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Please, stop.

“Hey! How are you going? I just have a quick question regarding [insert pets name here].”

“Long time no speak. My dog hasn’t eaten in 6 days and has had vomiting and diarrhoea for 5 of those days. What should I do?”

“Hey, just a quick one but I really want to let my cat have kittens just once so she can experience motherhood, is 8 months too young to let her mate?”,

Please, stop. 

Please, if you have a friend you rarely chat to, a friend of a friend of a friend or an extremely distant acquaintance who is a vet/student/nurse/tech etc, it is really not okay to ask for free advice. It is actually disrespectful.  

Most of us (including myself) are obliging and willing to help because that is the nature of our profession. Though I tell you, if you haven’t bothered to say hey prior to Mitten’s getting into a cat fight at 2am or if you haven’t cared to check in and see how life is going before Charlie started coughing 2 days ago, it is not okay to ask for that free advice.

You usually message us in the middle of a busy day or you message late at night when we are settling in, trying to unwind from a 15 hour hectic day of sick animals and devastated/angry clients. A Facebook message or text pops up from someone we haven’t spoken to in 5-10 years. I get it, you are desperate. Most want to know if they should take their pet to a vet or not. My honest answer is, if you are desperate enough to ask someone you rarely know or haven’t spoken to in a while if you should seek medical attention for your pet, then you more than likely need to. If you are unsure, it is best to call an emergency clinic and ask for advice.

Be mindful. Veterinary medicine already consumes our lives. It bombards us in all aspects of life. I will reply and help as much as I can without physically seeing your animal, but keep in mind that I am most likely replying to you when I am shoveling food into my mouth in the 2 minutes I have spare to eat during a shift or I am in the middle of spending some rare, free time with my loved ones. I will always advise to seek veterinary attention because if you are that concerned to message me, best bet is that your pet requires it.

All we ask is to please be mindful. 
things I'm getting annoyed with:

- people who keep saying “no hotch, no watch” as if the show doesn’t have 6 other cast members who helped made the show
- people who keep saying that Luke is “Derek’s replacement” AS IF you didn’t think the writers/crew aren’t going to being another fine guy as the new “tough guy”
- people who keep complaining at how writers are “ruining the show” these people have been on that case since season 5
- people who are complaining about luke/penelope bc it’s “replacing derek/penelope” FIRST OF ALL, no one REPLACES CHOCOLATE THUNDER OR BABY GIRL. but clearly, it has always been a BFF thing (sadly) and from what I see, Luke/Penelope can actually be a thing (PLEASE)
- people who keep complaining at how much the show has changed and it’s sucky now AS IF THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANY IMPROVEMENT FOR A TV SHOW THAT IS REMARKABLY AND STRONGLY STILL LASTING FOR 12 YEARS???


Run streak day 40: 3 miles.

This was a very surprisingly great run. It was one of those mornings that I really didn’t want to get out of bed, and didn’t until 6:30. I made a deal with myself that is just go run for 30 minutes, which was all of have time for due to an 8am client. At a had mile mile my body felt warmed up, dropped away all of the leg aches (I think the Aleve at 6a may have helped too), and I ran with an ease that I didn’t think likely for the next 2 and a half. I love days like this. I think we all do…. it’s the run we run for, where there’s no fight, no hard breath, just a relaxed glide through the morning light.

Interesting note: I’m not sleeping well, haven’t for the past couple of nights, but my best runs are almost always after a bad nights sleep.

anonymous asked:

hey daeva!!! i really like your blog. it would nice of you, if you shared the previews of the cgs of upcoming event in slbp. thank you :)

OMG sorry, I put this in the drafts because I wanted to put the previews together first so I don’t have 6 big pictures in the post, but I forgot about it!!

It’s a bit late now because the event started, but anyway…

Naked Date people because… because.

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I'm the same Anon who thought Wasp was getting cancelled. I just heard it somewhere on the Internet. They were saying that, since Nadia only sold 16,000 issues and the minimum to avoid cancellation is 20,000, TUW had her days counted.

That’s all speculation based exclusively on single issue print sales. I’m not saying it will last forever, but issue 4 isn’t even out, issue 6 just got solicited and I have the cover for issue 7 in my inbox.

So, if you’re worried about it being cancelled, please don’t mourn it before it’s cancelled, support the book if you can afford to or spread the word if you can’t.

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How did you make your icon? I use Gimp to edit photos, so if you don't, do you know anyone who has a tutorial for it?

I don’t normally use Gimp but I still made a little tutorial for you :)

It has a few pictures so I’ll put it under cut. Also, this is (probably) my first tutorial ever so feel free to message me if it’s too confusing :D

(I hope this is what you meant lol)

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I finally got to see a doctor and I have an infection which explains my pain, fatigue, and spotting. Fingers crossed my antibiotic clears everything up and my blood tests come back normal :)

I went to my therapist today as well and he was like “YOU’RE DOING AMAZING” and I cried lots. I haven’t binged for almost 6 months and my weight has been stable since the start of the year. Good news.

Prompts anyone?

1- “Just tell me you don’t love me anymore”

2- “Coffee or a milkshake?” “Yes”

3- “Am I too late?”

4- “I’ll see you later I guess”

5- “Seems a bit pointless, don’t ya think?”

6- “Where are you going?!”

7- ”You can’t eat all that”

8- “It’s much easier to humiliate someone than to admit you have feelings for them”

9- “I live in a world of fantasy”

10- “I’m here”

11- “Sorry doesn’t sweeten my tea”

12- “Once you’ve grown up, you can never come back”

13- “I need to say something, because if I don’t I’ll go crazy and i can’t do that”

14- “It’s lie, we’re too old to trick or treat but we’re too young to die”

11.5 things tag

(as not to confuse with the other 11 things tag)

tagged by @stitch-studies 

1. ideal environment for productivity?

the elite-ass starbucks near my school; so many people working hard in that place (-:

2. favorite fruit?


3. things you associate yourself with (aesthetics wise)?

coffee, orchestra, skinny jeans, smiles, oversized hoodies and sweaters

4. favorite song/artist/genre?

i rly like classical music (yooo tchaikovsky) but im also recently getting into k-indie. but besides that i like alt rock (paramore!!!)

5. favorite cartoon character (e.g. stitch, gudetama, snoopy, etc.)?

i don’t watch cartoons so i don’t really know

6. favorite stationery brand?

probably muji!

7. tips for getting through classes w/incompetent teachers?

just follow the teacher’s rules, knowing that u can’t let their ugly mindset stick with you. you’re only doing this for the grade and to pass the class; don’t let it affect you like other classes

8. favorite dessert?

omg..cake…and brownies…and pies…and i love all sweets

9. book/movie recs?


10. opinions on hogwarts house stereotypes?

i’m not a harry potter fan so idk lol

11. biggest dreams/aspirations?

be an educated, open-minded, thoughtful, and kind adult + mother!!! life goals!! (also get my doctorate)

tagging…whoever the hell wants to do this; i’m rly sorry but i have a lot of asks + ask games to answer. just say i tagged you!

It’s OK to Say “No” …

1. If you don’t want to do it …

2. If you don’t like the people …

3. If you’d rather relax …

4. If you’re already overscheduled…

5. If you don’t have the time …

6. If it doesn’t fit your values …

7. If you feel forced to say “yes” …