t dr

this is a psa of sorts…
i’m bad at keeping in touch —just a fact. i have moments in which all i want is to isolate myself from people and i will 100% ignore everyone while i’m in those moods. it’s not personal, and usually it passes fairly quickly & i’ll be back to screaming @ you about our muses, etc. 

that being said…
if ever you need someone to talk to —whether we’ve talked in the past, whether or not we’re mutuals, whatever. PLEASE message me and say you need that, and i will be there to the best of my ability, regardless of the situation. i’m bad at keeping in touch but i’m really good at being a sounding board, a shoulder, or someone to validate how you’re feeling. 

in closing (tl;dr)
- don’t take it personal if i’m anti-social
- but also don’t ever think you have to suffer alone.

Bones: Jim has a very strange patchwork of knowledge. It’s anybody’s guess as to what he knows about any given topic. Watch.

Bones: Hey Jim. Who sculpted Mount Rushmore?

Kirk: Gutzon Borglum. And his son finished it. Why?

Bones: What state is it in?

Kirk: I DON’T KNOW, ECUADOR OR SOMETHING. What’s with all the questions?