t a p i o c a

The evolution of a fart blob

an accurate show off of every single one of ekubo’s forms.

starting off with the LOL Cult Leader

to Ekuswole

to weakish fart blob

to a weaker ekuswole

to death for a couple episodes.

to possessing spoon kid

to security guard

to being captured by the candy man

to being back to a slightly stronger fart blob

to possessing whats his face

to being the fart blob again

..then to possessing our good boy


then to possessing muscle man

then back to our lovable fart blob.

then to a… stronger fart blob.

then to sort of being a piece of sentient broccoli

then to the ULTIMATE ekuswole

and then…. to the sweet release of a second death being at the bottom of the ocean where he’s still very alive and not dead

he sure has lived some afterlife


mum and dad,

it was never your decision to make. i shouldn’t have let you make that decision. i think about it everyday. about how different life would be if i had just stood up for myself and told you both the truth.

how could you be so foolish? how could you possibly believe that the reason i told you why i was crying so hard that i couldn’t breathe that night was the truth? did you believe me or did you just not care enough to ask for the real reason?

i am not ok. and although i love and respect you both with every thing i have, i also hope that you regret what you did for the rest of your lives. because the decision you made that night made me miserable for the next three years.

i am not the perfect daughter you want me to be. i am fucked up. and that is because of you two. you could have easily prevented all of this if you had just asked me what i wanted instead of wondering what was best for yourselves.

what you did that night was selfish, idiotic, evil and cruel. it showed me that you care more about my grades than my mental health.

but that straigh A report card will mean nothing when i’m dead.

yours sincerely,
your very suicidal daughter. x

i find it really funny how people continuously say that racism doesn’t exist , when there’s active youtube pages that do nothing but bash p.o.c , have over 20k subscribers , and have a comment section full of hate towards us. there’s active instagram pages that do nothing but drag w.o.c , with thousands upon thousands of followers. oh , and don’t forget about the hashtags on twitter that put us down every time we try to bring ourselves up.

but racism doesn’t exist right ?

y'all do know that we wouldn’t have to make hashtags like , #blackgirlmagic or #blackgirlsdoitbest , if things were equal.

why is it that so many p.o.c have dont so many amazing things , but have never been recognized for it. some have even broke records , but y'all know nothing about that.

just because you choose to overlook racism , doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. just because you’ve never experienced racism , doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. just because you haven’t witnessed racism , doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

and i know that racism doesn’t only apply to black people , but since im black , i can only speak on the tings ive experienced.