t bag'

You’ve got cherry gum stuck in your
Dark curly hair
Fluorescent lights create the illusion of a halo
I want to kiss you until you’re warm
I want to love you til I’m clean
I washed your heart in the bathroom sink
The feeling of your jeans
Their grass stained knees
Your cheap vodka breath
God I’m repeating myself

I called you crying at 3:00 am last night
You said
“baby, you’re kidding yourself”
And you’ll drive me home tonight
And pretend you can’t see
The bags under my eyes
Or the glass I have for teeth
Your name is Kathrine
But you’ve always been Kat to me
Yeah you’ve always been Kat to me

So drive me home
I just can’t see
The stop signs anymore
The red lights fade away
Oh the red lights faded away
I want to kiss you til you’re warm
I want to love you til I feel clean
But the water is always too cold to swim
You’re all washed down the drain
Of the bathroom sink
And honey
I’ve got glass for teeth

I moved here from the mountains
I met you behind the gas station
Where the bad kids come to hang
I saw the reflection of the flame in your eyes
When you lit your cigarette
When you opened your mouth to smile
And ash came pouring out
You said “i think I’ve seen you around. wanna sleep on my couch”

You’ve got that crooked smile
And lipstick on your tongue
And black eyes full of tap water
You know you’ve always been the one
Drive me home a thousand times
Tell me you wish I’d bite more
I’ll keep staring out the window
Wishing that some day we’ll learn
How to say what we mean

—  Band aids for broken mirrors

bloo-the-dragon  asked:

Sassy little sass bag ain't cha sweets? Question: If somehow Ctk DID find a way to cure himself from... you i guess? How would you feel about it?

* Ahhhhhhh dunno~ Probably because its never happened before….Plus, curses don’t feel….

Blood of the Covenant - 02

Grouping: Vampire!Reader x Jungkook

Word Count: 3.7k

Summary: You’re an unregistered vampire trying your hardest to save up enough to go to school by working long hours and giving up meals. Unfortunately, the local university refuses to enroll starving vampires like yourself because they’re seen as threats. Desperate to get in, you take up Jeon Jungkook’s shady offer to help.

part 1

Time seemed to stand still as you pulled from Jungkook. All the talk you’d heard saying drinking from a blood bag didn’t compare to feeding from a partner was true. With a blood bag, there was no relaxing rhythm of a heartbeat or of quiet, slow breaths. No heat or sweet human scent. No warm body to lean on while you felt yourself regaining strength. It was an incredibly familiar process, especially since having a partnership meant you knew exactly how much you could take from your donor.

Unfortunately, you didn’t know when to stop with Jungkook. When you finally retracted your fangs and released your hold on the swell of his shoulder, he wobbled a little from the blood loss. A clear sign you drank too much. You went back in to lick at the wounds and jump-start the healing process in his skin like they taught you in school. He shuddered once more and you tried to ignore how close you were to him. You both blinked tiredly, already halfway to falling asleep.

“So, I guess you’re wondering why I came here,” you finally croaked out. 

He nodded his head slowly, only partially listening. He was entranced by the way your eyes seemed to darken visibly as his blood worked its way through your system. He felt a strange surge of pride as well as an ugly undercurrent of something else he refused to name as he thought about how part of him was mingling with parts of you as you spoke.

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