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So what do you think about Luke’s final words to Kylo “see you around,kid.”? Is it now only Rey who can bring Kylo back? Leia and Luke seem to have lost all hope.

It was a reminder that Kylo is Luke’s nephew whom he loves, that Kylo is still very much that lost kid as evidenced by their duel, and that he hopes to see him again - in the Force. Which you can only do if you die at peace/balance with the Force.

Rey is the one who will be Kylo’s tether - even if Carrie Fisher hadn’t died. But now definitely it’s Rey because Leia won’t be there.

I don’t think Leia and Luke have lost hope, but I think Luke realizes that he’s not the one to bring Ben back (Kylo sees too much red when he’s near) - and tells Leia as much. But he also tells Leia that no one is ever truly gone.


Autumn: I keep thinking I’m going to wake up…Or, you know. He’s going to jump out of the bushes and stab me and then i’m going to wake up.

Phoenix: I get that. There are times I’m in places where I’ve died and it’s just…so surreal, you know?

Autumn: But we haven’t died here. Not in Peanut Brittle Bay. I think that’s why I feel less concerned about what may happen when the dreams catch up.

Phoenix: Maybe. Living in San Maraschino was hell. The theatre where you died is still there. The…The blood is still stained into the mortar. After that dream I kept going there on my way home after school. It was almost like I needed to be close to it.

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I still haven’t fully processed TLJ but here are my unsolicited thoughts (more like a bunch of questions I have) about it

I can’t do the “under the cut thing” on mobile so careful about spoilers






Okay, so all the Reylo is BEAUTIFUL

The hands scene!!! The sincronized fight scene!!!

I can’t believe how many times Rey said “Ben” 😭😭😭

But also why the fuck Adam went to Irleand if he has no scenes on location?

Also-also, shirtless Kylo 👅👅👅

Finn and Rose scenes were SO BADASS!

I can’t believe freaking Snoke died! Like, for real?! What does that mean for Reylo? I mean, Kylo is the big baddie™ now. Will Rey still believe he can turn (or that they can bring balance to the force) after even Leia gave up?! After he got so mad at the end after she, basically, rejected him?

Phasma’s also dead which is fine, but I’ll miss Gwen on the next press tour

Hux is a lil bitch still but I feel like he will find a way to betray Kylo somehow, that last look he gave him on Crait just screamed “I wanna kill you”


Luke is gone girl

I’m repeating myself here but can’t help it what 👏 is 👏 gonna 👏 happen 👏 with 👏 Reylo 👏👏 now?!


“ … Hey, @AjitPaiFCC, today my mom would have turned 71. But she didn’t. Because she died in March of 2016. Can you please take the time to explain to me how she made three separate comments in support of ending #NetNeutrality more than a year after she died? … “

From Twitter Post concerning 3 separate “comments” filed in Support of Rescinding Net Neutrality, by a person WHO WAS DEAD!


The Last Jedi Thoughts and Spoilers

I’m back from TLJ. It’s true. All of it.

I’m more like *incoherent noises* right now, than anything that makes sense, but I loved it. So much.

I loved to see all these people fleshed out, given actual distinct personalities over simple archetypes and exposition.

I loved Rey and Luke, and their relationship, it felt so real, so well developed, it felt like the movie had all the time in the world, rather than a 150 minutes. I can absolutely understand Luke’s story with Ben, a second of instinct leading to tragedy, the same thing Leia was warning Poe against. He’s learned eventually.

But not before his own moment of not thinking led to pretty much everything - had he not dispatched Finn and Rose to their fruitless mission, the Resistance would have been safe on Crait, hundreds wouldn’t have died, and the movie would have unfortunately been shorter. After TFA, I remember thinking that he could have been replaced by a cardboard cutout, and nothing would have been different. Today I wish he was.

Luke was amazing. A big departure from the Mary Sue of the original trilogy. He seems to have developed sense of humour, and maturity, which is only expected. I loved his moment with Leia, and the “battle” with Ren, his guilt and self sacrifice.

Speaking of self sacrifice, I loved brave Paige, and Rose, and Finn’s final run, because he’s done running, and he will never run away again. I was so sorry about Admiral Holdo’s death. She and Rose were my favourite new characters.

Hux is amazing. I can see how it was fun to write him. Poor guy was not enjoying his time as a galactic liberator. I loved his funny moments, it made him more real, showed actual personality. He was always a slimy sycophant, now he had a chance to prove it. I’m glad that I was right in everything I wrote about him and Ren and their power balance - Hux was never incharge, he only ever thought he was. Any equality there existed, was at Ren’s sufferance. With Snoke dead, finally, there was no reason to suffer anymore.

And I loved Ren. His terrible loneliness, his connection with Rey, perhaps facilitated by Snoke, but made and maintained by them both. I loved his taking charge immediately, his every moment with Hux, his “screw everything, imma practice what I preach” attitude in the end, and just aiming to finish everything and everyone, forever. I’d say him and Rey steal the show, but they don’t need to - it’s theirs to begin with. And they are mesmerising, together and separately.

My favourite thing about this movie is how unique it is, of every Star Wars that came before, and definitely among the snooze-fests blockbusters currently occupying the silver screens. I love how fresh it is, how irreverent and personal. How innovative.

The one thing I can compare The Last Jedi to is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I kept being reminded of it at the most random moments. There’s just something about similar wit, similar feel, similar new-ness, that I couldn’t take my eyes of.

I’m very happy about this movie.

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Not sure how I feel myself about my idea, but... What if the series ends with one Ciel becoming the Phantomhive Earl, while the other dies. But we don't know which one dies by the end of it. I feel like I've seen a few manga/books/movies end like this, and while I'm not sure if it'd fit with the story of KS, I could potentially see it as an option for the ending. Also... "Happy Birthday to the two lil brats, but especially our lil brat."

Hmm, I think with Kuro such an ending could be difficult. Because there’s still Sebastian and the contract. And he can surely tell who is which twin since he only has a contract with one of them. He will want to claim his price in the end so I think the thing about the twins and their identity has to be resolved first. I’m pretty sure the twin (real Ciel) will die again. He’s basically already dead and probably isn’t really himself anymore. Also, his survival is probably dependent on the sect which provides him with the blood.

The main plot of Kuro is the contract between our Ciel and Sebastian. So while the issue with the twin is surely important and could tie into the truth about what happened during the attack and in the cult which is connected to our Ciel’s revenge, I still think that the last chapters of Kuro will be about the contract, the revenge and what will happen to our Ciel’s soul. The current arc will surely still take a while or it will go over into the next arc where the twin will still be an issue. But I expect this to be resolved before the end. But of course, that’s just my thoughts. ;)

(And yes, happy birthday to the twins. ^^)

On a happier note, Jen Bartel is drawing Pharmercy!

In fact, she’s drawing all of your favorite wlw ships and lady favs.


And super, extra, special bonus:

Pharah and Mercy are holding hands!