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Some 2nd generation K-pop groups’ achievements, just in case anyone didn’t know or forgot~

These are just some achievements! There are way many more achievements made by these groups and this list doesn’t even mention the rest of the 2nd generation groups! Let’s not disregard all their hard work and impact on K-pop! 

i watched the dragon maid anime for a laugh and spoiler alert i loved it and it broke almost all my expectations

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It’s 2k17, stop the love all members shit. Some of these members are very racist, colorist, or homophobic, and you can still be a fan without liking these members. Not liking one of the members for their problematic behavior does not make you any less of a fan.

i don’t understand what’s so hard for these idols to see. it’s literally free to not be an offensive piece of shit towards your fan base. it costs $0 to not do blackface, to not say nigga/nigger, to not appropriate black culture, literally at no cost to you. black people make up a majority of international fans, and how do you think it makes them feel? how do you think it makes them feel to log onto their tumblrs, their twitters, their instagrams and happily check their social medias…. only to see their culture being mocked. to see their favorite singer wear blackface, which is known to be an offensive exaggeration of black features. to see them wear dreadlocks, which have a special set of meanings to black culture, just as a fashion accessory, essentially saying they don’t care about the meaning for it. to see them blatantly copy black culture and use nigga as a term of endearment to their friends, when it was a known slur for black people who were slaves by their white owners, and is a slur only black people can reclaim. and then, to think it wouldn’t be worse, they have other black fans, who side with the offenders. who say it’s okay for their culture to be mocked with blackface, that it’s cute when their oppa/unnie says nigga because they’re ‘embracing the culture’ when in reality all they’re doing is messing it up. black fans have to fight to educate their idols, and their fellow fans. to show they can pay homage and embrace black culture without being offensive. to show they can cosplay black characters without doing blackface, that they can use a thousand other words than nigga to refer to a friend. there’s no excuse to their offensive nature anymore. the word nigga is a global slur. everyone knows it. if a barely english speaking idol can blank out the word in a song and refuse to say it, so can your idol. blackface is one of the oldest mocking characterizations of black peoples that dehumanizes them into nothing more than their features. cultural appropriation is definitely known because those same idols and fans are screaming not to wear traditional korean items and things used in korean culture, but are silent when thousands of blacks are watching their culture being appropriated in daily performances, music videos and survival shows. and the fans that are defending their idols instead of calling them out are the ones claiming there’s more important things in the world to worry about than their idol being offensive. their idol being offensive causes self hate, causes insecurity within their beings. not to mention you can focus on many problem areas in the world at the time. being a black fan means you have to constantly deal with your culture being mocked and copied day in and day out, all the while hearing your idol falsely state they love you and all of their fans. that isn’t love, that’s exploitation and insensitivity. the fact that your idol can’t afford the hefty price of $0 for not being a headass boo boo the fool with their tomfoolery shows how much they’re willing to do for your love and respect.