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Just a skincare PSA…..wearing multiple layers of different SPF does not heighten the UV protection.
Like, if you wear an SPF 30 sunblock and add an SPF 20 cream on top, you are still only protected by SPF 30. It doesn’t equal SPF 50.
If your moisturizer has SPF 15 and then you wear an SPF 40 sunblock, you do not have SPF 55 protection. You only have as much protection as the highest sunblock you applied. They do not add up to higher protection!
Make sure u know how much SPF you are wearing and if it is adequate to protect your skin!!! I ran into this misconception a lot when I worked in skincare.

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50, 56 and 40

40. favourite memory
Mmm. This is hard. I think the memories I treasure the most are the memories of those moments that made me realize things about myself, like my first kiss with a girl, the first time I wrote and realized that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, the day I found out the word “asexual”, etc. So yeah, I can’t pick one lol

50. favourite picture of your idol
Okay so I’m sure you guys are waiting for a Hoseok pic but first look at Oscar Wilde looking gorgeus <3

Now, my fave pic of Hoseok:

He has such a beautiful smile <333

56. favourite food(s)
I really like pastas, soups and every variation of potatoes lol


in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

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戸田文具店 by m-louis .®
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May 13, 2013 at 12:44, Tokyo 根津

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My college feels a little like Elsewhere U: it's in a town out in the middle of nowhere, the downtown area looks like it hasn't changed since the 50's but we have big box stores and chain restaurants, and my dorm is new but is right across from an old empty dorm that needs to be torn down because asbestos but can't because budget. Another dorm was actually torn down and the big empty field where it used to be feels like a liminal space. Also there's a castle. The math dept is in there.

‘the math dept is in there’ oh my god this makes it sound like you’ve lost them. like you stare out the hellscape of 50s empty townbuildings towards the looming castle and shake your heard. ‘it’s been three weeks. we haven’t heard anything. we’re losing hope’

Please Go See A Movie on Valentine's Day

Just don’t see 50 Shades Darker.

Go watch any other movie in theaters on that day. Show the production companies that audiences would rather have literally anything else.

Show them that we don’t want movies that glorify, romanticize, and normalize abuse.

See a movie on Valentine’s Day, just not the one that makes it look like it’s okay or even sexy to abuse women.