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I don’t think this is Bo-Katans helmet in the teaser for season 4. Although she WILL be in season 4, this is a helmet of one of her Nite Owls.

Bo-Katans helmet marking is Black.

Her followers markings are White.( same as rebels pic)

Plus, there is no curve in between the “ eyes”.

Cant wait to see her in action once again. Please don’t kill her off.

  • Victor: Yuuri~ *sly smile, showing him a box of squishies, Victor squishies* what's this~?
  • Yuuri: *stumbling back* I can explai-- *hits wall, his keys falling out of his pocket, Victor keychains* no s-serious this is nothi-- *hits cupboard* *posters tumbling out* god damni!!-- *miraculously the bed chokes out books. Doujinshis that has Victuuri ship on it* bed you t RAi T O R!!!--
Boyfriend Hoseok

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psa; this is my ultimate bias so hope you don’t mind my crying every so often ;;w;;

  • ok listen, THIS BOY, t hiS Bo y rig ht her e, is not what you think!!!!!!
  • he looks so cute and squishy and his laugh sounds like some magical shit but beware; there’s another side to him
  • the side that THRUSTS (expertly) AND GRINDS AND GETS FREAKY
  • I HAVE
  • so he’ll be such a cute bf; buy you souvenirs on tour, text you goodnight & good morning, offer you the last crisp in the packet, start tickle fights
  • but if “lil” hobi comes into play
  • ok, glad we’re clear on that
  • he’s mature enough to tell you what turns him on like “jagi, would you mind putting that black underwear on tonight?” but not mature enough to where you surprise him by asking for a risky quickie & he won’t giggle
  • bc he will
  • he’ll giggle like a little girl and turn red bc “jagi, that’s so dirty!!”
  • but don’t think that means no
  • it doesn’t
  • he beats you to the “risky” place & doesn’t even care that he’s super loud so everyone’s gonna know what’s going on
  • in fact, he likes the risk
  • he’s seriously loud though I don’t think I’ve stressed that enough
  • joonie has banned you from bts’ dorm bc no one gets any sleep if you stay over. you’re not even allowed visit for 10 seconds. the maknae’s have been warned that if you’re there & they don’t tell, they’ll be in BIG trouble
  • so you can’t even sneak in without jungkook telling on you; “hyuuuung!!! (y/n) is here!! they’re going to do weird things!!!”
  • even if you two are only cuddling and hoseok’s telling you about his day, namjoon will still run you outta there
  • listening to him talk is wonderful
  • his voice is so soothing and the expressions he makes show how he wears his heart on his sleeve. so when he smiles, you smile. he cries, you cry. he’s angry, you best believe you’re angry too. he’s an open book
  • most of the time
  • unless he’s really hurting & upset
  • then, since he won’t want to bother anyone, he’ll keep it to himself
  • even when you call him out on his limp (from so much dancing) or how he hasn’t slept or eaten right in weeks, he’ll play it off with that smile of his like “ah, you worry too much!”
  • which is so hypocritical bc even if you’ve just eaten a 3 course meal he asks if you want anything else
  • this boy would do anything for anyone but isn’t so good at taking help
  • unless you show up to the studio some night and spoon feed him like he’s a baby. which will make him laugh so hard, until he cries & he realizes the tears aren’t from happiness anymore. he’s just so happy to have you in his life, you’re his everything
  • oh and that SMILE 💗💕💖💘 X1000
  • it’s the most glorious thing ever known to man
  • one of the world’s greatest attractions
  • people flock from all corners of the earth to gaze at its wonder
  • his smile is so bright & happy & it shows why his stage name is “J-Hope” bc that smile brightens the world and fills you with hope that things may be bad now, but there’s always a tomorrow
  • he cares so much for ppl
  • he’s always looking out for his band members & complimenting them & making everyone feel good about themselves
  • he physically can’t see faults
  • so any lack of self confidence you have will vanish when you start dating hobi because every day he’ll not only tell you you’re perfect, but show it too. he’ll do anything to make you smile
  • his family love you btw
  • the moment they seen how glowy and bright he looked around you, they already starting asking about grandkids/nieces & nephews
  • oooooh about that glow, let’s focus on it for a second
  • his tan is so beautiful. it’s already well established that he. is. THE SUN. so it’s no surprise that his tan (and those tanks he wears in the summer omg yeeeeeeees) is so glowing & radiant
  • he radiates warmth from within so peppering his glorious, tanned body with kisses is the equivalent of kissing the sun - be careful or else you’ll get burned
  • you can tell by how he performs that he’s got so much passion
  • and you can feel that passion in the relationship too
  • likes to take you out and show you off. isn’t prone to jealousy since he trusts you so wholly. and taking you out, getting drunk with you and grinding against you in the club is his go-to date when he’s stressed and overworked
  • he also loves chill dates, with cuddling and good wine
  • where you play with his hair fuck he loves that
  • watching his peaceful sleeping face, admirng his beautiful lip mole, his dewy skin, long lashes, cheekbones, cute ears, fluffy floof hair, the gentle rise and fall of his chest, that trickle of sweat that runs down his long neck, across his collarbones, down his chest
  • fun fact: hobi sometimes sleeps naked & touches himself
  • fun fact #2: those are good nights 👍👌👀👌👍👌👀
  • being in awe of his fluid movement. how he can seem so graceful even just drinking coffee or jumping and screaming around the place. his dancing skill is so deeply ingrained in him that even when drunk dancing, he rules the dance floor like a true dance king
  • will always notice when you’re upset and do anything to make you smile
  • getting cute snaps 24/7
  • hoseok is so complex, with different sides to him and no one gives that enough thought
  • onstage; dance machine, sex god, destroyer of ovaries
  • offstage; fluffy dork, apple cheeks and heart smiles, a laugh purer than a choir of angels
  • public; cute, cuddly bf
  • private; fucks you half way to sunday then cuddles for daaaaaays
  • he’s also prone to feeling insecure. he’s dealt with some demons before, which is why I thikn that yoonseok is so pure (they understand each other on a whole other level T^T), and he sometimes doesn’t feel good enough. that’s why, despite how good he is at dance, he’s often the last one to leave the studio. that’s why he practices his rap/singing/rehearsing/etc so hard. bc he never feels good enough. he feels like the least loved member it’s ok baby I’ll love you enough for everyone else
  • so knowing that you see him as more than just the goofy, ugly horse looking member, that you take him seriously and listen to his thoughts, makes this boy feel so many things, you don’t even know :’’’’)
  • overall the relationship is filled with love and laughter, especially considering that hobi is the living embodiment of these things. he’s essentially the perfect boyfriend. but that’s no surprise since he’s a perfect human 😉😍

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I’m sorry this took me so long to do but I can never express in words how perfect hobi is. writing was so hard bc I kept getting lost in my feelings. I tried not to be so extra & believe it or not, this is my love for him toned down. idk if it’s any good or readable but hopefully it is 😅

K but like I love the idea of Akaashi being someone who loves/needs to feel their partners skin as much as possible. Not in a sexual way, but more in a sort of “I need this reassurance and I need to know you’re real and here” sort of way, so he’s always holding onto Bokuto in some fashion.
Like in public he’ll hold onto his hand or wrist, or he’ll cling to his arm when they’re wearing short sleeves.
When they’re at home, he’ll do the same but also hug him from behind and rest his hands on the hem of Bokutos shirt where it most likely rides up often, or he’ll try to c a s u a l l y rest his hand under Bokutos shirt while they cuddle.
Bo doesn’t pay any mind to it at first, but then one day he casually asks about it and when he finds out, he’s so chill like??? So Akaashi just pays it no mind.
But then every time they cuddle or sleep or whatever, Bokuto decides that shirts aren’t necessary “because it helps you feel better, Keiji!!”, and Akaashi is stuck somewhere between crazy-in-love and frustrated-with-this-boy.
This has been sitting in my head for days and I need a fan fiction with it someone help me.