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Girl Groups (Debuted 2012 or Earlier) You Must Listen To

I decided to make this list because I feel like some newer KPOP fans don’t really know where to start with some of the “older” girl groups and with the sad disbanding of some of these iconic groups, it’s important to keep supporting the ones that are still going strong! 

SNSD/Girls’ Generation




Brown Eyed Girls




After School


Wonder Girls

miss A

Girl’s Day


Dal Shabet




Obviously not every girl group is listed here and I know some groups better than others so please feel free to add any more songs/groups you would like to.

somewhat gay kpop music video masterlist

some of these videos may not seem gay to you but basically they’re up to interpretation and i myself believe they are gay to an extent so yeah click the songs to see the music videos also i can’t promise a portion of those songs are good but yeah enjoy!!

if i am forgetting any other music videos or if any of the links don’t work please tell me and i’ll add/fix them thank u so much


I’m not crying, you’re crying!!

Five fucking years they’ve waited for this moment. Five years of constant hate and slander all because of lies. Five. Fucking. Years. God bless you, T-ara, you deserve this moment. I only wish all six of you could’ve been there for it. You deserve every second of this moment, and you deserve so much more.