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Have been working on this stylized TOMB RAIDER tribute WAY longer than my usual realistic paintings, but it was so worth it! 😊

Tees and all the goodies are already up on Society6! Drop by! Careful for dead traps tho. You never know! :D

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A protagonist should and must have morals and redeeming qualities because s/he is leading character. Player must empathize with her/him. Hell,even villains have some lines that they won't cross. That's how you sell a game. Please research before you speak. Classic Lara done so many bad things. Sure she stopped people from using artifacts to rule the world etc but she never did it because it was right thing to do. She was incredibly selfish and greedy. Please replay classics and pay attention.

I didn’t empathize with Lara Croft. I wanted to BE Lara Croft. And I’m always replaying classics, I know her more than you do. What about you play them for the first time?

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Are you a fanboy who needs to protect his videogame character so you can feel you are a “macho”? Better for you. This is the perfect era for that. You are living it.

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“I wish this pain wasn’t so familiar. Like looking an old enemy in the eye. It wants to take me down. It wants me to just lie down and die. But I won’t. I can’t.” - Lara Croft (Rise of the Tomb Raider, 2015)

So I’ve finally started playing Rise of the Tomb Raider a few days ago after nearly three years of waiting (Damn you, Xbox!). As a fan of the 2013 reboot, I have to say that I think Rise is better in almost every way. I thought I’d do this shot of Lara climbing a mountain in a snowy landscape. I hope you guys like it!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

I do NOT own Tomb Raider! Copyright belongs to Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics!

Okay, so, Lara Croft is weird. According to her parents at least - she doesn’t want to be a proper Lady etc etc.

But Lara’s two aunts (there was two of them, right?) are obviously also weird because they supported Lara financially after being disowned by her parents and one of the aunts even gave her the mansion.

And then there’s Lara’s cousin Melissa (who I headcanon as a daughter of one of the aunts because it only makes sense) who must be also weird by Lara’s parents’ standards, what with what she wears and what she can do (she must be able to do a lot Lara can do if she’d be a playable character).

And… we don’t know any more Crofts.

So what if Lara’s parents are actually the only “normal-acting aristocrats” in a family of eccentrics? :D I don’t want to take away Lara’s uniqueness, they’d just be strange in their own way (Lara’s aunts could breed and live with dozens upon dozens of dogs, for example).

Because seriously, when you think about it, there’s actually more eccentric than normal members of the Croft family that we know about.

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I remember the first Lucozade advert with Classic Lara; the advert showed that she can handle herself. No risqué poses, no knight coming to her rescue, it just shows Lara doing what she does best – making her own luck.

That was Lara Croft at her finest, like we can see her in the games. Nowadays, we’ve lost all of this. The obsession with the “relatable”, the need to show every extreme feeling on screen, the family issues, the Electra’s complex… it might work for other characters, if well written, but it doesn’t fit Lara Croft. 

The real Lara, of course… as for me, I accept no impostors. This blog knows no queen but the ice queen from Core Design whose name is Lara Croft. 

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YO how about you and Lara for 6!! OvO

COMING RIGHT UP FRIEND! Thank you so much for requesting my goddess :3 lol, I haven’t talked about her enough. I did have trouble coming up with the scenario, so I hope it’s not too weird but here we go!

My eyes stared over the rim of the champagne glass, widening just a bit when I saw the woman step into the room. Chatter filled the air, booming through the wide walls of the mansion. I’m not exactly sure why I had attended such a classes event. Well, I wasn’t until I saw the slim figured idol of mine standing just several feet away, chatting with an older gentleman. Of all places, I hadn’t expected Lara Croft to be at such a charity event. It could have been for image or intelligence.

Either way, I was interested.

I’d always wanted to meet her. She intrigued me, and not a single bad interview or negative article could deter me. And I had read every single thing that had to do with the archaeologist. I’ve always wondered what it was like to go on such adventures. I somewhat envied her bravery. Lara wasn’t just an idol of me, though. She’s also a woman I’d been… majorly crushing on.

Seeing her here in this charity event, with that gorgeous black dress that hung against her curves, brought light to all those inward feelings. I was completely smitten.

I know as the night goes on, You might end up with someone

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         ❝ Everyone loves to remark on how similar my son & I are;
                      but I really see a lot of Ewan ( @vindefarringdon ) in him in this photo.
                                           Clearly he didn’t inherit the Croft ability to rock a swimsuit..