t 34 76


76‑mm self-propelled gun SU–76M 1943.
122‑mm self-propelled gun SU–122 mod. 1942

85‑mm self-propelled gun SU–85 mod. 1943
Medium tank T-34-76 mod. 1940
152‑mm self-propelled artillery ISU-152 OBR. 1943
Medium tank T–34–85 mod. 1944
Heavy tank is–2 OBR. 1943
100‑mm self-propelled gun SU–100 1944.
122‑mm self-propelled artillery installation ISU–122 OBR. 1944.

Parola Tank Museum Part 1

The largest AFV museum in Finland, the Parola Tank Museum has been open since 1961. Photos and captions by reddit user DualPaw.


Under the ISU’s mantlet.

KV-1 with add-on armor and cast turret (probably 90 mm).

Damage to the KV-1.

KV-1E (E for “ekrany” or “screens”).


T-34-76 model 1943.

BT-42 was a Finnish BT tank modification with a new turret housing a 113 mm British designed howitzer. It sucked.

T-26 model 1937. Don’t envy anyone who had to fight in this thing during the war.

The well-glued together cardboard armor of the T-26.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any pictures of old tanks from the inside?

Not a tank, but a German half-track

A StuG III self-propelled gun

The transmission of a Panther tank if I’m not mistaken

A neat illustration of the Panther medium tank

The interior of a T-34-76, according to the diagram itself. 

A scale model showing how a Marder III locks without the superstructure 

Germans using the gutted interior of a destroyed T-34 as cover, which kinda counts. 

And finally, the internal layout of a Turmstellung, a german bunker build around a tank turret, in this case that of a Panther tank.