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I was thinking about Trevor teaching the boys science whenever he babysat for them and how this got Michael into science. I was imagining him bugging Trevor how to make a bomb years later and Trevor makes him bake a cake saying that you can't just throw things together and hope they work. If he couldn't follow a recipe and bake a cake, he couldn't build a bomb.

That’s so cute!

It’s like a Mr Miyagi situation where you do something seemingly menial and unrelated but it turns out to be a super important teaching technique! 

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Michael’s reaction would be great. “You son of a bitch. You Miyagi-ed me!” 

I can’t decide if Michael would make the worse cake ever (due to lack of attention) or surprise Trevor with an awesome cake (because he’s already pretty domestic).

     “ I think after that bloody bath - a good night rest is surely needed! I am just glad to report no death’s although having my little brother and Kid receive bombs isn’t exactly good things..”

     Grumps unhappy and takes his sit next to him.
“Hey at least think you didn’t blow up! I wouldn’t go trusting Pan now after this.. she is a killer!” Trunks was positive of this now.

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Moodies Don’t Make Bombs...Right?

Tonight, the clan received a call over the comms from the security officer Hastings for a mission, one that the android thought could improve the clan’s standings further with the recovering town of Hogwash. A mysterious series of burglaries were reported from the inner and outer parts of the city, where someone (or something) has been trashing several businesses and stealing from their stores. At the medical office of Dr. Rasputin is where they began their search, following tracks of apparent Moodies across the city towards the inner city.

Once there, they had a brief encounter with an imposing Mordesh officer of the city. As the group moved further on and Hastings spoke with the local of the city, it became icily apparent that this Mordesh holding a bo staff and speaking in ire-thick words was none other than the new mayor of Hogwash, after the other had been cut down by the Darkspur earlier in the last few weeks. After this brief brush with the formidable Mordesh, they continued their hunt for the thieves in the bowels of the inner city, coming to a book store where a frightened bookseller led them straight to their prey. A Moodie gave them a mad chase back out the outer city, into an abandoned power plant where the group fought off the pests to defend the town from the threat of the necromancer Nexus-natives.

A frightening discovery was made after the Moodie situation came to a close. A series of explosives had been planted on the main generator of the facility, ticking to go off and prepared to blow. Luckily, a clan member was able to defuse it before the explosives wreaked devastating havoc on the city. Once the bomb was defused, the group further investigated the scene–and found two corpses with matching snake tattoos on their body, much like the snake symbol found as a signature on the Darkspur gang leader’s messages on his holo-system. What this could mean is a mystery. It seems to show that something or someone, besides the clan itself, has plans for the town of Hogwash.

I hate it when people are all “did MLK point guns at the KKK?”

No, he didn’t. And they bombed churches, raped children, and killed tons of people. And then he himself was killed.

The Black Panthers started giving people self-defense classes, taught communities about gun safety, monitored police interactions while armed, and patrolled their neighborhoods. And THAT’S when the KKK killings started to die down.

Words only work when the enemy is using words. And even then, not always

What I liked most about this episode is that the writers really did do what they promised to “pull back.” Not necessarily on the story issues themselves, but on the Winchesters. We’ve spent a lot of seasons now with the both of them fighting huge threats in ways that are completely unimaginable. I think because of that, it’s incredibly easy to forget how actually dangerous the Winchester brothers are. But here, they were up against human beings. People they don’t want to kill, and beings that don’t need soul bombs or even grenade launchers to get rid of. Instead, they Home Alone a freaking cabin in the woods and take a handful of highly trained soldiers out without killing anyone.

Sam and Dean Winchester are terrifyingly dangerous to everyone, human or otherwise, but it’s not easy to appreciate that until they have to tone it down.

For that alone, 12x09 was supremely well-written episode.

Victuuri AU where Yuuri and Phichit are platonic best friends and are having a bit of trouble paying for uni. And then Phichit has the bright idea of getting married for the financial benefits, and he somehow manages to convince Yuuri that it isn’t a horrible idea.

And of course, because this is Phichit and because “you don’t get married every day, Yuuri! Let’s just have a little fun with it!” they make an event of it - rent out a small venue, invite the parents and a couple of close friends, take silly wedding pics together.

And then fast forward 2 years later, and Phichit comes to watch Yuuri at the Sochi GPF because “What kind of husband would I be if I wasn’t there to support you?”

And thanks to that, Yuuri has someone there for him when he gets the news of Vicchan’s death, and the support actually helps a lot, and he doesn’t totally bomb the GPF.

He still hits it off with Viktor though and they start seeing each other.

It’s several months later when Viktor comes to visit Yuuri and Phichit in Detroit.

And neither of them thinks that maybe it’d be a good idea to, y’know, hide the rather large wedding photo they have hanging on the wall of their living room.

Viktor is confused.

Yuuri is mortified.

And Phichit just won’t fucking stop laughing, the little shithead.

I think it’s so funny how every endorsement I see of Clinton HAS to be framed as like “Is she perfect? No, but she’s better than Trump.” The problem I have with this isn’t that it’s keeping politicians accountable, it’s that this accountability is only ever applied to Clinton and its done in such a way that make it seem like she’s somehow uniquely problematic. No one, not a single god damn person reblogs pictures, news stories, or quotes from President Obama and says “Damn, I really don’t like how he bombed the shit out of thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East or how he ramped up deportation raids and ruined the lives of tens of thousands of peaceful undocument immigrants living here in the United States, but like he’s alright I guess.” No, instead every single post I see about Obama is about how much we’re gonna miss him and I don’t disagree, I think he was a great President, I just think it’s amazing how the callous or problematic decisions he made as Commander and Chief don’t ever taint his public image, at least not the image that his base has of him. Yet we hold Clinton to a completely different standard, the handful of problematic decisions she has made during her 30 year career define her in a way I haven’t seen before, to the point that the only “acceptable” way to support her is to speak about it in a tacit or even hesitant tone, like “yeah, I know she’s a corrupt bitch, but I’ll still vote for her I guess.” The notion that she is somehow more problematic than any other candidate who’s been elected prior to her is patently false, being a world leader is a implicitly dirty job, it just so happens that we’ve come to expect men to do these dirty jobs so we reserve our judgement. I mean, people aren’t even allowed to celebrate the fact she’s the first female candidate for president because it’s apparently “white feminism” to take note of the accomplishments of women in our country if they also aren’t literally perfect feminist icons. It’s not just enough to be exceptional as a woman to be celebrated, you have to be perfect. Also, if a single god damn person brings up another candidate in this race and tells me how their record is spotless I swear to god I’ll lose my mind because the reason for that is that no other candidate in this race has a mother fucking record of having any sort of governmental leadership position. Its not that they are somehow magically more pure than Clinton, it’s that they never got promoted to a position that would actually force them to make difficult decisions of national importance. It’s easy to keep your hands clean when you’re an irrelevant congressmen from butt fuck nowhere or simply have exempted yourself from the political process altogether until magically deciding now that you deserve to be President.