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avatar: the last airbender duuuuuhhhhh

the character i least understand: m@i, what goes through her mind when she goes behind her boyfriend’s back to pair with her father in order to assassinate said boyfriend and then proceeds to blame it all on him bc “it’s her father and she can’t turn against him !!@43″? we will never know

interactions i enjoyed the most: again, so many but i particularly love like every moment between sokka and katara, that scene where sokka is explaining to toph why she’s so motherly and also that scene where iroh forgives zuko bc tearjerker honestly. and my zutara heart wants the say the crystal catacombs scene

the character who scares me the most: azula for sure she could kill you without you even realising it was happening

the character who is mostly like me: i want to say katara, because i’m the feminist mum friend who everyone comes to for advice

hottest looks character: look this series is full of wonderfully attractive characters but my biased self has to say sokka (however zuko is probably the most aesthetically pleasing)

one thing i dislike about my fave character: does sokka really have any flaws? maybe how into meat he is or like he’s too sarcastic? but that’s his charm imo i literally have nothing

one thing i like about my hated character: m@i is amazingly skilled at blade throwing

a quote or scene that haunts me: that scene where katara has to use bloodbending to be able to defeat hama and hama’s like “well done, you’re a bloodbender” or something it just gives me the shivers

a death that left me indifferent: general zhao

a character i wish died but didn’t: ozai honestly can’t believe he was spared tbh

my ship that never sailed: *wiz khalifa plays* *points to the crowd* you know what it is lmao but zutara obviously, and i’ve always been a very big fan of tokka

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Yuri internally *Yes it was silly*

I wish you never Retire AKA “YES I AM FOREVER YOURS”

PERFECT!!! \(T^T)/

It’s 3:43 am, I stayed up to watch this and this was so so so worth it! My love for this show keeps growing more and more! I LOVE YURI!!! ON ICE 


In the testing report T-34-85 for
comparison dimensions of the towers with
76-mm and 85-mm guns. 1943
T-34 tanks with the tower on the pursuit of 1600 mm
with weapons of the 76-mm gun f-34M and
85-mm gun D-5T. Осень1943 G.
Tests of the T-34 with turret T-43
the pursuit of 1600 mm and 85-mm gun D-5T,
The T-43 serial in field
tests, summer 1943


Prompt Request #17 - Isaac Lahey

Requested by Anon

Isaac Lahey x Reader

12. “It looks good on you.” 
43. “Don’t touch her!”

”Y/N?” Lydia asked with a smug smirk. ”Is that Isaac jersey you’re wearing?” she pointed towards the jersey you were wearing and a shy smile appeared on your lips.

”Yeah, I slept over at his place yesterday and forgot a spare shirt.” you explained as Lydia nodded with impression. ”Ah, I see.”

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“Bomb, third floor,” says Nat, over the comms. “T-43 seconds.”

“Everybody out!” shouts Tony. 

Jarvis has finished calculating the best exit route when the comm crackles and Steve’s voice comes in clipped. “Need Evac,” is all he says, but Tony’s already changed directions, knowing from his ID that they’re on the same floor and it’s just a simple hop skip and a jump to pick up Cap and fly them both to safety–

Only Cap isn’t there. Or–

Well. He’s there, but he’s not Cap. 

There’s not really time to sweat the details, Steve shouts at him to go, now, and Tony listens because they’ve got fifteen seconds to clear the blast radius or they’ll both be buried in the rubble. Tony would survive, probably, he’s got his suit ,but Steve–

Steve isn’t Cap anymore, so there’s no damn way that wouldn’t be fatal. 

Tony doesn’t say anything, just scoops Steve up in his arms and twists to hit the nearest window back first to shield the smaller man from as much debris as possible. He realizes halfway out the building that Steve’s still got his shield in both his hands, positioned over his face and chest, his legs tucked up as far as he can get them. He’s turned himself into a little ball, which would usually give Tony the giggles, he’s seen Steve do it before, but it was always so. It was silly before, because Steve was so damn big, how did he manage to ball up so tight to fit 90 percent of his big dumb mass behind his tiny shield, but now it’s the opposite. There’s so much shield and so little of him. 

What the hell happened?

The bomb goes off. They land, Tony setting Steve onto his feet before snapping his visor up to Stare at the skinny man. He’s shed his tactical gear from the waist up, his helmet too, probably too heavy and ill-fitting for his non-super soldier body. “What the hell–”

“Some kind of beam,” says Steve. “Short range, didn’ get a good look at it. Happened maybe a minute before Nat found that bomb. Whatever it was–”

“Its probably gone now,” finishes Tony, turning to look back at the remains of the base behind them. Another small explosion bursts like a soap bubble, a little destructive punctuation. “Shhhhit.”

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Hey baby! Can you do #43 with matsuhanaiwaoi? *blows kisses*

A/N: *blows kisses back* Hey, sweet cheeks. Of course I can, I hope you enjoy this, dear Love yoouu ♥

Also! Thanks to precious Ginny (@otomiya-tickles), for helping me out with the plot! Love you♥

#43 “Shouldn’t we be helping?” MatsuHanaIwaOi

Words: 1,480 (no proofreading because it’s 4:28 am kill me), under the cut because loooong

The muscles on Oikawa’s back extending and contracting were capable to send anyone on their knees, that’s why he has forbidden to be shirtless around the gym at college, his team doesn’t want a bunch of fangirls screaming and dying seeing the captain like that.

However, that is at school, in home, with his three boyfriends around and a heater for winter weather, he can be shirtless as much as he wants, and of course, noone would say nothing against it.

Shouldn’t we be helping?”, Hanamaki asked, regardless of the slight worried tone on his voice, he put on his mouth a handful of popcorns, his hungry eyes running down the curve on Oikawa’s waist to the crescents of his hipbones, where his sweatpants hang obscenely low.

“Yes you should! Why am I the only one doing this?”, he looked back at the three men sitting in the couch, Hanamaki, who was in the center, holding a bowl of popcorns on his lap as the three of them keep moving their mouth, munching and swallowing. “Why are you there just eating while I’m doing this?!”

His arms were up, taking off the star from the top of the Christmas tree. The holidays were over and it was time to take everything back to the small storage unit of their apartment, until the next December. Matsukawa was, in fact, the one who interrumpted the warm and cozy cuddle session Oikawa was having with Iwaizumi to tell them that the Christmasity was gone and they need to take it down, as if it were some kind of enemy

And now… Oikawa was the only one working on it.

“We’re enjoying the show”, Matsukawa said in his sleepy voice, making Oikawa look up at him while his hands worked on wrap the cable around the star in a very messy form, making Iwaizumi cringe.

“What show?”, he arched an eyebrow and threw the star at Iwaizumi when the cable unwrapped itself.

“The Oikawa show~”, Hanamaki answered, wiggling his eyebrows. “You, all shirtless and hot, undressing that Christmas tr- ow”, Matsukawa and Iwaizumi laughed when Oikawa threw a red sphere hitting Hanamaki’s forehead.

“Stop saying stupid things and just help me”, he brushed his bangs back with a hand and pointed at Iwaizumi with the his other hand. “C'mere, Hajime. I need my cuddles”.

Iwaizumi rolled his eyes, but he got up, grabbing spheres and throwing them to Makki and Mattsun on the couch. “How old are you, four?”

Oikawa looked down at him, hitting him on the forehead with yet another sphere just like Hanamaki, but then he blushed insanely when it jumped back at his own forehead. Iwaizumi cackled, kissing away the pout on Oikawa’s lips when he stopped laughing.

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Evan is growing so quickly!  Into Cable.

[Deadpool #45, page 41]

So while Evan was hanging with Wade, he swiped some of Wade’s old gear and nearly robbed a bank … 

[Deadpool #45, page 42]

Some of Wade’s old gear …

Hold up. 

That doesn’t look like Wade’s stuff.

… just whose gear was that?

[Cable & Deadpool #1, page 20]

[Cable & Deadpool #4, page 13] 

[Cable & Deadpool #5, cover] 

Nate, you need to stop leaving your clothes at Wade’s place.

Impressionable young super heroes might wear them and no one needs a nineties fashion revival.

Admittedly, the clothes probably didn’t –

[Deadpool #45, page 43]

Natch.  Evan shrunk them with super powers.  Cool.  Everything is explained.

[Deadpool #45, page 43]

Evan is the sweetest of things.  Look at him being so badass.

Getting more like Nate every day.

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Now that you finished The Lady's Choice (which was amazing), do you have any other plans or upcoming games?

I do indeed have an new visual novel project :)

It’s called Touch of Fae, a fantasy/modern otome game, and you can find more about it here:

Original Tumblr Posthttp://seraphinitegames.tumblr.com/post/155695914371/on-moonlit-night-when-sky-is-bright-look-to-the

LSF Threadhttps://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=41994

Hope it catches your interest, I’m really excited about it! 

He Looks Through Your Phone and Find Tons of Pictures of Himself



*Gets all cocky* “I wonder who this sexy guy is.” He says laughing then giving you a cheesy grin with a wink.

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Well damn, I really was your favourite, wasn’t I.” He states, smirking at you. “I knew it!

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Awwwww” He yells, hugging you tightly. “You were so obsessed with me!

He starts typing on your phone for a few seconds, then hear a song start to play. As the song gets to the chorus, Chen stands up and starts singing and dancing along. “WHY YOU SO OBSESSED WITH ME?

https://youtu.be/ez5Ij9W_LSU?t=43s - Obsessed, Mariah Carey

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*Blushes like crazy when he sees, but doesn’t ever tell you that he knows about it, just to save you from embarrassment*

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As you two were eating ice cream together, he decided to bring it up. “So, according to your phone, I guess you could say that I was your bias.” He says, putting his spoon into his mouth, trying to hide his laughter.

You start blushing and shaking your head, which only makes him laugh more.

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*Talking to himself* 

I picked a good one. She knows who the best looking guy is. Good job.


*Is surprised at first but then gets cocky about it* 

Don’t get too cocky about it there..” You say as he raises his eyebrows at you and winks. “You think I’m super, extremely sexy.

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You liked me best, didn’t you?” He asks creepily smiling at you. You shake your head, but he keeps going. “Admit it, I was your bias.

You shake your head once again. “AGI, I KNOW I WAS! YOUR PHONE IS MY PROOF.


Ahhh Jagiya, you chose well.”

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*Is a bit embarrassed but flattered* “You sure do have a lot of pictures there..” He says a bit uncomfortably. “You really like me a lot!” He says, winking and gaining his confidence back.

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*Takes about 100 more and spams your phone with selfies*

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Xiumin was making fun of you all night for how many pictures of him there were on your phone. He mentions something again in front of Sehun, and as soon as Sehun sees your embarrassed face, he butts in.

Don’t worry, Xiumin has tons of pictures of you saved on his phone that he doesn’t want you to know about.

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Name/Nickname: Jordan. I don’t really have a nickname.

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Greeting: I don’t really have one lol. Just say hey or something simple.

Pets: None. Although I do want a cat when I get my own place and am financially stable.

Last song I listened to: Yuri x Seohyun - Secret

Favorite TV Shows: I haven’t watched TV in years and the last anime I enjoyed was based on a game I’ve played twice so I can’t really say I have one lol.

First Fandom: If we’re talking online fandom it was definitely Naruto.

Hobbies: Listening to music, writing, video games

Books I’m currently reading: I haven’t read in like 43 years. Last book I remember reading by choice was The God Box by Alex Sanchez in high school.

Worst thing to have graced my tastebuds: Wasabi seaweed, red beans

Favorite place: Somewhere cold and gray. That’s why Winter is my favorite season.

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