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Senior year (2012) many students were exempt from finals because of good grades. I was one of those exempt, but needed to attend school to stay qualified for swimming. So I brought an electric skillet, bacon, eggs, milk, and pancake mix. My anatomy teacher was always late because she would be chatting with other teachers in the hall. She was lured into her room by the smell of bacon.

She asked me to crack open the window so the other classes wouldn’t smell it and come in asking for food. I ended up serving almost 30 students and teachers breakfast that day.

Drabble 1/?

(used to write these sometimes when i need a warm-up or bored during class. don’t usually do anything with them, but figured since i have a tumblr now i could clean them up a bit)

Unwitting- Little Witch Academia-933 words.

Everyone with even the slightest knowledge of witchcraft knew who the Nine New Witches were, and none respected them more deeply the freshmen at Luna Nova. In just two short years following the destruction of that missile, the nine involved, but especially the seven students, became household names.

It was only natural, after all. The unlocking of the World Reconstruction Magic was the most significant event in magical history, perhaps even since the Olde Witches sealed it away centuries ago. And it was broadcast across the globe for everyone to witness. The voices in the broadcast, which were pretty quickly identified as Croix Meridies and Ursula Callistis, had asked the world to believe in the witches and the world complied ten times over.

The halls of Luna Nova became a veritable gossip rag for skyrocketing freshmen population to swap stories, and new transfer Liu was no exception. Like many of her fellow classmates, she was inspired to pursue witchcraft by the Nine, and she couldn’t resist the allure of the tales of their adventures. Liu felt immensely privileged to attend Luna Nova at the same time they did. Some underclassmen even found enough courage to talk to them, and would eagerly share their words with anyone who would listen. Diana, Lotte, Sucy, Amanda, Constanze, Jasminka…they were all the school heroes, and the Nine were admired by almost all the young witches.

All except for one of them.

Akko Kagari did not become a school hero. She became a legend.

Everyone knew what Akko did. She was almost revered by the impressionable students. She was like the perfect folk hero. She came in her first year, unable to even fly, and when the year ended she had unlocked the seven Words, blew up a mechanical monster, and saved the world. On a broom. In space. Who wouldn’t be impressed?

“I heard she tamed the Shooting Star.” Someone would say.

“I heard she healed the spirit of Vajarois.” Someone else would say,

“I heard she’s almost immune to all poison.” Another would say.

And the gossip would go on and on, about the things she did that seemed too unbelievable to be true had the proof not roamed the halls with them. They say she faced down cockatrices and dragons, or traveled within people’s minds, or helped pilot a giant robot, or revived the dead, or all the above in her very first year of magic learning. And if her resume wasn’t enough to fill them with awe, Akko’s personal elusiveness would do it. She always seemed so humble and withdrawn. When someone was brave enough to ask her, she barely even acknowledged her impressive accomplishments. She just shrugged them off as fun adventures or even accidents.

Liu once talked to Amanda O’Neill (yes, the Amanda O’Neill) who said to her with a grin that Akko had absolutely no idea she was famous, but of course, that was a joke. There was no way someone like Akko could not be aware of her own legendary status. She was simply too amazing, too grand. She was larger than life.

Liu was talking to a group of girls outside of one of the classrooms, telling them as such. They were thoroughly impressed she got to talk to Amanda, and readily agreed there was no way Akko could make such a lapse of judgement. She had been chosen the Shiny Rod, after all. Liu was about to go into how inspired she was watching the broadcast where Akko and Diana shot the final Shiny Volley, but then one of the other girls quickly shushed her, staring wide-eyed at something behind Liu. She turned around, and her breath hitched in her throat.

There, walking down the hallway, was Akko Kagari. The living legend in the flesh. She was walking with her eyes closed, with a single textbook hanging under her arm. She looked unbelievably collected and dignified, and all she was doing was walking through the hall with practiced ease.

“Oh my god…that’s her.” Someone whispered.

“She isn’t even looking where she’s going, she’s so cool!” Someone else whispered.

“Quiet! Quiet! She’ll hear us!” Another whispered.

They watched unflinchingly as Akko walked towards the classroom. They watched as the legendary witch herself walked only precious meters away from them. They watched as the hero who saved magic and inspired them all walked without even looking up. And they watched as she walked straight into the doorframe.

With a loud thud, the textbook dropped from her hand as she rubbed her forehead. After taking a moment to grumble to herself, she turned around and noticed them watching her. Liu swore her heart stopped. Akko was looking at them.

“…Did you guys see that?” Akko asked.

No one dared to say a word back.

Akko scratched the side of her head with a smile, one directed at them. Her cheeks turned the same shade as the bruise on her forehead. “I was just-! W-well, I didn’t get much sleep last night and I…yeah. So, uh, I should get to…Nice to…meet you guys then? Bye!”

Akko quickly grabbed her book and ducked into the classroom and out of sight. It took Liu a moment to collect her stray thoughts, and she looked over to her friends. They stared right back at her. They turned, and stared at the door where Akko had disappeared. And then the group went nuts.




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this is my first year at university and I thought everything was going great, but now everything just started going downhill. Mostly in math and computer science. I've started failing tests, and I don't know what to do. For math, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Im trying to keep up but sometimes its just too much and I procrastinate and I end up studying everything the last day before the test. Do you have any advice for me??? Thank you!

Hello! First of all, I just want to say that often, in math and computer science classes, there is a pretty big curve at the end of the semester. This isn’t true for all classes, but everyone I know in the sciences always gets pretty poor exam grades (50% and below) but their overall grade ends up being saved by the curve at the end of the semester. So that is something to consider and talk to your professor about.

When it comes to studying, it is imperative–especially in math classes– to study daily over the course of at least a few days before an exam so the material can really stick. I know it’s hard to combat procrastination, but if you force yourself to study a little bit each day your anxiety toward the exam will gradually decrease. Obviously, this is much easier said than done. But, with practice, you can improve your studying practices and stop procrastinating as often. 

Ok to start this story off, this was advisory so we probably would of gotten in a lot more trouble if we were in a real class. So our teacher wasn’t in class yesterday, and so there was a sub. And let me tell you, she looked like the little old lady in UP.But No. she was like the devil incarnate in the body of a chihuahua. At first she was pretty chill but then she turned vicious. Ok so my advisory class has only 12 students and there’s a mix of good and bad students. But that day, there was only bad.

So I walked in after lunch, and my friend (let’s call him micheal) had a bottle of “Bedhead for Men” and so I said how he put it on, he then proceeded to squirt about a quarter amount straight on his head. No today’s lesson was silent reading, and because the class that doesn’t give a fuck we didn’t do anything but mess around, it included:

•me taking the bottle and trying to launch in the air, which accidentally land in my friends hair
•”Micheal” took the bottle, opened it, and then proceeded to act like he was masturbating (the stuff was white, which was a plus)
•A guy walking out of class because he was forced to read

The subtitute decided to give us a firm lecture about our “hijenks” but everyone kept laughing because “Michael” kept acting like he was masturbating

And so that concludes my favorite day of the most boring class ever

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I was wondering when did u start learning Japanese and how ? :3

I started a long time ago, I can’t really remember when. I started by myself, I think it was way before I left my country. Since I couldn’t afford classes, I studied by myself with books. Mainly Genki, Minna no Nihongo and books by Tuttle.

When I arrived in Japan, I started to take free classes with around 10hours per weeks but after 3 months my schedule for work and classes didn’t match anymore so I had to stop.

Now I keep studying by myself. I can speak without issues but reading and writing is still meh… Since I get really tired from my job, some of the stuff I learn vanish from my brain like I never learned them.

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your opinion on school?

I’m doing pretty well so far! Some classes aren’t exactly the highlight of my day, but I get to see friends in most periods so I’d say it’s pretty good! I don’t know how I’ll handle next semester, though.

hey guys, i’ve no idea how to like put this. Because i dont want you guys to feel like i’m feeling pressured to update for you. That’s not it. But ever since everything kinda rocked down for me, I’ve been doing a bit off. And it’s getting worse n worse and i’m struggling to get back on track. 
I’ve been so tired, i do nothing but sleep. I don’t have trouble getting up in the morning, but when i get up and then get back home after just a morning class i’ll just fall right back asleep at 11am. Or at 5pm when i get home from a full day i just can’t help but sleep till like 9pm, and then sleep from lik 1-8 again at night and not feel overslept or smt. I just cannot deal with life at this moment. 
I can’t concentrate in class and i struggle so much to sit down and actually write because before i get the chance to do that i just fall asleep. 
This might partially be my bad diet, but me sleeping from 5-9pm makes it hard to have dinner in general and leaves me with either no food at all or v little food. And it irks me…because i know i should eat and just cook myself smt small. But i can’t even muster to order pizza. 
I’m trying to write, I really am, and it will mainly be artificial love, engraved, and atonement for a while. Because i feel those are most important right now. 
I’m so sorry for the lack of activity because you guys know i normally update like once or twice a week at least and work on little things. I just feel like I have to do more but can’t. 
So if it takes a long time, know that i’m not doign well. I’m also catching the flu right now. My mouth is infected which for me is the first sign of getting really sick, and my throat is slowly acting up. :( Sadly i was too late with preventive medication and i’m already feeling it take my body down. 
I really hope to definitely catch everything back up in the winter holiday, which for me is christmas and the most of january. So if i stay a bit off until then just know. 
Also it was my blog’s birthday last week, the 13th of november. So i guess happy late birthday to my lil loved blog and i’m so happy with all my followers even though most of you pretend to be lil dead at most times like I am right now. <3 thank you

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hi! i just stumbled upon your blog and i need your ideas. so, i'll be off to university in 2022 (a long way to go, i know.). heck, i haven't even started senior high i'm such an infant. anyways, seeing that you know a lot about university, i was wondering if you could switch it up and give me some advice for starting high school (senior high)? the idea of being in classes with over fifty people scares me, so i don't know about how i'll cope in uni. i get good grades but i'm just scared;; thanks!

yes i’ll start posting some high school tips soon! 

and don’t worry about big classes! (i know, easier said than done) they’re actually not that bad. i like them because teachers typically don’t cold-call (calling on you even when your hand isn’t raised) which i really like. also you typically don’t have to worry about big assignments because the teachers don’t want to grade 200+ projects. (this isn’t for every large class, but for most).

you’ll be fine! you got this. message me if you wanna talk about anything 💕


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being a gifted kid DOES mean you have access to a better education actually and it’s also highly racialized phenomenon; in my elementary school the g&t classes were like 80% while and the regular classes were almost entirely latino kids. it’s basically a de facto school segregation strategy at least in ny

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If they are the same height then the forehead touching is even more cute 😍



i love the third years