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you know not having enough money was always a big problem in glee and i’m just thinking out loud here but maybe if they didn’t spend $500 on every minor in-classroom performance complete with costumes and props… they would’ve had money.

170208 Seokjin’s Tweet

오해가 있는데요. 저는 500원으로 20판 까지 갔고 산들이는 2500원으로 20판 까지 갔어요

There seems to be a misunderstanding. I went up to 20 rounds on 500 won and Sandeul went up to 20 rounds on 2,500 won.
*T/N: Won is Korean currency. 500 won is roughly $0.44 USD and and 2500 won is roughly $2.18 USD. Seokjin is basically bragging that he lasted longer without dying/losing in the game compared to Sandeul (you pay everytime you lose in a game to replay).

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OMG - can’t believe I hit 500 (511 now!).  You guys are all so great.  I can’t tell you enough how much your comments mean to me.  My goal is to build/decorate houses that people would really want to live in - I think I accomplish that sometimes!

Soooo - 500 follower gift is my Modern Industrial house.

Most cc is included, but you will need to download Peacemakers Lennox Kitchen and Shaker Kitchen here: http://peacemaker-ic.tumblr.com/tagged/TS4-Custom-Objects 

Beautiful CC by: @daer0n @leo-sims @michelleabstuff @13pumpkin31 @sympxls @mxims @pralinesims @dreamteamsims @bluehoppersimming and more. Amazing windows and doors by @minc7878

Download here:  http://simfileshare.net/folder/11992/

(what’s up 2017 I haven’t drawn comics in 500 years but I still can’t stop drawing the Wonder Twins r.i.p. me)

This is basically a scene from “I’m Your Savior” (with some little changes) by the brilliant @queenofthecommunistcannibals. (Wolfies go and read it, it is A.MA.ZING :D It’s also the origin story of the cyberarm.)

My thoughts on Riverdale so far...

I don’t watch CW shows anymore because they’re all shit (usually after S3) but I was a HUGE Archie comic fan so here goes - Ep 1-7 

- Veronica is a boring. Literally no depth. Or maybe there is. It’s just not interesting enough. Bathroom breaks. 

- Archie and his Troy Bolton story line can go kiss my ass 

- All my RL friends hate who they chose to play Archie (KJ) but I don’t think he’s so bad. The only funny thing is the difference in him and Jughead’s voice….LMAO Cole is a man with a deep voice while KJ is a more realistic 16 year old (he’s only 19 so that’s understandable).

- Jughead is cool and emo. Doesn’t eat 500 burgers in one sitting like the comics but I appreciate that the writers are trying to do something different. 

- LOVE Betty. And the actress who plays her is AMAZING….and she’s only 20??!!!

- Kevin is great but I already sense that he’ll be reduced to a side gay character thats just there. I miss him and Betty’s interactions :( 

- Beronica will never happen. They’re just playing y’all 

- Jughead was asexual in one out of the THOUSANDS of Archie comics. Get over it. He’s straight in the series just like he was straight in 99% of the comics.

- Cheryl is amazing. Truly an iconic queen. They picked the perfect actress. 

- Josie and the pussy cats is spot on. All that sass. Plus they have AMAZING voices. Not the same as the comics….but better! 

- Why are the parents so mean to each other’s kids. You’ve literally known them since they were BABIES 

- Ngl I love Alice Cooper tho. So much fun to watch 

- I love Bughead and the reasoning behind it. If you re-watch the episodes you’ll see all the not-so-subtle hints of Jughead bing jealous- like when Betty had a date with that one ex-football player 

- I LOVE that the show is addressing all these issues like sexism and racism without being extra and actually incorporating it into the storyline. 

- Can’t wait for Archie’s band vs. Josie’s band in Battle of the bands 

- But most of all I can’t wait till Archie actually gets a storyline worth watching 

- Also interested and excited for the Jughead/Betty/Archie love triangle that the cast has teased. The actress who plays Betty (Lili) has great chemistry with both 

(This banner is shitty I Know but I have no access to photoshop rn so I literally made this in Paint) Hi friends! I just hit 500 followers ? Thank you all so much! I can’t believe I made 500 people press a button. wow. So yeah here’s a lil follow forever with my lovely mutuals, ily all!! My favourite blogs are bolded and my friends are italicized! <3

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We have yet another bird trapped in our store with 30 foot ceilings. We have literally no way to get it out because the company won't pay $500 for the local live trap company to trap it. It's gonna poop everywhere until it manages to get back out.

I know where I’m not shopping. D: Birds freak me out. I can handle bats, but not birds. That bird is going to starve to death and they’ll have a corpse to remove along with the poop. That’s just wrong. Wtf. -Abby