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The moment you know the TR fandom is fucked up is when you see people saying that AOD is the best TR game ever. Yeah, right!!!! The game that's unanimously considered to be the worst TR game ever due to how broken, buggy and unfinished it is. If Crystal doesn't know who Lara Croft or Tomb Raider is, then you should blame Core Design for releasing that crap. If AOD weren't a thing, you'd still have your beloved Core Lara and wouldn't need Crystal to save the franchise.

Dear Anon,
it can also work in the opposite direction: The moment you know TR fandom is fucked up is when you see people saying Crystal Dynamics saved Tomb Raider brand.
I know we won’t get anywhere with these exchanges of thoughts. I, as well as Positively Amazonian, respect you prefer Crystal’s approach and I expect other fans to do the same with me preferring Core’s original ideas and approach. Sadly, you certainly do not tend to respect our preference and have a sensible discussion. So let me just express few of my opinions because I won’t let my classic fandom to be scolded. And apologies in advance as I cannot stay objective in this.

It would be fine if you found more details on the history of Core Design before claiming such things. Concerning AoD, you will find out that the reason why the game is broken, buggy and unfinished was the immense pressure from Eidos to have the game published despite being not complete. That’s why it is broken and bugged as you like to constantly mention it. I recommend you to read this article to widen your horizon. Tell me honestly, how could Eidos decide to publish an unfinished game and expect 100% success? Moreover, can you look past these glitches and appreciate the immense effort and endless months of work those people delivered?! Every bit of that game has a meaning, nothing in there is irrelevant. The plot is absolutely breathtaking, not to mention that half of it was cut off due to time restrictions. Still, despite all the shit thrown on it, it is the most striking, breathtaking adventure Lara went through.

Crystal Dynamics cannot hold the candle to AoD with their stupid mama-dada nonsense. Seriously, dealing with this topic is not good even for one TR game… And they focused on that in like 4 games?! So much for the “first-class” writing. Where’s the originality TR used to have?

Crystal’s advantage was they had new technical possibilities and that they were given time. They got a chance to continue the story of one of the most influencial characters in the game history but what they did instead? Mocked Core Design and their Lara. They mocked creators of something that would give them money in future years, treated them with disrespect. That is not the kind of behaviour one would expect in such a situation. I’ll be honest, Crystal’s TR games are nothing special what Core Design would not manage to do. And it needs to be said Core would create a much better game, with a proper and enjoyable plot. But it’s not the graphic things that make Tomb Raider so unique. It was Lara herself (of course).
And what did they do with her personality?
Changed her bio and made her only aim to find out what happened to her mommy. Then rebooted her, again changed everything and this time let her having daddy issues. I am sorry but can it be more boring than that?!

My opinion is that they create TR games only to sell money, focus too much on graphic side of the game so that it looks nice and totally ignore the portrayal of what was once the best action heroine of age. Eidos got too comfortable, knowing shit. It seems that the TR fans do not care about the quality and credibility, they are content with whatever Crystal serves them.

Lara Croft in Core era was a strong, independent, liberal, adventurous icon, a role model, someone you could look up to and gain strenght from. She taught us every day not to be scared to pursue our own dreams, not to surrender with every failure but rather learn a lesson from it. Core’s Lara represents a feminist icon.

AoD Lara was confident, determined, sassy, angry, impatient, vulnerable… She was so real in her depiction. Her portrayal was so mature, there was an incredible development in her approach and attitude. Classic Lara and AoD Lara certainly wasn’t “teflon-coated” as Crystal tend to constantly rant.

Crystal’s new age whiny little brat, on the other hand, is NOT Lara Croft. How can she be a role model when she cannot make one step without remembering or pleading to her father? The only thing she ever uttered which I consider to be true is “I’m not that kind of Croft.“ The only lesson she can give is that without parents you are nothing. Yes, parents are important but they just give the starting point and you choose which finish line you are going to cross… Dammit, even 16 years old Lara in The Last Revelation would kick this wannabe Lara ass!!!

As you can see, nothing from the admirable traits Lara used to have were preserved. For me what Crystal make is not Lara Croft nor Tomb Raider. Crystal exploit a name that once meant something big. Without any respect towards the roots. Constantly bashing original Lara.THEIR Lara is weak, moany, fastidious, always dependent, without any charm, saying Hollywood quotes. And if you want to argument with the notorious “Reboot is more realistic”, you don’t have to. Laraboot is way less realistic in characterization and portrayal than AoD Lara. But screw that realistic ish in both, I play games to relax and to forget for a moment the reality around me, not to jump into another life ride.

Last but not least, quoting you:

If Crystal doesn’t know who Lara Croft or Tomb Raider is, then you should blame Core Design for releasing that crap.

Excuse me but what is this?! I will repeat myself darling: Your Laraboot wouldn’t even exist without Core releasing that precious crap, you know? So this thought of yours is completely illogical and out of place.

All this I wrote is MY opinion, I am not pushing it to somebody, let alone you. I am perfectly okay with you liking Crystal’s era of TR. If I take it objectively, they are not bad games: but only if I forget they supposed to be about Lara Croft. All this long gibber gabber of mine was done only because I cannot ignore the hate or totally unreasonable ranting about classic Tomb Raider, moreover about my beloved underestimated AoD.

But big thankies for approaching me. It’s been a long time I could vent my feels ;D

Peace, love and understanding ;)


I put “lara croft cosplay” as a Google Image search recently cuz I was horny, lol. One of the pics was of a girl doing a kick with her leg, & you could see part of her coochie lip, haha. Although, my favorite was of this one asian chick. Her facial features didn’t really suit Lara Croft, but she was like smokin’ hot, so it totally made up for it! 😮😍
Ft @scottamcdonald Scott McPeepee & @shaunybob1989 !
Thanks to @kumafilms for filming the end clip! (at UNLV Student Recreation and Wellness Center)

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Two Weeks to Go! Guinness World Record Attempt at Paris Games Week 2016

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Any costume from franchise history counts towards the 250 person goal, including classic renders, action figure outfits, comic book ensembles, and more. For a full look at your options, LaraCroftCosplay.com has provided a handy PDF of all official costumes in franchise history for attendees to review.

Unfolding at Paris Games Week on Saturday, October 29 from 2:00 – 5:00 PM, participants will walk away with enough loot to make Lara herself envious, including:

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  • Photos by Antony Gomes Photographe 
  • Refreshments

Interested in participating? Pre-Registration is required to secure your Paris Games Week day pass and keep up with information leading to the official attempt. Please register here, and read the official Guinness World Record rules carefully to ensure your costume counts towards the record. As part of the registration process, you’ll also get to choose your desired design for the limited edition dogtag.

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