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i was looking anti theories on tumblr and then suddenly after clicking on one the whole screen turned a different color and the GIF started to glitch out and turn colors....Then it went black and kicked me off and put me on the main page ;-; Anti how dare you freak me out like dis

Anti doesn’t like that Dr. Schneeple is back in town, tsk tsk

gunthatshootsennui replied to your post: Headcanon: Majima was a moderate to habitual shabu…

Majima is never ugly tho. :(

i mean yeah we say that but

(i’m joking but not really joking lol like, this isn’t even one of those “oh you can’t adequately compare, one’s a picture of when he’s young and one’s of him old” like he’s 24 here

and 20  here

and just look at how much more well he looks at 24 despite literally missing an eyeball, look at how his bags cleared up and how his fuckin cheekbones filled out so his face doesn’t look all goulish and gaunt

“but that’s ps3 graphics! you can’t compare ps3 and ps4 graphics!”

ok well, here’s kiwami for the ps4:

look at that gaunt, eyebaggy motherfucker in full hd graphics)

tl;dr don’t do drugs kids

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You know what I need? I need Doctor Iplier having a horrible day and Host just holding him while he cries and telling him everything is gonna be okay :")

The Host wrapped him in a warm blanket, offering him a big, hot cup of chocolate.
“you know I don’t really like chocolate” protested the Doctor; his cheeks were covered in tears.
“This is not the time for coffee, neither for complaining” answered the Host, giving him a concerned look and a soft kiss on the lips. Then, he placed the cup on the table: apparently the Doctor wasn’t still calm enough to drink.
“I didn’t save him” said Dr. Iplier, looking at the cup with dead eyes.
“You can’t save everyone” said the other, slowly caressing the Doctor’s hand.
“But I…” the voice of the Doctor cracked before he could end his phrase; he broke down in tears, again, curling up on his chair.
The Host hugged him, whispering on his ear:
“But you want to, I know. Just remember that everything is going to be alright, and I’ll be here for you.”

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Is it ok to use a disabled toilet if u have autism?

Ok I’m not going to save this one for the podcast because there’s a high chance this is a troll.

But on the off-chance it isn’t, no. Or at least, it’s not for autistics. Disabled toilets are there so that people with mobility impairments can have extra space for equipment/awkward movements/a carer, as well as supports, lower seats for getting in and out of wheelchairs, and often a cord to pull if they fall and need assistance.

If you decide you can use if because you’re autistic, you’re using a resource that isn’t for you, but to help someone who genuinely needs it, just as you would be if you used a disabled parking spot when you don’t need it.

TL,DR: Only if you also have physical disabilities that mean you need the things provided in a disabled toilet


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Just a question! I know you don't like RuPaul's DR, but Shea Coule is a queen who got her fame through that show. Is it just the show you don't like? I'm wondering as I'm trying to figure out stuff for myself and wonder your oppinion.

yeah basically where im at is fuck rupaul nd drag race and if any of y’all have any Tea on Shea or anyone then @ me
the show nd rupaul and several contestants, to make a long story short, are just shit,, and given how commodified and popular it has been its really put me and a whole load of other trans women Off drag almost entirely which is shite because we made drag and its another “””community””” (or whatever it is nowadays) that we’re being alienated and even victimised by so Thanks Rupaul for that.

but drag in general isnt An Inherently bad thing, like i was watching some sylvia rivera nd marsha p. johnson videos the other day and it got me thinking about the disconnect between drag being this more fluid thing and these two figures being activists and forming the gay liberation movement that called out shitty cissies within it for ostracising trans women and queens even then. and now ? we’re left with that community being turned into a huge Profit that doesnt go back into activism and supporting communities etc. etc.. so when i see drag in art that plays with a more fluid sense of drag and plays artistically and respectfully with drag that signifies back onto our current society and its history its… good shit, its not being funnelled into a huge channel that causes the ostracization of the transfeminine and then profits from that.

and like, i wanna finish by saying although the show enforces this systematic oppression and reification, its obviously a lot more complex than saying everyone on it is directly accountable for it since systems of oppression mostly operate in a delocalised manner. (but still, fuck ru paul and fuck the show in general yknow)