SISTAR’s untimely disbandment brings me one step closer to closing the “door” to K-pop forever. Once the Brown Eyed Girls, Girls’ Generation, After School, T-ara, f(x) and miss A are over as well, and I sincerely hope they won’t be for much much longer, I’m done too. I’ll still fully support all of them as individual artists for as long as I can, and so should you, though I can’t help but feel like all of them will once again be forgotten by most, as usual, at least until another group disbands when everyone will magically remember them again…

Let’s just try and make it so that every time a girl group is a trending topic it’s not because it disbanded from here on.!

I’m unpleasantly amazed by the ammount of people who do not actually know that both MBK and Boram said T-ara will, in fact, not disband and keep mentioning them along with the disbanded/soon-to-be disbanded groups.

Is it because they don’t trust Boram or is it because people have truly abandoned T-ara and therefore do not know that Boram said they’ll stick together after all of their contracts have expired..?

To be honest, I’m lowkey uncertain myself because I was way beyond sure that the Wonder Girls and SISTAR were “safe” yet here we are… Gyuri and Youngji insist that KARA has not disbanded either but it feels more like wishful thinking than anything else… For now I’ll keep my faith in Boram, but I can’t help but worry myself.

Kpop non-title song you should listen
  • Ladies Code: Jane Doe
  • CLC: Liar
  • Kim Jaejoong: Run Away
  • Taemin: Sexuality
  • Hyuna: Get Out of My House
  • Exo: My Lady
  • BTS: House of Cards
  • Day6: It Would Have Been
  • Trouble Maker: Turn Up The Volume
  • Suzy: Les Preferences
  • Hyomin: Road Trip
  • Gu Hara ft Kim Matthew (Kard): La la la
  • Dreamcatcher: Emotion