t 72


Main Battle Tank T-72M2 “Moderna”.

Modernization includes:
-Twin anti-aircraft cannon containers KAA-200 mounted outside on the side of the turret(2x20 mm), an improved version of the T-72M2 instead of two 20 mm cannons installed one with a caliber of 30 mm;
-New gun stabilizer with glioblastom;
-The commander’s panoramic sight;
The fire control system of the VEGA;
-Advanced sensors of the firing conditions;
-Communication system with fast frequency hopping and coding;
-The on-Board receiver warning systems laser irradiation;
-Computer control tower;
-Multiprocessor electronic control unit control tower;
German-gallon fire suppression system DEGURA;
-Engine management system DSM-16 with a computer mounted on the dashboard of the driver.


Iranian soldiers engage an Iraqi tank during the Iran-Iraq War.

F L A S H | G I V E A W A Y 

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Prompt Request #30 – Liam Dunbar

Requested by Anon

Liam Dunbar x Reader

5. “The saddest part is that you’re so much better than this and you don’t even realize it”
72. “Because I love you dammit!” 

”Y/N, What are you doing in here now again?” Liam exclaimed as he saw you all curled up into a ball in the janitors closet, it’s been the third time this week he found you there.

You tilted your head up to meet his eyes and now he could see that you’ve been crying. ”I-I got p-pushed again.” you stuttered and hid your face again due to the embarrassment.

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