t class

me emailing my professors the first time: 

  • mrs. dr. professor, i beseech thee to lend me a kind hand


  • hey amy, so i have this crap migraine going on i’m still getting rid of, i won’t be coming to class today
  • mrs. dr. professor’s reply: might reply only in all caps and exclamations (sent from iphone)

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Can you pls make one of shinee having a crush on someone in high-school setting?

yes ma’am  ^▽^ hope you like it!


  • made the mistake of telling shinee
  • will never hear the end of it ever 
  • “there’s something wrong with me i get panicky when i see them” / minho: you have a crush / “this is terrible look at my hands i couldn’t even leave class yesterday bc i couldn’t open the door bc they were too sweaty I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS” 
  • trips a lot more often but who knows if the crush is causation or just correlation 


  • doodling hearts in the margins of his notes
  • talks to his mom and sodam about them 
  • can see actual hearts in the air when he talks about them and he talks about them ALL THE TIME
  • tries to play it off as casual but when hearing crush’s name or their voice turns the color of a tomato and c’mon jong it’s so obvious 
  • scribbling sad love songs all the time 
  • dramatic af 
  • mono-drama on repeat 


  • upgraded his clothing game more 
  • “are you wearing cologne” / key: “no shut up you’re wearing cologne also stop smelling me??” 
  • high-pitched nervous laughter
  • “but will my dogs like them?????”
  • planned entire life together in his head  


  • subtly finagles his way into sitting next to them/being their partner in lab bc he’s smooth like that 
  • cups his hands around his mouth and announces his love to crush in a crowded hallway (“HEY *crush name* I LIKE YOU!!!!”) rinse and repeat until someone (him or crush or rest of shinee tbh) dies of embarrassment 
  • ears are RED as hell but keeps it together!!!!!


  • stares at them all the time when they’re not looking
  • goes out of his way to ignore them
  • what are words and mouthtalking 
  • actually moonwalked away from them once
  • you can’t moonwalk away from your feelings forever tae (*from a distance* “I CAN TRY”)

The most iconic thing in Until Dawn is the “Shouldn’t have skipped climbing class.” 

“You mean gym?” 

exchange. (that’s how it goes, right? i couldn’t really find a gifset when I dove into the tag to queue stuff.) 

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So I'm thinking for the ProfAu that Anti is the kind of professor to come in wearing like a hoodie and torn jeans while google comes in wearing a suit. Wilford would wear a pink circus ringleader like outfit and Dark I feel like would wear a black vest with red strips.

omg. People mistaking Anti for a student sometimes. Like, people who don’t have his classes just sometimes assume…

I think those are like. spot on. But I think that Wilford would probably have like.. just… so much variety in what he wears day to day. It’s almost always really obnoxiously flashy and colorful though

trying to describe to my professors why I haven’t been in class for two weeks is difficult
when I avoid words such as “depression” and “mental illness” like I avoid treatment
it’s a secret I keep in the scars on my arm
I’m ashamed of them but for some reason they make people believe me
as if I had an easy excuse for my irregular attendance or half-finished assignments 
it’s almost an admittance of failure
“Hi I’m clinically depressed and can’t balance all this school work
even though I’ve made it far enough to college”
I’m taking out loans just to admit to my teacher that my brain doesn’t work right
falling deeper in debt to banks and prescription writers
—  the higher education of mental illness, pt.2

stop i had a paper due on march 8 that i just could NOT bring myself to write like she was really going through it and so i just. didn’t NNNN anyway i came up with an elaborate plan to just turn in someone else’s paper who wasn’t coming to class and just write it after spring break and when she returns the papers i’ll be like hello yes where’s my paper :) and pretend i turned it in and everyone told me it wouldn’t work! (this prof is a crackhead and doesn’t like me)  but she passed back the papers today and i put on my best acting face and she was like oh my god i must’ve misplaced it why don’t you just email me it :)

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I can't decide what class I want to main this x-pac. I guess I'm an altoholic, but I love each of my alts from different classes for different reasons. One of the problems is that it's not exactly like Legion has been all that alt-friendly. One minute, I want to develop my broody hunter, then the next my bubbly mage. Sigh.

Chapter Three – Part Eight

Colin: Hey, come with me, it’s hard to hear in here.

Forrest: What’s up, man?

Colin: Nothing, I just wanted to get you alone for a bit. We haven’t really gotten to talk since everyone decided to show up at once.

Forrest: Oh! Uh, yeah, I mean I’m terrible at talking but I will! Well, I talk a lot, but like… yeah.

Colin laughed: That’s alright. So, are you a student?

Forrest: Nope, just graduated though, last semester. Exercise science. Now I’m trying to find a job, which isn’t going super well. I’m making myself sound a real catch here, aren’t I?

Colin: Whatever, jobs aren’t someone’s worth.

Forrest: Aw, yeah, that’s true. So, I know you’re a student. Who doesn’t carry anything to class.

Colin laughed: Hey, I had a pen!

Forrest: Okay, barely anything.

Colin True. And yeah, we’re all finishing up our degrees. We meaning Pete and Hira and me. You haven’t met Pete yet. Anyway, I’m a creative writing major.

Forrest: Cool! What do you like to write?

Colin: Horror. Usually. Sometimes I write smut…. or horror smut. Vampire smut is pretty popular, you know.

Forrest: I wouldn’t know! I’ve never read vampire smut in my life.

Colin smirked: Well, if you ever want to start I have some… you’re a little red again.

Smiles (27/03/17).

My BFF is beyond sure that he likes me, and I’m kinda starting to agree with her. Today he entered the class and said hello to me with a huge smile on his face. I don’t know why, but he spent literally the whole day looking at me and genuinely smiling. Also, I noticed that his face lights up when he calls my name while taking attendance, which makes him look even cuter (today he called me by singing my last name), and he’s always trying to make me laugh. Then, again, he asked me what was I thinking (I’m already getting used to his silly questions, and whenever he’s not around, I miss them).
Today he dictated a text and we were supposed to take an oral exam based on it, but I was the only student who did so (as usual). Of course, he was expecting me to take the test today, and not next Friday, so he was very pleased.
Before the test, he asked me why my BFF seemed so upset. I told him that she didn’t did her Literature homework, and that was the reason she couldn’t concentrate on class. Then, he offered to help my friend with said homework, because, in his words, “I have a Master’s degree on Letters. I can help”. And then he started dictating to my friend the biography of a famous writer, totally trying to show off his intelligence. Of course, I was amazed by how smart he is. I mean, I already knew he was really, really smart, but he just keeps surprising me all the time.
It’s funny how he keeps talking to me about the most insignificant things, just to keep a conversation going. For example, today he asked me what was the most amazing thing I found out about life. I freezed for a moment and told him that I should think more about it to get a real, coherent answer, and he said “Well, I discovered you exist”.
P. S. My best friend is so happy he helped her with her homework, that she won’t shut up about how much he likes me, and that he did that just to show that he wants my group of friends to like him as well.

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i had to do the cupid shuffle in spanish class (don't ask) and the whole time i was miserably dancing to this song i was thinking "can't the good cupid save me pls. take me to tumblr."


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I remember being in 3rd grade and at recess and I didn't really have any friends (my only friend was in another class, and her class wasn't outside yet) so I decided to play "spy" by myself, where I would hide behind trees and around/under playground equipment and pretend I was a spy gathering information on the girls in my class playing (I didn't care about the boys, I think they all wanted to play kickball but I never liked kickball bc i couldn't grasp the rules and also am not good at sports)

I was also never good at sports :) And I used to play the same thing! Watching people or trying to follow them around without being noticed :D

the no bullshit guide to getting your shit together: for the lazy student

Let’s be honest: time management and organization? They’re really hard. Sure, at first you might feel like you’ve gotten the hang of them, that you’re in control of your life. But how often have you fallen off the wagon? Procrastinated on one thing and the next moment, you’re behind in all your classes? I know that sometimes laziness feels like a part of who you are, but honestly, fuck that. Do you really want to give up your success for the disinterest of a moment?

If your answer is no (it better be no, or you really need to get your priorities straight), let’s get to it. 


“This class doesn’t even matter.” “I don’t care about my grades.” “I can finish this the day before.” Sound familiar? You might feel great now, but when you’re staring down at your report card later, it’ll feel like you just got punched. 

This is a cliche, but the greatest obstacle to your success is yourself - especially the lies you tell yourself! Sit yourself down and be honest about what you need to improve on. Be as blunt as you can, but for god’s sake, don’t throw yourself a pity party! There’s no use agonizing over what you can’t change. Instead, set realistic, achievable goals, and make a game plan. Struggling with math? Go to extra help. Behind in all your classes? Stay in for a couple nights and actually work. 


Now you know what your goals are, but maybe you want some inspiration, so you log on to tumblr and are instantly bombarded by all these beautiful, well lit shots of the most gorgeous bullet journals, planners, and notes. Impressive, right? Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: they’re all useless! A simple phone planner works just as well, if not better, than a fancy agenda, because you’ll always have it on you, it’s not a hassle to carry around, and you don’t feel obligated to make it look pretty. 

Riddle me this, where are you going to find all this extra motivation to keep prettying up your bullet journal? To write all your notes in perfect, colour coded printing? There aren’t many times in life where taking the easy was out will actually benefit you, so take advantage! Stop wasting your time; get a phone planner and write your notes in your natural goddamn handwriting. 


Yep, your entire room - not just your study space! This one can be put on the back burner for a bit if you’re on a really pressing deadline, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m notoriously messy, and if I don’t watch myself, I’d find myself in dirty-laundry-and-old-notes hell. A little bit of organized chaos is fine, I even encourage it! But try working when your desk is covered in mounds of paper and you have nowhere to put your laptop – it’s just not conducive to success. 

Keeping your entire room clean is a way to stave off stress, frustration, and even embarrassment, because nobody wants to show potential roommates how much of a mess they are. 


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “actually work? Who does this girl think she is?” I’d probably think the same thing, except I’ve learned the valuable lesson of sucking it the hell up, and you will too. When you get home from work, grab a snack and work. When you have a free period, figure out what’s due and work. Stop reasoning yourself out of work: you’re not going to finish this later, and that will be on the test. There’s really not much to say about this one, because it’s the step that requires the most raw effort, and you’re really only going to find that within yourself. Tell yourself what’s at stake, and realize that, by setting the standard for your mediocrity now, you’re potentially trapping yourself in a cycle that will last for years. 


Maybe you’ve been on top of your shit for a day, a week, or even a month, and that’s really great. But then… you fail. You miss a deadline or you bomb a test. So what do you do now? Do you allow yourself to fall back into your old habits? Fuck no! Everyone fails, even that studyblr with those perfect bullet journal photos and a perpetually clean study space. I’m going to tell you something that’ll sound really strange: you should value your failures, especially if you worked hard to avoid them. What?! Be HAPPY about failing when I actually TRIED? Yeah, you heard me right. If you don’t know how to handle failure, then when you inevitably experience it, your reaction will be much worse. 

Failing hurts, and boy, I know how embarrassing it can be. But learning how to deal with failure, and especially how to keep trying after it happens, is an invaluable lesson. 


Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting you treat yourself after the most basic of tasks, because please. Treat yourself when you know you goddamn well deserve it. Remember that “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” If all you do is study and do your homework, then, pardon my french, your life sucks. If you don’t have friends, play a video game! Eat an entire jumbo chocolate bar! Indulge in whatever the fuck you want, you deserve it. I’m someone that has trouble prioritizing future benefits over immediate gratification, so by allowing myself little pleasures, I save myself from crashing and burning. 

Hope these tips helped, but remember to take them with a grain of salt - you’re you and I’m me, and different things work for different people. Good luck!


i love the third years

you: intellectuals think the same as everyone else, they just talk differently.

me, an intellectual: Although academic English is well-adapted to the low-context culture in which it is used, its inherent qualities are not sufficient to justify its relative inaccessibility; its use can only be explained as an expression of social status.