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omg hey it's drunk anon again me and my friend got mozzarella sticks on our college campus and now i'm here again lol i feel like i always go back to your page when i'm drunk bc it's gold looooove you ๐Ÿ˜˜ i hope you have a good day! it's currently 11:12pm where I am so it's night where i live but still have a good day ๐Ÿ’—

this is so cute!!! you too boo, don’t get too drunk :*



The problem with what happened in America

Yeah I get that Trump was elected and shit, but I’d like to point out that - although he has the electoral votes - he should not be president. What I’m about to say isn’t so much opinionated but instead observations and common sense.

This isn’t a matter of “Boo hoo Hillary voters we won you can suck it” the way the results were received are unlike any other election.

When a president is elected…
It’s normal for people to be sad.
It’s normal for people to be happy.
It’s normal for people to just get on with it and accept the results.

BUT, also when a president is elected…
It’s not normal for riots to ensue immediately.
It’s not normal for people to fear for their lives.
It’s not normal for entertainment businesses to reconcile and comfort the public.
It’s not normal for other countries to do the same thing.
It’s not normal for citizens to deny the position of the new president.

Finally, it’s not normal for a president to have zero previous political experience.
It’s not normal for a president to threaten alleged victims of sexual assault from him.
It’s not normal for a president to encourage violence between citizens.
It’s not normal for a president to change behavior drastically on election day.

This isn’t normal.
This isn’t okay.

little things to love about seungkwan
  • everyone’s favorite member c’mon dont lie
  • seventeen’s cute moodmaker!
  • such an energentic bub!
  • who else would give tangerines to reporters at 6AM in the morning? only seungkwan
  • if your alarm clock isn’t waking you up, boo seungkwan will
  • woke up the members for school during 17TV ;;
  • he remembers all the members’ b-days
  • at such a young age, he has such amazing talent
  • MC!BOO
  • he loves his mom so much omg
  • he would use every moment he can to talk about his mom im :’( 
  • “do you think seducing me with food will get me to fall for it? yes” 
  • seventeen’s #1 gag man
  • sassy boo
  • he once always though he could never become a singer, because he was from jeju
  • but look at him now, a talent singer in a talented group
  • such an expressive child
  • rap god boo seungkwan 
  • is vernon’s bff
  • a lover of rain
  • always trying his best and honestly it’s the best thing
  • knows he’s handsome which is the best
  • “your butt has the same class as beyonce sunbaenim!!!!” -sk to dk
  • he responds to memes during menpas LMAO
  • “I will now perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on this kimchi” 
  • “oH MY GOSH WHAT ARE U DOING NOW?!????????”
  • “kIMBAP kIDDING?????”
  • this precious video 
  • also this video ft. dk LMFAOOO
  • all the lil moles he has on his face!! they’re like small constellations <3
  • fun fact: he can’t cross his legs bc he said his pelvic bones are so stiff poor bby 
  • when he smiles his cheeks get all round n’ soft and im!!!!!
  • super caring towards others
  • super respectful towards his seniors 
  • when there is an interview question that he knows would make his member’s uncomfortable, he would try to change the subject
  • like when there was a question mentioned about woozi’s height, he avoided it and talked about something else so woozi wouldn’t be uncomfortable 
  • likes to break in to song and dance with every opportunity he can get
  • he is such a lovely person with a lovely heart
  • #stan talent stan boo seungkwan
Your Zodiac Sign: No Sugar Coating | TheZodiacCity
  • Aries: You're always on the hunt for some new thrill, most of the time to cover up the fact that you actually live a boring, unfulfilled life; you love being the over-protective one but don't really know your limits; you're fun to be around, I'll give you that but that's only if your constant need to nitpick at something doesn't get in the way
  • Taurus: Oh Taurus, you have so much potential but that's usually sidetracked by your half-assed attempts at most things; you have a problem with every little freakin' thing that doesn't go your way (boo hoo); and you'd be a breeze to talk to if you didn't have constant diarrhea of the mouth (tell you my secrets? hell no)
  • Gemini: Talking a lot isn't your problem, talking about 5 topics in 2 minutes is your problem...you lose people with your maze of discussions; most people like you, they do, but you can be so judgmental and very difficult to understand; and for goodness sake, please stop acting like you're so "unbothered" by every damn thing...you are human right?
  • Cancer: We know you get sick of hearing how emotional you are...truth is, you hold your emotions down very well but when you want to become the poster child for "hissy fits", there's no stopping you; Cancer, can you hear me? Listen (or look rather), you don't have to know every muthaf*ckin' thing. I mean damn, you act like it's a sin to not INCLUDE you in something
  • Leo: You're a good person Leo, but you have a messed up attitude and it radiates to others more than you know. Between your weird facial expressions, dramatic-ness (I made that up) and your touchy moments, you're like a pile of stink garbage sometimes that no one wants to be around; your heart is big and people love you for that -- focus more on self-gratification though because you wear yourself out trying to be "Saint Leo who really doesn't want to do something but does it so you don't hear someone's mouth"
  • Virgo: Virgo, you try to care but most of the time you're making it look good. Are you compassionate? Are you sensitive to the needs of others? Yes, but far and few between do moments happen where you're deeply affected by it; You're a smart one Virgo, serious brain power you have there -- if only you could turn down those annoying thoughts that drive you bat shit crazy on the inside
  • Libra: You're probably doing something for someone right this minutes. Are you? If not, it won't be long. There's nothing wrong with "looking out" for people but sh*t, who's looking out for you?; and speak up dammit, why focus so much of your lovely energy on keeping things bottled up? Oh I see, you don't want to be disliked...well guess what, somebody out there hates your guts (just being honest) so you obviously can't please everybody
  • Scorpio: My dear Scorpio, you're a lot my friend. A whole lot to deal with -- and that's why many people back away. Don't tell me you haven't noticed; If you had a penny for all those crazy thoughts that run through your head, you'd definitely be able to pay someone's rent, at the least; You're another one with a good heart though, can't deny that but you need to work on being more of the genuine person you expect everyone else to be
  • Sagittarius: I like you Sagittarius, you're fun, you're bold, you're adventuruous but you can be such a big pain in the ass. You have such an irrational way of thinking. You expect everybody to be on your team and if they're not, c'est la vie. Why can't someone disagree with you? Are you the almighty, righteous one? I think not.
  • Capricorn: Having you around is some people's dream and some people's nightmare. I think it's safe to say you have an equal number of close friends and enemies. Well not enemies per se, but definitely people who can't stand your guts. You have a spunk about you but you can be extremely self-absorbed and even more demanding. You slobber on your pillow, just like the rest of us. Get a grip.
  • Aquarius: There's a lot I could say about you Aquarius, but I'll make this short and sweet. Focus more on relating to people and less on being so wrapped up in yourself. Are you a nice person, yes. But those who know you or are around you enough see the vindictive person you can be; if someone even looks at you funny, you're ready to write them off. You can't systematically cut ties with everyone and then wonder why you're a lonesome dud, I mean dove.
  • Pisces: You have a lot to say about other people, man oh man. What this person should be doing, what that person should stop doing but what about you? You're 85% of the time a walking contradiction; and stop feeling like everyone should do what you think in your mind they should do, last time I checked nobody was able to think for you. If you have certain expectations, that's on you. But if you don't SAY what you feel, who can you really be mad at?

It’s funny how people go on and on about how they don’t like Roman, will boo him everywhere he goes. But yet they never give any legitimate reasons for why they do. And I’m sorry, but the mic skills and he “can’t wrestle” excuse doesn’t cut it anymore, so don’t even go there. Whether people want to see it or not, he has been improving as a wrestler and on the mic over the last few years. And contrary to what people think, he is very passionate about the business. The fact that he comes from a wrestling family doesn’t detract from that passion. And that doesn’t mean he’s been handed everything and hasn’t worked hard or earned his place in the company.

And so what if he did get into wrestling because of his family? So what if he chose wrestling over football? So what if he does end up becoming the next face of the company? Who are you to judge him for it? Who are you to try to dictate his life and choices? If he decided to be a wrestler instead of a football player, then that was his right to choose. He isn’t selfish or an asshole for it. It doesn’t make him any less passionate for the wrestling business. He wouldn’t be in the business, busting his ass and putting up with all the haters bullshit on a constant basis if he wasn’t passionate about the business. And if he does become the next face of the company, well I say good for Roman Reigns! He’s earned it, he deserves it, he has what it takes to carry on that responsibility.

Also, his fans on the internet aren’t the only ones who defend him. And no, it’s not just women and children who like him! Yeah, I’m putting that out there just in case anyone tries to come at me with that BS. His family (i.e. Rikishi and The Usos) has come to his defense various times. And many wrestlers and people who have worked in WWE for many years, both past and present, have also defended him and said positive things about him – Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Paul Heyman, Chris Jericho, Big Show, The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, John Cena, AJ Styles, Finn Balor…the list goes on and on. And no, THEY WERE NOT PAID TO SAY IT! And it also doesn’t mean that they’re being ass kissers, so don’t even try to come at me with that, because it’s bullshit! They are the ones who see Roman on a daily basis, who are in the same room with Roman, and who have gotten in the same ring with Roman, and have wrestled him multiple times. So yeah, I’m afraid the whole “oh they got paid to say it” and “they’re ass kissers” excuse doesn’t fly either!

I’ve said it in great depth before and I will say it again. Roman Reigns has done absolutely NOTHING to anyone to deserve all the hate and disrespect he gets. You people act as if he intentionally offends people and like everything he says and does is wrong. And if anyone tries to use his suspension as an excuse, well let me just say that yeah, he fucked up. And he knew he was wrong and that he made a mistake. He owned up to it and apologized publicly on Twitter to all his family, friends, and fans. And he paid his dues and faced the consequences like a mature adult. Ever since then, he hasn’t done anything and has gotten his shit together and is doing better than ever.

So people really need to move on and get over it already. Roman Reigns isn’t go anywhere. And one day, he will be back in the main event scene and he will be either a four-time WWE World Champion or WWE Universal Champion. You can believe that! And as always, haters gonna hate.

I Wanna Fucking Boo Love ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

Like I Really Miss Staying Up Late On The Phone With Someone Just Talking About Any Nd Everything.. It Necessarily Don’t Have To Be Sexual But…Ya Know It Do Tend To Come Up. I Miss The Soft Voice You Get When You’re Tired Af But Nobody Wants To End The Conversation, I Miss Telling Someone About Things That Happened In My Childhood, I’m Starting To Crave The Essence Of Having Someone I Can Call Anytime Of The Night When I Can’t Sleep Nd They’ll Stay Up Nd Just Talk To Me Until I Fall Asleep. I Miss Boo Lovin… But I Don’t Have A Boo. 😞😔

Everyone that episode of Gotham:
  • Oswald: :(
  • Oswald: Where is my Eddie-bean?
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald!! Hi!! I'm your new chief of staff I'm trying my very best to please you hi!!!!
  • Oswald: >:( You're not my Eddie bean, you suck.
  • Jim: lol gonna turn up at the funeral of the guy I murdered and make sure his mob boss father sees me lol
  • Harvey: Jim can you pls make a good wise decision once in your life I am literally begging you
  • Zsasz: Hi Jimmy lol why don't you ever lock your door?
  • Jim: what the fuck
  • Zsasz: anyway I'm gonna kill you, sucks lol, bye
  • Jim: what the fuck
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald hi!!! I got you a TV appearance please love me!!!!
  • Oswald: >:(
  • Oswald: Unless my Eddie-bean's going to be there, I don't care.
  • Ghostie Elijah: BOO!
  • Oswald: Aaah!
  • Maria: Hey Alfred ~
  • Alfred: *heart eyes*
  • Selina: ugh, my Mum's flirting with my Dadfred, gross
  • Bruce: *is a smol angel*
  • The Actual Gotham Fandom: JErome is tHE BEST I love him SO M UCH ugh WHEN IS HE COMING BACK IT SUCKS WITHOUT HIM
  • Harvey: what the fuck
  • Jim: jerome's not even that great lol
  • The Actual Gotham Fandom: hOW D A R E ???????????
  • Jim: oh shit run
  • Zsasz: Hey Jimmy bae ~
  • Jim: OH SHIT
  • Sleepy Oswald: zzzzzzzz I am snooze
  • Ghostie Elijah: don't trust the birthday boy!
  • Sleepy Oswald: who dat tho
  • Falcone: Jim must die!
  • Lee: Yes! Jim must die!
  • Lee: ...
  • Lee: .......
  • Lee: *ariel voice* bUT DADDY I LOVE HIM
  • Falcone: ffs fine
  • Oswald: Another day, another struggle without my Eddie-bean. :(
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald hi!!!!!! It's my birthday!!!! I got cake!!!!!! Do you want cake? :D
  • Oswald: !
  • Oswald: *snoopin in Tarquin's office, v. sneak*
  • Oswald: *finds rotting corpse* That's my daddy dearest! Looking as handsome as ever!
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald hi!!!!! Looking through my cupboards there? :D You can take any of my personal belongs you want if it'll make you love me!!!!!!
  • Oswald: >:( *beats Tarquin to a bloody pulp*
  • Tarquin: This has got to be in the top five worst birthdays of my life :(
  • Oswald: Welp, time to go on TV. Without my Eddie-bean. :(
  • Interviewer: So, I heard you used to kill people?
  • Oswald: Yah, like five minutes ago hahahahaha I mean what
  • Ghostie Elijah: ffs Ozzie why do I have to clean up all your mess?
  • Oswald: whoops gotta go bye
  • Interviewer: what the fuck
  • Camera crew: what the fuck
  • People watching at home: what the fuck
  • Snedward (snake Edward): heheheh i'm so evil and sneaky
  • Snedward (snake Edward): I made him look like an idiot on live TV
  • Babs: no offence Edwin Mystery or whatever the fuck your name is but i think he would've managed that without your interference, the guy looks like an idiot every time he leaves his house
  • Snedward (snake Edward): shush i'm sneaky and evil