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Every single straight atheist from mainstream Christianity who claims being an atheist is less socially acceptable than being LGBT+ personally owes me, a lesbian, $100 cash. If you aren’t in a cult, then being a closeted nonbeliever is in no way comparable to being closeted LGBT+ AT ALL. You aren’t worried about being shunned or kicked out of the house, you’re worried about getting yelled at for ruining Thanksgiving dinner by starting an argument about how God isn’t real. Boo freaking hoo. Stop co-opting our struggles and throwing real LGBT+ under the bus just because you turned your Christian martyr complex into an atheist oppression complex instead of actually challenging how you interact with the world

in Edward’s “apology” the way he talks about the ‘My thoughts on Kyla’ makes it sound like a totally different video. lol. 

I’m sorry but how does the discourse go from ‘Pledis did her dirty’ to ‘it’s difficult to debut if you don’t fit the standards’? last time I checked  people talking like how Edward did in his video are  the reason why these standards don’t change. 

Also why is he talking like we are a bunch of 13 yo that don’t know anything about the kpop industry and are scared to hear the “T”??? lol. 

anyways that’s the last thing about this issue. and Edward. 

I wonder if there’s a single place in the whole world that’s never had a story. I bet not. I just about guarantee you there’s no places like that in America. Every little square of it, every place you stomp your foot, that’s where something happened. Something wild, maybe something nobody knows about, but something. You can fall out of the sky and right into some forgotten storybook.

You run and run and run and you keep turning pages and none of them are empty. They’re all full of stories. There’s nowhere left to write.

I think I’m just a bookmark.

—  Bee, Nebraska. 17776

im glad that when shinee talk about shawols they refer to us as loyal friends more so than girlfriends/romantic partners I feel like it reduces the amount of fan entitlement over them

If a man approaches you in a manner that is not confident, you don’t get to sit there and act like he is putting something on you. The damn dude is probably half dead from the stress it took to approach you. 

We’re not talking about abuse here. We’re talking about a man approaching you in a way you just don’t like. Boo hoo, princess! Just like that man has to deal with your likely cruel rejection, you have to deal with the fact that an icky man spoke to you. I guess that’s too much to ask, eh?

Seriously, just stop hating men. Stop. Hate the men who legitimately wronged you, don’t make it into “all men have wrong me”. Do you even realize how many men there are? It’s just not even fucking possible.