t elos

[HD Fancams] Jay Park tellin’ you to turn off your fandango phone right now with Elo. xD Looking so good in that simple black tank……

He was teasing the fans the entire night haha love it! Plus talking and interacting with them between songs….. look at him seducing a fan with that finger lick lol

Watch his full set performance at Resffect Melody Concert last night which also includes oher artiststs like Hoody, Elo, Zion T, Dean and more.

Just like you’re at the concert yourself, and even better view xD

Another HD fancam by Jay Rubato

Three hours worth of fancams to watch….isnt’ it glorious to have wonderful Korean fans ;)


Project X Zone 

T-Elos and KOS-MOS Special Attacks.

Available for the Nintendo 3DS on June 25th, July 5th and July 4th in North America, Europe and Australia, respectively.  

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I just imagined Hoody gathering around all her teenage AOMG babies in the kitchen table to talk about the importance of protection during sex. And then there’s Jay Park sweating because he doesn’t know if he used it properly the night before and now he’s scared he has STD and Simon D volunteering to show all his brothers how to put it on a banana. With Loco silently blushing and Ugly Duck whining about how weird the situation is. Gray scolding Simon D about how to PROPERLY do it because he put it on backwards even though he didn’t. While Elo inquires about why the condom is “wet” and where does it go and in which way but never attains the information because Jay Park is screaming and confessing that he got a girl pregnant because she swallowed while Gray and Simon D fight over the banana that ends up slipping from Simon D’s hand and accidentally slapping Loco across the face with it. Ugly Duck slamming his hands on the counter top and pointing at Loco yelling “YOU GOT DICK SLAPPED”.