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Sleep Deprived

Summary: You’re exhausted and really just need some sleep but Bucky is nothing but trouble.

Request/Prompt(s): -4,31,62,76,9 Preferably in that order?

4. “I’m too sober for this.”
31. “I haven’t slept in ages.”
62. “If you can’t sleep… we could have sex?
76. “Please put your penis away.”
9. “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, super mild smut I guess? maybe?

Word Count: 1910

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Exhaustion crept through every inch of your body, slowly dragging your thoughts into an irritable whirl. It had been a stressful few weeks, and coming off of a daunting double shift the only solace was the idea of a shower, bed, and cuddles. The idea of curling into Bucky’s warm body while you fell asleep was the only comfort to motivate your last few steps up to your apartment.

The second you turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open that comforting feeling shrank to nothing, replaced by a heavy tension. You set your things down as the excited shout of several voices assaulted your ears. The boys were over, judging by the late hour, they were also up to no good.

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I wonder what terrible beasties were awakened when Feyre combined the Book of Breathings

“You put the pieces together…and the blast of power will be felt in every corner and hole in the earth. You won’t just attract the King of Hybern. You’ll draw enemies far older and more wretched. Things that have long been asleep–and should remain so.” - Amren, Ch. 60

“I laid the second half of the Book on top of the other. A silent ripple of power hollowed out my ears, buckled my bones.” - Feyre, Ch. 62

Don’t 👏 Tell 👏 Me 👏 Nothing 👏 Was 👏 Awakened. 

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Aside from the 100,000 or so personnel that the Soviets kept in Afghanistan through most of the 1980s, they heavily subsidized the military of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, including this array of T-62s on parade in the early ‘80s.

(Collection of David Isby)

Gulf War, destroyed Iraqi T-62, buried in the sand in order to have a better chance against coalition forces, something that obviously didn’t work.

The problem with Iraqi armored doctrine was that it effectively regressed to that of the First World War during the war with Iran, as in, the tanks were used almost exclusively to support the infantry and break strong points in the front lines, as Iran, affected by an international arms embargo, pretty much ran out of tanks.

Another use for Iraqi tanks was as self-propelled artillery, which helped to worsen the doctrine, crew training and just plain wore down the barrels of the tanks, making them useless against other armor, something that made them sitting ducks for coalition tanks, specially at night as they had lost all capacity to fight in it.

Friday Four
  1. As done as I am with the content police, I am 666% more done with the resistance police. They’re everywhere, telling me how not to respond. Don’t protest! Don’t debate the facts! Don’t call them stupid! Don’t accept defectors back into the fold! Don’t ally with conservatives! YOU ARE FALLING INTO THEIR TRAP, these strategery masters say. But the conclusion of these lines of action is to sit quietly and do nothing and meekly hope it all goes away, waiting on the world to change. Fuck that, fuck him, and fuck you.
  2. It hit 66ºF here today, shattering a 137-year-old record by six degrees. It hasn’t snowed here in 62 days. The ten-day forecast doesn’t dip much below 40ºF. This is Chicago. In February. Everything is fine.
  3. I came within an old man’s stray ear hair of straight-up murdering a coworker today. It would have been brutal and merciless. He was berating his doctor’s receptionist on the phone for not writing a new prescription without him coming in. Just typing that out fills me with regret for not ending him.
  4. I was gonna do five but I’m going home.