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People ask me fairly often, “why don’t you just block Trump supporters?”. “Why don’t you just block ” insert description of people who don’t agree with me here? “.

This is why.

I don’t need to change the minds of people who already agree with me. To them, I more serve as an affirmation that they’re not alone in what can sometimes be a cold and harsh world. But to others, I hope to chip away at the things I’d say are less than ideal, old fashioned, and in need of enlightening (to put it mildly).

This doesn’t apply to trolls or people who come on my page spewing nothing but hate. People whose only intention is to irritate, offend, and disrupt.

If you comment on my post with nothing but "sluts can die” or the n-word…. you’re being blocked.

But for others who honestly disagree with me for what they feel are legitimate reasons. I want you here. I want you to read my thoughts and the thoughts of people much wiser than myself.

I want you here because it doesn’t matter what I say, or how loud I shout, if no one is in the room to hear me.



Hey everyone, meet Paulo.
He is currently writing a ‘book’ about the female mind so likes to insult women on the internet that he doesn’t know.
Then he blocks you when you call him out on his shit because he can’t answer a simple question with a simple answer.
Don’t be like Paulo.


Anyone wanna help me piss off that One Fandom? pm me. I’m gonna make a bunch of sideblogs dedicated to posting “"hate”“ in the tags so they can’t just block one and move on. I can only make a few blogs a day so if u make a sideblog then send me the join link I can have a shit ton or you can just make some of your own!

anonymous asked:

Are you what they call an "evil anti"? I'm asking because I like your blog and your art a lot and I make a point of staying away from any antis so I kinda don't wanna block you either way but ????

If she was truly unbothered then she wouldn’t have blocked me LDMFJEKSNSK A

And also I never said enjoying those things was a bad thing but as usual it’s easier for white women to weaponize their femininity to portray brown women as mean and aggressive than to actually critically think about issues we bring up Can’t use the “and this goes double for woc” line if ur blocking them and ignoring all of the woc who think ur a blithering idiot now can you!
I hope you show me how to make peace.
Help me, save me, please–
This isn’t a building block land,
This isn’t fantasy,
This is something complicated called reality,
And here’s the hook–
I’ve read one too many books.
Read this.

I’ve been getting called out for screenshotting people. Some people have said I’m bullying the jammers that I screenshot. I mean it all as a joke. Also, if you are searching up the jammers and spamming them with hate, YOU are the bully. I don’t care if you block/report them, but DON’T, I repeat, D O N ‘ T  JAG them, don’t say anything to them. Block, report, done. This has been a PSA from cringey-animal-jam.

I replied “Thank you but your blog is nsfw so please do not interact”, waited a few minutes to give him a chance to reply (he didn’t), and then blocked him so this isn’t too serious, however my blog description has my age (16) so he knows I’m a minor and it also states not to interact if nsfw/cgl etc., plus I’ve just checked his blog and it has pictures of minors??? I don’t think there’s anything explicit of them but ?????? So I just wanted to warn people

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Jamison: *puts the cards down* Yeah…I feel you little man. There are better ways to teach you this stuff. At least we can tell mommy that we tried it.

Teresa reenters the house.

Teresa: Hey guys!  How was everything? *grabs Adwin’s dirty sippy cup*

Jamison: Great!  Right Adwin?  We even tried out the flashcards!

Teresa: *puts cup in the dishwasher* Good! How’d that go?

Adwin: No blocks!

Teresa: No blocks?  What does that mean?

Jami doesn’t want to hurt Teresa’s feelings, so he doesn’t tell her what Adwin means by that.

Jamison: Uh…I guess he doesn’t want to play blocks right now. 

Teresa: *walks by* It’s okay Adwin.  You don’t have to play with your blocks if you don’t want to!

When you see a post from a blog you hate, but don’t want to block, and you’re like “wow good post”, and then you realize the op is the blog you hate and you have to just exit the reblog screen in silence

i hate when people try to say my blog is pro ana when i’ve exclusively stated it isn’t multiple times. this blog is for venting and if you have a problem, don’t follow me. maybe block me if it’s too hard for you to stay off my blog lol