t cash

BOLD PREDICTIONS FOR IF EACH PERSON WINS THE MITB *from my personal most to least likely*

1.) Sami Zayn will win it and he’ll cash it in against Kevin Owens who I think will be the WWE champion if he wins
2.) Baron Corbin and he won’t cash it in until the Smackdown before 2018 MITB just cause of the drama XD
3.) Kevin Owens will win beating Jinder Mahal that night of MITB or sometime soon after becoming a dual champion setting a feud between them two and eventually a feud with Y2J when he returns
4.) Shinsuke Nakamura will win and Dolph Ziggler will be jealous and try to steal and get MURDERED at every step
5.) AJ Styles wins it cashes in at Summerslam against Jinder Mahal then is attacked after victory by John Cena
6.) Dolph Ziggler…he won’t win I won’t allow it

  • bard: I don't have any cash. I have literally one gold piece.
  • cleric: i have 50...
  • ranger: I dont have a lot
  • sorcerer: *is sleeping off a hangover on her pillow of 450gp*
Amandla Stenberg Is a Voice for the Future
Neo-feminist, biracial, post-gender . . . eighteen-year-old actress and commentator Amandla Stenberg is an inspired, eloquent voice for the future.

“I don’t think gender even exists.” It’s a sunny day in Los Angeles, and the eighteen-year-old actor Amandla Stenberg is sitting under a flowering tree in the backyard of her rented bungalow in West L.A., very much living up to her reputation as the wokest teenager alive. “My sexuality’s very fluid and my gender is very fluid,” says Stenberg, who is petite and cherubic at five feet three, dressed in black denim overalls and a purple-and-white thrift-store shirt, her hair cropped short for her latest movie. “I don’t think of myself as statically a girl.”

Stenberg was already known for playing Rue in 2012’s The Hunger Games when, two years ago, a video she made for a high school class went viral online. Titled “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows,” it’s a romping Internet mash-up in which Stenberg delivers a thesis worthy of an American-studies dissertation in four and a half minutes flat: The adoption of the hairstyle by non-black pop stars such as Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry is part of a larger appropriation of black culture that divorces its aesthetics from the struggle that produced them. Narrating on-camera with the confidence of a trial lawyer, Stenberg closes her case with a pointed question: “What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?”

Read the full piece here

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Niobe: She Is Life by Amandla Steberg and Sebastian A. Jones

pro annnnna tips

I figured that it might be helpful to some of you to have some tips how to lose weight. AT least those are the things I do :)

Drink, drink drink. drink a lot of water and tea (greantea)

make some rules for youself e.g. only eat between 6am-6pm

write down everything you eat and its calories. If you see the numbers going up, you´ll lose your appetite

keep yourself busy or you will eat out of boredom

sleep at least 6h a day (you´ll be more relaxed, the day won´t be as long as e.g without sleep, because of some stuff being released in your body you´ll be tempted to eat more if you´re tired)

eat from small, dark plates/ plates that contrast the color of your food ( a smaller plate makes your food look like more, the darker plate makes you eat less, the contrasting color makes you differ between food and plate more easily)

Don´t eat something if you don´t know its calories

Don´t eat at least 3h before you go to bed

if possible, eat in front of a mirror naked (you´ll get disgusted by yourself and won´t be hungry anymore)

only eat if you really have to (don´t be too extreme though and make sure to still eat enough so you don´t faint and get into a hospital before you have reached your goals)

make a list of bad foods and cross some out every once in a while and don´t eat them anymore

chew gum

eat high calorie stuff in the morning, low calories in the evening

eat tastful stuff (sometimes you don´t want the food but the taste)

I eat sweets every day. some dark chocolate. That way I can controll myself better and don´t binge 

don´t take extra cash with you or you might spend it on food

brush your teeth more often. food won´t taste as good and you can controll yourself better not to eat

apple cider vinegar. (2-3 tablespoons before a meal and you´ll feel not so hungry anymore)

watch your posture

habits like touching your hair etc burn some calories too

in general: move as much as possible

Move your fat ass and do some sports. Not is it only healthier but you´ll lose weight faster and if you started once you´ll get a craving for more

do sports if you´re boring e.g. crunches in your room or squats

if you´re about to binge or just want to taste the enemy, chew it and spit it out. Mia does not work for me and the last time I puked was when I was 8 (well and the onle time I got drunk when I was 15). Plus spitting it out directly saves your teeth from the acid, you save yourself from that disgusting feeling and you don´t have to worry about your body still absorbing the calories or not getting it out of your tummy in time. Just make sure to wash your mouth before you swallow.

watch/read something you consider disgusting before you eat. Heck, even watch a pimple popping video if it stops you from eating too much.

ruin your food. if it is burned or too salty you won´t eat much of it

punish yourself for thinking about food.

don´t reward yourself with food, you´re not a dog

put one euro/ pound/ dollar/ whatever money you have in your country in a box for every meal you skip. Just don´t skip breakfast (you may only do that if you are fasting) do it like this: breakfast, school food, lunch, dinner. I usually skip school food and dinner. and If you have enough money, buy yourself whatever you want (as long as it is no food)

drink warm water

lemon in your water is supposed to help with weightloss (I don´t do it though)

get up on the scale at least once every day and write down the number. I weigh myself about 4 times a day: after getting up, after running, when I come back from school and before I go to bed

look at some thinspo/ meanspo

drink coffe, 0 calorie soda 

I guess that´s about it. If I remember something else, I´ll add at to this list. Feel free to tell me what you do:)

Also: If I was you, I wouldn´t try mia because it is bad. you´ll get a lot of problems and the acid will come out even without you wanting to puke, also your teeth will fall out and shit like that. i have a friend who once was mia but because of reasons like that she had to stop. she still is ana though.

oh and please don´t use diet pills. I never have used some but I never take pills anyway (unless I am on the edge of dying xD)

after all, I can´t tell you what to do but this is my advice for you. That does not mean that the things I do are much better though but you probably know that yourself.

Fox News recently posted this graphic, presumably to convince people that Trump is killing it. The left pounced on Fox’s idiocy, (correctly) pointing out that the graphic actually makes the exact opposite point. It shows that in recent history, Republican presidents have turned the rosy economies inherited from their Democratic predecessors into disasters for the Democrat following them to clean up. It’s like praising a toddler for being remarkably clean, even though his parents always seem to have shit on their hands. But the larger point is that, and I wish there were a font big enough to make this stick in people’s minds, THE PRESIDENT CONTROLS THE ECONOMY AS MUCH AS GARY BUSEY CONTROLS HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.

One reason party doesn’t make a huge difference is that economists often don’t fall neatly along party lines. An economic adviser to John McCain was very much in favor of an economic stimulus, and even complained that Obama’s eventual stimulus wasn’t big enough. The chair of the Federal Reserve usually serves long enough to work with presidents from both parties, and often doesn’t act in a “liberal” or “conservative” way based on who appointed them. Contrary to Air Force One, rare are the situations in which the president has to go rogue and solve problems single-fistedly.

Another thing to keep in mind is that any impact presidents do have is on a delay much longer than our current 24-second news cycle. You don’t invest in infrastructure by going loading up a T-shirt cannon with cash and yelling “Build roads, jerks!” as you fire indiscriminately from the roof of the Capitol. Who thinks that government spending works that way?

And speaking of Trump, it is worth noting that, while presidents haven’t generally had a large immediate impact on the economy, it’s not that they can’t.

Why Everyone Is Wrong About The Economy

Since we’ve established that whatever Kravitz is getting paid in (time, ghost points, Raven Queen Dollars with her face on them) it probably isn’t Cash Money, I’d imagine he doesn’t have much in the way of funds. And of course he isn’t going to hassle his boss about it, she’s a very busy lady! No need to worry her with petty mortal concerns. 

Except sometimes he needs to buy people drinks to get information and sometimes he needs to do things subtly, so he does need some money so every once in a while he’ll go and find someone who died in the absolute middle of nowhere and go through their pockets for loose change. It’s the dead people equivalent of a spare cash fund, and much less dicey than taking money off his marks. You never know what necromancers are going to have, sometimes it’s cursed, sometimes it’s just out of date. 

Taako notices on one of their dates that Kravitz pays exclusively in small coins, of varying origins, which sometimes have dried blood on them, and falls a little bit more in love. Off the grid, homie. He can respect that. 

FanFic Recommendations

Content does not belong to me. These are just my favorites/recommendations. Updates happen every Thursday.


Authors are not credited but the links will take you to original author’s page.

Please Keep in Mind:

  • (M) mature content (language, smut, etc) 
  • (T) trigger warning (violence, drugs, self harm, child birth, etc) 
  • (F) fluff 
  • (A) angst


Kim Seokjin (Jin): Human Instinct (F) | boyfriend material (F) | 1004 (A/F) |

Min Yoongi (Suga): First at Everything (F) | Waffles (M) | Of Books And Dirty Cash (T) | Midnight Cuddles (F) | Boyfriend!Min Yoongi Scenario: Cuddles (F) |

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope): Split (M) |

Kim Namjoon (Rapmonster): Before You Bow Down | Made For Each Other (M/T) | Owned | Twister (F) | When The Toddler Rebels (F) | Gravity (M) | The Boy With The Crayons (F) | Houseplants (F) |

Kim Taehyung (V): A Wish | Tae’s Hands (M) | The Golden Boy (M) |

Park Jimin: I’m (not) LostSurprise, Surprise (M) |

Jeon Jungkook: Fireflies (F) | DestructionBadly (M) | Rebound (F) |


Mark Tuan: Red + Mark Tuan (F) | Answer (F) |

Im Jaebum (JB): Haunted (A) | When The Baby Cries (F/T) | Mine (F/M) | His (M) | Is This How It Feels To Be In Love? (A/F/M) |

Jackson Wang: Study Break //Jackson Wang (M) | A Special Day (M) | “That Squishy Body Is Mine” (F) | When You’re Pregnant (F) |

Park Jinyoung (formerly JR): Atmosphere |

Choi Youngjae:

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Any Member: Punish Me (M) |

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Zhang Yixing (LAY):

Byun Baekhyun: Flu (F) | Tease (F/M) |

Kim Jongdae (Chen):

Park Chanyeol (PCY): With Care (F) | The Wrong One (M) | Fair Play (M) | Elysian (F) |

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Kim Jongin (Kai): Dimensions |

Oh Sehun: Try Me (M) | Love Me Again (A/F) | Welcome Back (M) | “Just Stop!” (A) |



steve (a side):

  1. come as you are / prep school
  2. hurt / johnny cash
  3. my love took me down to the river to silence me / little green cars
  4. chasing twisters / delta rae
  5. hailstorms / hugo
  6. vagabonds / grizfolk
  7. rollin’ and tumblin’ / the gaslight anthem
  8. battle cry / the family crest

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bucky (b side):

  1. california dreamin’ / sia
  2. ain’t no grave / johnny cash
  3. mind’s eye / josh ritter
  4. weapon for saturday / lolo
  5. i will never die / delta rae
  6. young and menace / fall out boy
  7. work song / hozier
  8. every word except goodbye / peter mulvey

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What’s On TV (Week 21)

Monday May 22nd

Robert returns to the village with Aaron after their trip away, but he’s soon feeling the pressure when he spots Rebecca…

Tuesday May 23rd

Has Rebecca had second thoughts about a termination?

Wednesday May 24th

As blackmailer Ross threatens Robert to cough up, Rebecca intervenes when Robert later admits he hasn’t got the cash.

Thursday May 25th

A romantic night in with Aaron turns into a nightmare for Robert when his sordid secret about his fling with Rebecca comes to light. 

my acct is at -$64 bc i haven’t paid my credit card min fee in two months and it took it automatically out of my acct so if someone could pls send me money it’s a $35 fee everyday i can’t pay it off cash.me/$anteeniya

anonymous asked:

I come in at 6am. One of my first customers wanted cash back. Fortunately for me he was using a credit card and didn't understand he couldn't get cash back. he went over to our ATM pissed off. Came back and wanted me to break his money. I told him I can't open the drawer unless something is bought so he pulled out his rewards card? threw it on the counter, huffed, and said "I won't be needing this anymore". I wish more customers would do that so I knew they were actually never coming back.

anonymous asked:

Would you ever do commissions? I understand that you're super busy, but I really love your art! I don't have the cash currently to buy something, but when I do, I'd love to buy one of your pieces.

I’ve never done a commission but if you wanted me to do art for you for money, I would. I do work full time and have limited resources, so you’d have to be patient.


The thing no one asked for but I thought could possibly be useful

So, this is my “lifting bag”, and I put that in quotes because I don’t actually put lifted items in here accept the occasional jar of honey that’s to heavy for my *ACTUAL lifting bags.

Group 1 is my coin purse, if I need to buy anything that is less then $1.50 to deter suspicion this is what I use, I don’t put cash in there because it is the most likely thing to be stollen from my bag and I don’t want to loose my cash.

Group 2 is kept in the outer zipper pouch of my bag, the cash is incase I see something I want but can’t lift, the lip balm is so I have something to pretend to be looking for if I ever need to conceal something in the bag, and the spinners are used for stress relief after I leave a store with a particularly large haul (ex. 244 copic markers), helps me not look so antsy and freaked out while walking away with a store because I have something to focus on.

*Group 3, this is my actual lifting equipment. The two forks are used to remove pencil tags and gator tags, they work 99% of the time and don’t set off magnet detectors, and the bundle of plastic is my shopping bags, a total of two rue 21 bags, a GameStop bag, and about ten unused Walmart bags, all folded and kept together with a hair tie, these are held inside my bag, the forks on the bottom and the shopping bags in an inside pocket. This does cause that pocket to bulge on the inside, but this makes it impossible to see the forks without looking for them!

So yeah, a lot of people have been asking how I fit all the copics in my bag, easiest answer is I didn’t use my actual bag 😂👌

Your Mouth’s Writing Checks Your Wallet Won’t Cash

Martial, Epigrams 2.25

You never give, Galla, yet you always promise
To whoever asks; so if you always deceive,
I ask you now, good Galla, to just say “No”!

Das numquam, semper promittis, Galla, roganti:
     si semper fallis, iam rogo, Galla, nega.

Four Allegories: Falsehood, Giovanni Bellini and Andrea Previtali, ca. 1490

anonymous asked:

A woman came in today with a basket full of items, paid with her card and said (with attitude) 'why isn't it asking me if I want cash back' and I said 'because we don't do cash back' and then she said 'that's the only reason I came in here' and just walked out🙄

Once Upon A Time is EMMA’s story.

Yes, S7 may be a new chapter. You can format and spin this shit however you want.

But the fact remains that OUAT started as EMMA’s story. 

That’s why so many of us tune in each week. 

That’s what we want to see.

It needs to end as EMMA’s story.

Without her, OUAT will become a shadow of its former self. A show with no soul. 

When a program is centered on the journey of a character or two characters, you don’t cash in your chips, discard them & move on. 

CASTLE attempted that maneuver. That shit didn’t work.

Art, logic,& integrity need to trump dolla’ dolla’ bills. 

ABC needs to stop acting like female leads are replaceable.

They’re not. 

And before anyone says this is about CS. About a fucking ship. It’s not.

Really, I could give a fuck about CS right now. 

This is about EMMA. 

Emma has been with me through my darkest hours.

She’s held my hand. Given me strength when I’ve felt weak.

Losing Emma feels like losing a piece of my soul.