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Since I've grown to expect, well, *anything* from our lovely continent, what chances in air superiority would have some twenty Kfirs with allegedly updated engines and allegedly the latest available Israeli avionics against some twenty MK versions of the Sukhoi Su-30? Also how would fare T-72 tanks against the weapon loads available for super tucanos? <_<

The Kfir C10 is a good-enough fighter and excellent attack/interdiction jet, as proven during the Red Flag exercises of 2012, she’s not the sitting duck my fellow Colombians try to sell her for

But the Su-30MK2 is a monster, so really, she’s still at a disadvantage, but not in the level that we will lose all planes in the first 24 hours, and then Sukhois will bomb everything inside Colombia, including the navy, army vehicles, helicopters, and all the crap crybaby colombian keyboard warriors/ultra-nationalist venezuelan commie shits keep claiming

More Kfirs will be lost than Sukhois, but in a way that ensure the battle on the ground can still be fought, plus, it’s only 23 planes, no one has ever won a war with just 23 planes. 

As for the Super Tucano

Sure, she can do that, I mean, no tank survives getting hit by a 500lbs laser-guided bomb from the rooftop, but really, that’s not her role, and besides, Colombia already has an aircraft for the anti-tank role, regardless what the cunts from above say (Shogun23 you can go eat a million dicks you costeño wannabe anally-retentive Spaniard)

Meet the Arpía IV attack helicopter, a heavily modified UH-60L blackhawk by colombian personnel, capable of firing Spike NLOS missiles with a range of 25 kilometers! 

Military forums are fun, but keyboard warriors, PATRIOTIC keyboard warriors are just something else…


T-72 “Mahmia”

T-72 Mahmia (meaning “shielded” in Arabic) is an unofficial name for up-armored T-72s from the Syrian Civil War. These tanks are Syrian Arab Army (government forces) T-72s that have been fitted with improvised stand-off armor – mostly cages and chains – in order to protect the tanks from RPGs and missiles. They were first seen in combat in 2014 at Jobar, a suburb of Damascus, and have been seen commonly since. Various combat footage and photographs show that the upgrades are somewhat reliable against RPGs, but are often no match for the power modern ATGMs.

Sometimes you have to trade looking like a rolling bird cage for not dying in a catastrophic explosion caused by your tank’s shitty ammunition storage.


Iranian soldiers engage an Iraqi tank during the Iran-Iraq War.


I don’t have any financial security — I’m not rich and I don’t have any money, but I’ve got money coming to me over the years. Just to know that I’ve got the money to buy a house somewhere is enough — that’s all I ever wanted. In fact I’ve got a tape recorder, I could make my own bootlegs.” - Marc Bolan, seen here at the Château d'Hérouville, Paris, February 1972 for the taping of the French television show Château Bolan ‘72.