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(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)

“Sharp Grin, Purple spiked dildo, black spiked skin and and sweet red blood slipping from his hips by knife cuts… Why this combination is so good on you?…”

(how close a friend they consider them)

“You helped me pranking angelcakes, so i’ll help him prank sophie, we can be pals heh…”

(wanting to have sex with them)

“A sadomasoquist slut for pain, who wouldn’t want to bang you out again and again?…~”

(hoping for a romantic relationship)

“Woudn’t mind take a drink or two with you….”

💔 Non-existent
💗 Very low
💗💗 A little
💗💗💗 Hopeful
💗💗💗💗 High
💗💗💗💗💗 Maximum


Some 2nd generation K-pop groups’ achievements, just in case anyone didn’t know or forgot~

These are just some achievements! There are way many more achievements made by these groups and this list doesn’t even mention the rest of the 2nd generation groups! Let’s not disregard all their hard work and impact on K-pop! 

i watched the dragon maid anime for a laugh and spoiler alert i loved it and it broke almost all my expectations

its also super fuckin gay

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Can’t all the senior groups which disbanded just join Highlight’s agency and together, they could bring back the 2nd golden glorious era back ? Imagine an agency with Big Bang, 2NE1, Brow Eyed Girls, SNSD, Super Junior, Mblaq, f(x), miss A, Infinite, Teen Top, Highlight, Wonder Girls, Sistar, Shinee, T-ara, 4Minute etc… Legends with legends only. Together, they rule again over K-Pop. They won’t be treated badly anymore by their shitty companies. JUST FUCKING DO IT !

170526 SKT Bang’s Tweet

방탄소년단이 우리를 알아..
( 이미 죽은자의 트윗 )
1996.05.18 ~ 2017.5.26
배준식 여기에 드러눕다.

BTS knows us*..
( Dead person’s tweet )
1996.05.18 ~ 2017.5.26
Bae Junsik lies here.
[T/N: SKT Bang is one of the players on SKT T1, a professional South Korean gaming team. They have teams for League of Legends and Starcraft.]
*T/N: He is referring to BTS mentioning SKT T1 in their recent interview with Yahoo Esports.

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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Meanwhile, over in the Inn during the Beach Scene
  • Aedion: what was the weather supposed to be again for tonight?
  • Dorian: calm and clear...why?
  • Lysandra: *evil grin*
  • Aedion: well, if I haven't accidentally gotten drunk and started hallucinating, there appears to be a miniature fire hurricane going down over on the beach where... *face turns pale*
  • Dorian: well then
  • Lysandra: *giggles*
  • Aedion: *bangs head on nearest wall*
  • Dorian: just don't let them know we saw. We have to remain inconspicuous
  • Lysandra: I agree, so Aedion, you have to unsee EVERYTHING
  • Aedion: *still banging head against wall* CAN'T! *bang* my eyes *bang* MY EYES!! *bang* this is worse than the nightgown incident
  • Lysandra: *grins even wider*
  • Dorian: I didn't hear about this! Lysandra. Spill.
  • Aedion: Why me? Why me?!?!