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I love zanvis and its probably my otp (gaurance is a close second). i don't mind that zane chan happened, it was pretty much set in stone. i just don't ship it but if anyone does thats fine! (we always have fanfics) spreading positivity through the zanechan and zanvis discourse thing

Everyone just needs to chill tf out

This Needed To Be Said

Recently I’ve seen a few Zanvis fans get attacked for shipping Zanvis. Not a lot, but more than usual. Usually Zanvis fans don’t get attacked. Listen, I don’t know if other Zane/KC ships shippers have been attacked but I need to put this out there. If we don’t ship something thats canon, we don’t. It’s not that hard to understand. I don’t like Zane-Chan AT ALL for a couple reasons. I have a friend who ships Zane-Chan. Guess what? We respect each other and we talk about EACH OTHERS ships. Listen, not everyone has to ship Zane-Chan. Stop rubbing it in other shippers faces that it’s “canon”. Stop. It’s not that hard. I’m just putting this out there because it needs to be said. We can respect each other and each other’s ships if you DIDNT attack people for their ships. Come on guys, you are old enough to know the phrase “treat others how you want to be treated”.

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Zip-lock - LIT. The lyrics suggest a situation in the relationship that I think it's interesting to explore! Kagami needs a second chance, he doesn't want to lose his love of his life. Thanks!

One of my favorite bands from when I was in high school so this was definitely a fun throw back for me! I hope you enjoy!

Zip-lock – by LIT – Kagami

“Kagami-kun,” Kuroko pants, their run having almost done him in this time, “why wasn’t y/n-chan at the game last week?”

The red head grunts an unintelligible answer that sounds something like you being busy but his best friend knows he’s not telling the whole story.

“That can’t just be it, she’s always at every game, no matter how busy she is, so what’s really going on?”

“Why do you even care?” Kagami snaps, rubbing his face roughly with a towel, throwing it in the dirty bin and picking up his basketball.

Kuroko sighs. “Because she’s the best thing to ever happen to you and you’re going to blow it if you don’t start paying attention.” His voice is calm and quiet but his eyes are hard; he’s serious.

Kagami doesn’t reply to Kuroko’s observation. Damn him and his perceptiveness. It’s not like Kagami doesn’t know he’s been screwing up left and right. He just doesn’t know how to balance everything he’s responsible for in his life right now. Ever since winning the Winter Cup, he’s been working even harder because he knows the defending Seirin’s title is going to be ten times more difficult than earning it; the remaining Generation of Miracles are going to be out for blood. Not to mention, they’ve all better assimilated into their respective teams (save perhaps for Aomine) which means their weaknesses will be harder to exploit.

Thoughts consumed with strategy and skill improvement and struggling to stay on top of his grades, he’s allowed the relationship he shares with you to fall by the way side. It was subtle, a canceled date here and there, no time to get together after practice, at least not properly. The two of you usually ended up studying together after which he would collapse in bed, barely conscious to your leaving.

I’ve been stealing

Time where I can get it from

I’ve been losing

Grip on what I used to hold

As he leaves the gym he sees you standing a bit away talking to Furihata, his fellow second year blushing slightly as you giggle at something he said. Insecurity floods Kagami’s body like poison. He knows it’s stupid, you’ve become a friend to all the guys which is one of the many things Kagami appreciates about you. Team play had never really matter that much to him before coming to Seirin and the fact that his girlfriend gets along with all his teammates is amazing.

You’ve even helped make some of their meals during training camp so they aren’t afflicted by Riko’s cooking.  

He watches longer, the curve of your smile, the lilt in your laugh, a light in your eyes he hasn’t seen in many weeks. Just what the hell is someone like him doing with someone like you anyway? Kuroko is right, you’re the best thing to ever happen to him, but now he has to ask: is he the best for you?

I don’t want you

To be better off without me

“Y/N,” he calls and you look up. You don’t exactly lose your smile but it definitely diminishes slightly.

You finish up your conversation with the point guard, he turning to wave goodbye to both you and Kagami.

As you approach, the ace really looks at you. You look slightly worn down, eyes half closed with dark circles under them. Even the pallor of your skin has changed, falling a little paler than he remembers.

I’ve been watching you

Sleeping with a troubled look

I’m sure your bad dreams

Are probably all about me

Looking up, you’re about to ask if he’s ready to go when Kagami drops his bag and ball, letting the latter roll away to wherever it may as he wraps his arms around your waist and hoists you up against his body. Your startled exclamation is silenced by Kagami’s lips on yours. Normally not one for PDA, his cheeks burn in the knowledge that Furihata is in full view of this moment but he doesn’t care; you’re too important to care about that.

When you part, he meets your eyes, grunting out, “I know I haven’t been the best boyfriend and I can’t even lie and say I’ve been trying all that hard.” He cards his fingers your through hair, “But I don’t want to lose you.”

Your silence and averted gaze is proof enough to him that he’s hit the nail on the head; you were thinking about leaving him. Not that he could blame you but he isn’t going to give up that easily.

“I…I really love you,” he confesses, “I just…help me?”

If I could get another chance

I’d put it in a ziploc bag

And keep it in my pocket

Keep it in my pocket

Keep it in my pocket

Tell me

When I start to blow it would you

Show me

What I need to do before you

Hate me

I could never live with that so

Tell me

Before you’re better off without me

After a moment’s consideration, you nod, leaning in to kiss him again. He hugs you tighter, squeezing every ounce of adoration and love he can into his hold. Your hand against his chest, he’s sure you can feel the dredges of fear flow out in favor of relief that you’ve consented to give his sorry ass one more chance to prove himself and he has no intention of letting you down again.

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Insta Series: Hajime Iwaizumi 

Unflattering pictures of Oikawa, mostly. 

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[TRANSLATION] 170706 pledis_17′s Twitter Update

[17’S] 오랜만에 우리 막내 디노랑 사진 찍었어요~! 여기저기 비가 내리기 시작하는 것 같은데 우산 꼭 챙겨 다니세요~!

[17’S] After a long time, I took a picture with our maknae Dino~! It seems like it’s started raining here and there so please remember to take an umbrella around with you~!

credit: jina @ dinodata
© credit if taken out!

[TRANSLATION] 170310 saythename_17′s Instagram Update

[17’S 디노] 밤새 꺼지지 않는 플레디스 사옥의 불빛을 본 디노오빠께서 사랑의 메세지를 담아 선사 해주시곤 간 이것은 커피가 아니라 사랑입니다.#오늘만큼은_막둥이_아님 #디노오빠 #제로오빠 #디노는_사랑이야

[17’S DINO] Dino oppa, who saw the Pledis building lights never turn off, with the message of love, offered not coffee, but love. #Not_The_Makdoongie_Today #DinoOppa #ZeroOppa #Dino_Is_Love

[t/n: basically it’s about how chan noticed that people stayed overnight at the pledis office working so he bought them all coffee]

credit: jina @ fyperformanceunit
© credit if taken out!

s e v e n t e e n ✗ VALENTINES

seventeen have decided to whip up some valentines for us lovely carats ;u; feel free to send these to ur boo when that special day rolls around!

vocal unit

hip hop unit

performance unit

oh gosh

special thanks to: @purplelucia @chanthepeach and thank u to cel @incorrect7teen for helping me with hosh’s!

as always thank ya for all the lov n support on these shitty mc shit valentines, u guys have some hilarious tags lol. from choco n the gang, as well as seventeen, have an amazing valentines day. eat all the cream ya want, i strongly support. 

Fake Dating Fic Rec

the last fic list went over well so I decided to turn it into a week event~

room to grow (kyouhaba) - G, 50k

Kyoutani and Yahaba have enough on their minds in third year, as ace and captain of the volleyball team, butting heads both on and off the court while trying to improve their game so the team has a shot of winning this year. When they find a puppy abandoned in a park, their lives only get even more complicated. 

Not Until Monday (kurodai) - T, 4.7k

“Sawamura, do you trust me?” Kuroo asks.

“This feels like a trap.”

In which Kuroo just needs Sawamura to be his fake boyfriend for like, 5 minutes.

if kisses were fishes, then i’d be an ocean (bokuaka) - G, 4.6k

Akaashi needs a fake date partner, so he grabs the first person he sees.

the art of pretending (tananoya) - E, 37k

the nishinoya family is having a reunion, and noya lies to his mom about being in a relationship to get her off his back. when ryuu gets a call from noya asking him to go to the reunion with him as his fake boyfriend, he’s torn―he’s just starting to get over how in love he is with his best friend, and he’s not sure that pretending to be his boyfriend is going to help with that. he agrees nonetheless, because he’s nothing if not a good friend, which leads to a week of denial, confusion and awkwardness. it doesn’t help that noya is sending really mixed signals.

but even when everything else seems unsure, one thing remains constant―they’re best friends, and that’s not going to change.

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