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Rfa+Saeran going to Pride with MC (who is LGBTQ) either as friends or bf/gf~

hey anon, thanks for stopping by!(⌒▽⌒)happy pride month!!*`*`* I hope you like it!~

I knew if I didn’t answer this during pride month, I’d be so upset with myself lmao. especially since my tiny island had their first pride!! i wasn’t there, but the thought is amazing

ok so real quick, if you haven’t read my sexuality headcanons for the rfa then some of this will seem like they came from nowhere; so i linked them there ;) 


  • zen was really nervous to go to Pride
  • not because of his “semi-famous” status, though. oh no.
  • he was nervous because he never came out to anyone besides mc 
  • and even that took a long time for him to admit to them
  • but he was so excited too! 
  • on the day of Pride, he’s sitting at the table with a coffee cup, trying to calm his nerves
  • mc walks up to him and kisses his head. “ready, my knight?” he looks up at them and nods
  • the two of them show up to Pride, all grins 
  • zen’s fans are really surprised to see him there, especially with a little bisexual flag painted on his face 
  • his hand is holding on tight to mc’s, who has a matching bi flag on their cheek as well 
  • they have lots of fun!! zen and mc take a bunch of pictures of each other and with the fans
  • they dance a lot, at one point mc is lifted onto zen’s shoulders 
  • they also kiss a lot. like, a lot. zen’s in one of his “i feel extra love for you please let me kiss you” moods
  • at the end of the day, when they get back home, zen is literally hanging onto mc 
  • “did you have fun zenny?” they ask and he nods. “i had…the best time”
  • they both laugh. and zen feels a bit more confident in himself


  • yoosung is so hyped and he’s not even part of the community
  • yes i know what my sexuality hcs say shhhhhhhh he doesnt know yet
  • but he’s so excited to support his trans partner!
  • joins mc in dressing up for the occasion, but he has rainbow pins
  • absolutely makes a sign
  • its one of those simple, “i love my trans partner” signs
  • but with yoosung’s decorations, which include stars and even an emoji of himself
  • literally becomes mc’s hype man for the day
  • he really enjoys the day! 
  • mc does too because he makes it his mission to make mc have the best day ever
  • someone give yoosung the most supportive bf award


  • it’s jaehee’s first pride! 
  • mc is so excited for her 
  • there’s a little bi-colored ribbon in jaehee’s hair 
  • as well as a little lesbian flag painted on mc’s cheek
  • when they go out, you bet they have an amazing time
  • they dance like pros omg
  • jaehee also becomes more open with pda for the occasion! 
  • the whole day she’s giving mc cheek kisses and even lets them take a picture of them in an actual kiss
  • mc is ecstatic omg
  • they are the cutest girlfriends
  • jaehee has never felt this confident and free before and mc can see it in her face
  • she’s happy and free 
  • just like she should be


  • (¬‿¬)
  • jumin han won’t get out of his suit 
  • but he wears an appropriately colored tie to celebrate 
  • which is the grey-scale colors
  • because he’s demisexual
  • u thought 
  • mc, however, is in full pansexual colors 
  • he doesn’t dance fully ever, but you can see him tapping his toes
  • he also smiles a lot! mc can’t believe their eyes
  • some people are really surprised to see Jumin Han there
  • the paps are also having another Story of Their Lives
  • jumin han is demisexual and his spouse is pan. amazing
  • but anyways, he is so clingy around that day omg
  • gives them a ton of back of the head kisses
  • he even laughs! he’s having such a good time. no guards or his father or work
  • “…can we go again next year?” 
  • of course juju

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • 7 -  0 - 7 + 6 - 0 - 6 (≖ᴗ≖) 
  • my boy here is decked out in pansexual colors
  • and he has a genderfluid-colors bracelet 
  • he is ready
  • mc is also decked out in their respective colors, which in this case is the nonbinary colors
  • they have the most fun, just spending the day partying 
  • its really where saeyoung can let go and dance
  • when they meet new people, he introduces himself as luciel, though
  • if they bring saeran along, he has on his colors too and are just watching these two dorks
  • but saeyoung is just really happy to be out and with his family 
  • there’s nothing that can make him happier 


  • he’s really shy about it, since he’s not one for huge crowds
  • but he’ll make an exception for Pride
  • him and mc are matching! both the asexual colors yay!
  • they don’t put themselves too out there, but they’re there.
  • mc manages to get saeran to dance too! he’s really cute and a pretty good dancer when he lets loose
  • they find some bubbles with the container wrapped in a little ace flag and spend most of their time doing that tbh
  • in the middle of the day, saeran is smiling! he’s having such a good time, it’s so cute
  • before the day ends, saeran taps mc’s shoulder
  • they turn to look at him, finding him tapping his lips
  • mc: *softly* holy shit
  • this is a rare opportunity, folks
  • mc leans in to kiss him softly
  • saeran smiles and kisses them back softly 
  • they hold hands the rest of the day
g o t 7 : as neighbours

masterlist here!

warning: none :)
words: 724

제이비 J A E B U M 
- other people in the neighbourhood swear he’s a vampire as he’s rarely ever seen outside
- even though the neighbourhood is 10/10 convinced that JB doesn’t exist he’ll always leave presents at the neighbours doors at Christmas and Thanks Giving
- owns lots of cats but when the neighbours see them they have no idea what home they belong too. he’d probably give them matching collars tho so the neighbours are certain that there’s that one crazy cat lady on the street
- on the occasion that he is seen outside is when he needs to find one of his cats and he’d become so anxious about it >.<

마크 M A R K
- always running around the neighbourhood
- he’s a shy neighbour so he just likes to goofily smile at people and even though it’s sO ADORABLe only the elderly would agree. others; would thinks its creepy why?
- can’t help but snoop on the other neighbours and spread gossip like an innocent child
- when his post is falling out the mailbox, only then will he collect it all
- annoys the neighbours with the noise of his skateboard down the road and when the basketball bounces constantly on the concrete
- his basketballs are always going over the fence and he’ll either 1) never get them back because he doesn’t want to talk to the neighbour or 2) will creep into his neighbours garden to find the ball

잭슨 J A C K S O N
- the kind of person who would know everyone, and everyone knows him
- if he sees an elder struggling with groceries he’ll always offer to take it to their house
- creates a lot of trash. so much so he has to secretly dump it in neighbours trash cans but he’s too sweet so he’ll ask his neighbours if it’s ok
- the slides at the park will be occupied just as much by Jackson as the children,,, even though he knows the park is specifically for under 11s
- his house dominates summer BBQ season because he’d invite everyone under the sun

진영 J I N Y O U N G
- will run out to his mailbox in his underwear trying to avoid neighbours if he has to
- his neighbours own several of his spare keys as he always loses his set of keys. most likely will forget his neighbours have a spare set when he comes home from work thinking he left his keys at the studio
- a neighbour that takes Halloween and Christmas decoration seriously
- he’s smug about how his annoying flashy Christmas lights and excessive Santas dominate the whole neighbourhood

영재 Y O U N G J A E
- offers to walk the neighbours dog not because he likes them but because he likes the cute dogs
- never mows the lawn but once a year he’ll ask a neighbour to borrow a lawnmower
- asks to borrow things, never returns things but if he does return it, it would be as a Christmas gift
- decorates his front lawn with the most exotic and wild plants you’d have ever seen and takes pride watering them
- there will either be a trampoline or paddling pool in his backyard “for the kids” himself

뱀뱀 B A M B A M
- he’ll most likely be seen at the local neighbourhood park on the swings
- tries to do pull-ups on the monkey bars to impress the neighbours doesn’t work for most; but works for you ;))))))
- never ever opens his blinds or curtains just in case there are certain creepy neighbours
- hides behind the sofa when he knows people handing out flyers are in the neighbourhood because he’d sacrifice anything to not open the door probably not Yugyeom
- owns the flashiest car in the neighbourhood and isn’t shy to show it
- you can smell his burning toast from any house around the block

유겸 Y U G Y E O M

- his music is always too loud but the neighbours are too scared to ask him to turn it down since he is the evil maknae
- will knock on other neighbours doors at 2am totally by accident

- all his house lights will all be on even at 3am
- turns ninja when someone rings the doorbell and questions his life
- always invites himself over to neighbours houses so he can become part of all the business in the hood
- spends his saturday mornings doing yoga in the local park

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Reyna Writes: Partners Under Covers - An Alyadrien Week Prompt


For Alyadrien Week #7: AU

Waiting to post this was fucking t o r t u r e, since I had it finished about a week ago, but oh well.

Normally @siderealsandman is my enabler in stuff like this, but this time around, it’s more @bullysquadess‘s fault. :P

Enjoy! <3


When prompted, the neighbors of one Adrien Agreste would have a lot to say about him, all good things:

M. Agreste? Oh, he’s so kind, I just love him.”

“Adrien? Yes, he’s such a joy to have in the neighborhood! Always volunteers at the neighborhood barbecues, and he never has a bad thing to say about anyone!”

“Oh yes, Adrien Agreste. Just between you and me, if I didn’t have a partner, I’d certainly like a shot at him…hell, I think Jean would probably agree!”

Former part-time model Adrien Agreste made his living by teaching piano lessons for kids, teens, adults—basically anyone who wanted to learn—at the local rec center, where all the townsfolk gathered to learn a variety of skills, be it the piano, cooking, dancing, or even quilting. And he was never without business—when he wasn’t teaching at the rec center, people were practically lining up for private lessons outside his two-story home, which was grander than a few of the houses, but modest enough, considering his gigantic inheritance when his father passed. He was always ready with a helping hand and a smile, which would make him an easy target when it came to shady individuals, but he was just so pure that anyone who tried to scam him seemed to end up giving up with a thousand apologies, which he always accepted. Adrien Agreste was simply too pure for anyone to mean him harm.

That…and his lawyer was not someone to be trifled with.

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After a long and dangerous quest, the search party has finally ended. The Head Counselors of Camp Half-Blood have recovered 26 lost demigods! The journey was treacherous, and unfortunately, more demigods are still out there waiting for help. But fear not, another search party will be sent out soon!

Discovering the true parentage of our new friends was a wild ride, but after making many sacrifices to the Gods, all 26 new campers have finally been claimed.

Z E U S - CABIN 1: @ahmbrosia & @percyjacksonvevo

H E R A - CABIN 2: @fleurrdelacour & @artcmis

P O S I E D O N - CABIN 3: @tiwnpeaks & @richordgansey

D E M E T E R - CABIN 4: @callron & @pctter

A R E S - CABIN 5: @ohboyd & @drxcomalfov

A T H E N A - CABIN 6: @sixovcrows & @alicelongbottom

A P O L L O - CABIN 7: @dcsdemonas & @hagridsrubeus

A R T E M I S - CABIN 8: @wylanvangansey & @nviles

H E P H A E S T U S - CABIN 9: @delacouvr & @howlingremus

A P H R O D I T E - CABIN 10: @persephne & @nowthatsheaven

H E R M E S - CABIN 11: @hermionejean & @emmacarsairs

D I O N Y S U S - CABIN 12: @camercncole & @seicarus

H A D E S - CABIN 13:  @petuniaevans & @ilithyias

Adjusting to camp can be a confusing time, but with the help of the Head Counselors, Camp Half-Blood offers not only safety, but a new family. Head Counselors will be wandering among the new campers and informing them of how best to go about starting life at camp shortly.