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Hey guys!! Hope you’re all well and up to amazing things! I haven’t uploaded anything in forever so I figured I might as well show you what I’m working on at the moment! This will take me forever to finish but I like how it’s turning out so far! :)

Dear not so confident me,

It feels like nothing will go right, doesn’t it? Our bills are a mess, we are panicking over the fact that our relationship is in danger, classes are almost done and even though we know that we know our stuff, we’re still thinking there is a possibility that we won’t measure up. We are worried about so many things, dear self. It’s not hard to see why we feel like we’re one wrong move away from losing it all. 

Remember that we aren’t the only ones who have ever had money problems. We went through 6 months of unemployment and it isn’t going to be easy to come back from it. It’s important to be patient, make a plan and stick to it. What is messing us up is that we keep changing the plan last minute. The most important thing is that we are making it work. For now, that is enough.

We did a terrible thing to him. He’s hurting and he has every right to be mad in moments like this. We need to try to stay understanding and not get too upset. Remember what is important. We love him, and he loves us. He wants this to work, he just needs time to process what has happened.

We struggled for our entire teenage life to find something we love to do and know better than the rest. We worried over the fact that there were things we could do decently, but not something that we could live. And then we made the decision to switch specialties. We think about this from the time we wake up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep at night. We lie in bed thinking about it when we can’t sleep, we go out of our way to learn more during our free time. We literally do this in our sleep. And we are good. Everyone who has seen us do this knows how amazing we are. It’s scary to think about making theory and practice a reality in a few short weeks. But we can do it! 

We are a creature of habit. We like things a certain way each and every day. And we get uncomfortable when a change threatens our routine. We have tested this many times and each time there is a significant change, we hate it at first. We wish for the old routine, we try like hell to get it back and even sabotage ourself a bit while attempting to set things right again. But this is going to be a good change! Sure, it’ll take some adjustment, some time to get used to it. But now we can finally start putting past mistakes in the past and move forward. We get an opportunity to do something we love and be extraordinary. It’s okay to be excited and frightened. Let’s ride that high.

We can do this. We will mess up, we will struggle, and we will fall.We’ll feel lost and desperate and wish we can go back to a time when everything seemed simple in comparison. But we need to remember that at that time, we were feeling the same way. Wishing for the past only makes things harder. So let’s close our eyes, take a few deep breaths, and remember why we’re doing this.

-still a little lost, but not quite as hopeless

Tessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIR Practice SC 20161027pm (only part - Dailymotion動画
Dailymotionで Tessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIR Practice SC 20161027pm (only part から送信された動画 «diodio0013» を視聴する。

The ending part of the FD.

Damn there’s some moments