full set performance at Resffect Melody Concert last night which also includes oher artiststs like Hoody, Elo, Zion T, Dean and more.

Just like you’re at the concert yourself, and even better view xD

Another HD fancam by Jay Rubato

Three hours worth of fancams to watch….isnt’ it glorious to have wonderful Korean fans ;)