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hey do you know any good unrequited love type of anime/manga? like wher the girl likes a guy but he doesnt like her back right away or is in love w someone else? (like heroine shikkaku) im a sucker for slow romance i guess 😂

Me too anon, me too

Bokura ga ita (anime and manga)

Lovely complex (anime and manga, love the anime more tho)

Akatsuki no yona (anime and manga)

Kilari (Don’t block me already the main couple is like  everuthing you coud wish for. Also the manga is more centered about romance)

Kuregahime (anime and manga)

*genderbender tag

Toradora (aime is 10/10)

And one of the most underated and yet beatiful anime I’ve seen:

Nagi no asukara

The animation and the sound is 10/10 and so is the relationship between the two protagonists. One of the most built up I’ve seen, you will ship them with all your might, trust me

Sins of the Father, Vol. 2: The Beautiful Liar

Characters: Finn Bálor

Word Count: 609

Warnings: Language, graphic sexual content, mentioned violence

A/N: Hello hello! Tonight’s re-emergence of our beloved Demon King inspired me to finish this. I was stuck at first, but…Finn is always the thing to shatter writer’s block, isn’t he? 

Anywho, I hope you enjoy it. ^_^

My Bálor Babes: @yourr-anger-your-anchor@motleymoose@georgiadean37@wweximaginesxd@racheo91@daddy-slug@blondekel77@ambrosegirlforever@romanempire19@fucking-bandsx@boundtomyfate@hotspurmadridista@florenceivy@geekoftv@behindthesesilvereyes@vsturgeon5489@thegoddessqueenrileycarter@wwesmutandstuff@devitt-club@anerdysouthernbelle@thebadchic@baratomaya@jenn0755@sbethell89@magical419@lilyruelas@xxmaddhatter39xx@bouttogolinkurbitch@uniquewerewolfsuit@valeonmars@tyferbebe@wwe-rollins-lover@dasexydevitt13@officialbroski10-blog@weedman-shitz​ @truirishredhead@gelinas22 @banrioncethlenn

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Just joining this one-way caravan to the Ninth Circle of Hell? Welcome! You’ll want to check out the Masterlist before boarding.

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The Jonerys Tag for the next week
  • Jonsa shipper: "But they're rel-"
  • Me: *Block*
  • Anti-Jonerys: "Jon is using Da-"
  • Me: *Block*
  • Jonsa shipper: Here's why Jonerys isn't endg-
  • Me: *Block*
  • Jonerys shipper: Boatsex! handholding! Feels feels feels!
  • Me: Yaaaaassss! Preach! Man Tumblr is great!

Made my 6:50 goal today despite yesterday’s 16. It took 6:40 pace over the last 6 miles to hit the time, so I’m not sure how much more I had in me.

Poor planning today as I forgot:
* pre-run chews
* nipple tape
* body glide
* auto-lap on my watch

My iPod Shuffle is confirmed dead too, so that was also a downer. Thankfully none of that wrecked my run.

I was pretty miffed at one point when a group three abreast essentially forced me off the trail because they didn’t move as I came at them. When I turned around and had to pass them again later, I called out “on your left” to get the one guy to move. I added an extra “don’t block the trail” and suddenly I was the rude one? Geez, you’d think I insulted their mothers or something.

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Beef-mom, who is saying the awful stuff? I'm 100% not trying to start anything, but maybe they'll stop if someone they haven't blocked shows them you took it down and apologized.

The user is bluethepaladin. Super don’t feel like you have to get involved–I don’t want you to get hate for defending me when I was the person who made the original mistake. I just really wish that people could be a little more constructive with criticism because I genuinely do want to be good and I know I messed up but if I can’t even apologize to someone I hurt then what else can I even do?

All The Things She Said - TATU

I’m in serious shit, I feel totally lost.
If I’m asking for help, it’s only because,
Being with you, has opened my eyes.
Could I ever believe such a perfect surprise?
I keep asking myself, wondering how.
I keep closing my eyes, but I can’t block you out.
Want to fly to a place, where it’s just you and me.
Nobody else so we can by free.

And I’m all mixed up, feeling cornered and rushed.
They say it’s my fault, but I want her so much.
Want to fly her away, where the sun and the rain,
come in over my face, wash away all the shame.
When they stop and stare, it don’t worry me.
‘Cause I’m feeling for her, what she’s feeling for me.
I can try to pretend, I can try to forget.
But it’s driving me mad, I’m going out of my head

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just an fyi to you & everyone else (if you didn't know this already): inclusionistsuggestions is a rly gross aphobia/exclusionist/hate blog disguised as a safe space. they make a lot of vagueposts about ace users and target individuals without @-ing them. it's really easy to fall into the trap of following them before you see their content so just a heads-up you should probably block them because they say some seriously horrible stuff.

Oh yeah, I just went and looked at their blog and it’s pretty hateful. Good blog to block, don’t interact. 

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hey friend, when you use the word queer could you please NOT tag with q slur? the trend of tagging that began with TERF blogs and is seriously anti-trans in its origins and very disturbing for many to see the phrase "q slur". I understand concerns for people who are legitimately triggered by the word, but in that case it makes more sense to simply tag the word "queer" because most blocking algorithms can't block based on a letter anyway (unless you want to block every word with a Q in it)

Thank you for letting me know, darlin. I tagged it that way because that’s what I had seen before, but I’ll change that right now.

Hey guys. We hope you’re enjoying the event! After doing a little bit of research, we (the admin team, or just me in general) has learned something new. Since triggers are a big thing in the Supernatural world, I’ve noticed some of the triggers aren’t being blocked properly. This is because they’ve apparently been tagged incorrectly. So, for future use. If you have a trigger, make sure you tag it as such: trigger word tw


blood tw
abuse tw
nsfw tw

This should fix the problem where xKit/Tumblr Savior, other blacklist items you may use, aren’t picking up the triggered word.

One of the weirdest quirks of tumblr is that you can't block famous people.

I have blocked John Green and Tyler Oakley a hundred times yet I still get them recommended to me everyday.

Tumblr is like your mom who keeps forgetting what you hate. “Since I knew you were coming I bought a bunch of quinces because they’re your favorite … what do you mean you hate them… nope I’m sure you like them… well too bad these aren’t going to eat themselves…”


So this guy says replying to me is too easy, spends the whole post slandering me, calling me a child predator, and then blocks me.

If you didn’t need the dare last time, I dare you again @the-map-community-is-dangerous. (Someone who isn’t blocked @ him this please.) Come back here and prove I am a predator.

-POCD- I can’t speak for the whole community, no, I can say confidently my closest friends in no way manipulate POCD sufferers either though. And reaching o0ut a single time to see if they want to talk is not a problem. So long as if they say “No, get lost” you don’t keep bugging them.

I have also seen MAPs or POCD sufferers be very confused and unsure how to identify, that is a symptom of POCD. The whole deal with POCD is they are scared they might be a pedophile and obsessive thoughts keep coming back making them think they are. Don’t attack these people, they need help not hate.

-LGBTQ- Again, I can’t speak for all of us, I have stated my views on the matter, that distinction is important to me. If some LGBTQ folks want us in the community too that’s their business, I will never identify with that community purely due to my pedophilia though.

-Therapy- that depends on the local laws. Risk of harm to a child is enough in many places. And if you were a therapist, and you assume all pedophiles are dangerous, you would instantly decide to report even though no crime has been committed and there is no intent to commit crime. Therapists can be antis like you too, or have totally brought in to the hysteria and conflation with child abuser. Those therapists would report a non-offender with every intent to not offend in a heartbeat.

I don’t need therapy to not offend, that’s why. If I did I would take the risk of therapy, but I don’t need to so I won’t go there.;

-FBI- The FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction everywhere you know, they also have bigger fish to fry, like actual criminals who hurt kids, I hate to think how much time they waste chasing up pointless reports of non-offenders. Even tumblr is acknowledging we are not dangerous just from being here by not removing us, I’m sure we all get reported a lot.

-Americanslyveon- is not actually scared of you. I think he’s made that quite clear. You only scare off the kids looking for help and those on the edge of suicide anyway.

-Libelous child predator claim- Prove it.

-Site with minors- and? I’m not using this site to groom children.

-Difference between adult and child rape- That is true, children are easy to convince and manipulate. That was not my point.

My point is that adult-attracted people are not assumed to be constantly looking for sex, and willing to hurt people to get it. Why are pedophiles assumed to have such a one-dimensional motivation?

I’m attracted to adult women as well as kids, and my attraction works in just the same way. Butterflies when I see an attractive person, a draw to be near them and get to know them, feelings of love and respect, enjoying things as simple as talking to them just because they are them. I could go on, you know what attraction feels like.

If I get attracted to an unavailable/married woman, I ensure I am never being flirty with them or anything else inappropriate, the same applies to kids except its 1000X more important and they are more unavailable than any adult will ever be. I recognize that, I recognize it would be rape and an abuse of power, and as with when I thought I was only attracted to women and I knew unquestionably I was not a rapist, I know as a pedophile I am still not a rapist.

Ability =/= intent, if it did all Americans would have shot each other with their guns that they can shoot each other with, or nuked everyone with the nukes they can technically fire. I recognize the vulnerability of children, and instead of seeing that as an invitation, I see that they are in need of protection and so, I will always protect them.

-Being driven into raping kids simply by being around them - Prove it. Do you get so worked up by celibacy that you loose control and rape, or wish you were able to, people you spend time with and are attracted to?
Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a partner, in which case would you expect your single friends to do that?

The reason I know I am safe with kids is because I always have been, never have I considered raping a child. The community does not stop me offending, there’s plenty of reasons but it mostly boils down to: I love kids and do not wish to harm them, so I choose not to harm them. It’s barely even a choice, it’s automatic for me, why would I ever want to hurt someone I care about?

I said something similar in my last post, good to see you were paying attention to ensure you refuted all my points, because you somehow missed perhaps the most important one.

-Fanmail - I get fanmail from random allies too, there was even a guy that self-identified as an anti, but was logical about the situation and realized that non-offending anti-C pedos are not a threat.

It’s 2k17, stop the love all members shit. Some of these members are very racist, colorist, or homophobic, and you can still be a fan without liking these members. Not liking one of the members for their problematic behavior does not make you any less of a fan.