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Ever think about the fact that when Konan died she was literally erased from the whole narrative? She wasn’t brought back by Edo Tensei like the other members of Akatsuki, in fact she wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the 4th war. Obito doesn’t mention her, neither does Zetsu, Madara doesn’t ask, Naruto doesn’t think about her at any time, not even Nagato takes a second to angst about her. In fact it’s possible Naruto doesn’t even know when, where, and how she died. It’s possible he doesn’t know she died at all. I doubt Nagato or any of the other reanimated Akatsuki members knew, since they were all already dead when it happened and no one mentioned anything about her. It’s possible no one knows about the sacrifice she made, about the ideals she died defending, her legacy. No one remembers. No one cared. It’s possible no one even retrieved her corpse, she decomposed at the pitch dark bottom of the sea as if she were nothing but garbage. After being denied a family, a happy childhood, a healthy relationship, a stable adolescence and adulthood. After being denied so many things her whole life she was also even denied a proper burial alongside her childhood friends. She died like an animal. Worse than an animal. She was completely deleted from the narrative, as if her character had been completely useless and her presence had never affected anything in the story, as if she had been nothing but a cheap plot device that lost it’s purpose after Nagato had a change of heart. Every male character that died in the series, no matter how important or unimportant they were to the plot, left a legacy and were remembered after they died. Why couldn’t Konan get the same respect and honor? Why did the story continue on as if she had never existed?

The paper angel deserved better.

Fuck you kishimoto.

Dumbledore’s Fault

Summary: The very first words your soulmate ever says to you are tattooed somewhere on your body since the day you are born and no one could really understand why Dan got stuck with ‘Man I can’t believe Dumbledore died’. For years he worried about the fate of whoever Dumbledore is, until he actually started reading the Harry Potter books. After that, all he wanted was to actually meet his soulmate so he could give him a piece of his mind over having ruined his favourite franchise.

Based off of this post on Tumblr. 

Words: 2.2k

A/N: All my exams are over, all assignments have been handed in, and I can finally start enjoying my Summer. This also means that I finally have time to get back to writing and I decided to celebrate that by posting this little oneshot I wrote. I apologise for the bad summary, but I wrote it while half asleep.

Thank you to @lilialand for being my beta and looking over this for me. 

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Dan’s soulmate tattoo was not what one would consider to be normal. Most people have greetings permanently tattooed somewhere on their body because, let’s face it, that’s usually what you say when you’re meeting someone new. Imagine how shocked Dan’s parents were when their son was born with the phrase ‘man I can’t believe Dumbledore died’ tattooed above his waist.

Who in the world was Dumbledore? How was he going to die? And, probably the most important question, what did this Dumbledore guy have to do with their son? The only person who could answer their question was Dan’s soulmate and everyone knew it would be awhile before they would get the chance to meet him.

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"Uh... surprise, Toriel! ...We hope you think it's a good one..."

Upon seeing the small goat child enter the room, the parents immediately let out small yelps of fright. Asgore stood up straight from his chair, and Toriel clutched the table in fear of falling over.

This…this wasn’t real. It couldn’t be.

Asriel had died centuries ago. They had both watched him dust.

Asriel was supposed to be gone, resting peacefully among the stars.

But he was here.

Here in the flesh.

It…it couldn’t be real. How could their child have resurrected from the dead like that? 

How could any of this have happened?

They…couldn’t believe it. Perhaps they need some help convincing.

What are the clones going to do for jobs when all this mayhem is settled and over? Cosima obviously has her science to fall back on, and Alison has her soccer mom duties and all her neighborhood gobbledegook, but what about Sarah and Helena? What do they even put on a resume?

Experienced assassin with a heart of gold

Keen survival skills - I haven’t died yet!

Exceptional ability to impersonate my sisters

Frankly I’m convinced that Helena will end up herding sheep with wool as floofy as her hair, and Sarah will end up couch surfing between the Hendrix and Cophine households while trying to put her finely tuned skills to good use by becoming an actress. She can be the next Tatiana Maslany. 


The adventures of Genji & Ganja 🌸

Shitmada druglords’ empire 10/10

Tony Stark: *is an asshole*

Them: Disgusting. Irredeemable. Fucking selfish piece of shi,t. Hope he dies.

Tony Stark: *immediately shuts down biggest division of his company and risks everything he spent years building bc principals* *creates a suit with his own two hands and goes out and saves people in it despite the fact he has no training and Does Not Need To* *draws himself as the one who needs to be saved by the kid who asked him 2 sign her drawing* *is pretty much only avenger on team that actively shows remorse/guilt/ character growth at a l l* “everyone else’s fears: personal shit. Tony’s fear: his team dying* *makes drinks for his team/houses his team/funds his team/ loves his team even tho they don’t really give much of a shit for him* *treats Jarvis and his bots like his kiddies.* *treats any lonely science kiddie he meets as His Personal Science Kiddies* *will throw himself into line of fire in order to protect everyone else* *is the literal embodiment of a human shield. Will not hesitate to put everyone else’s life above his own*


Them: Disgusting. Irredeemable. Fucking selfish piece of shi,t. hope he dies.


The amount of gay in ToA is surprisingly satisfying and I found out that I don’t have bookmark to y’know

match the gayness

So I thought that maybe a Apollo/Lester proudly standing in front of a rainbow would be enough

and I was right

Bonus solangelo because those two are killing me

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