t 33

FightClubChat—- 17:33

Magnus: T-Minus 3 days, boys

and then it’s cabin time. 

Mahdi: How long are we staying again? A week? fuck i haven’t even packed yet

Even: neither have we.

Jonas: you mean neither have you… packed for both of you ;)

Isak: excuse me?

what’s the supposed to mean?

Even: :)

Jonas: it means you are spoiled and blessed to have Even put up with you


Mahdi: should i bring swim trunks? And a bong? And weed?

Isak: SPOILED???

Magnus: and i can’t bring vilde?


Jonas: yes to all of Mahdi, no to all of Magnus.

Isak you are the most spoiled. but its okay we love you anyway

Even: ^^^

Isak: Even??!??!?!

Even: I went down on you for two hours last night. and then you made me go out and buy McDonald’s



Magnus: ayee

Isak: huh.

Iwaoi Fic Rec Compilation

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a somewhat-comprehensive list of 57 IwaOi fics that I’ve really enjoyed! This isn’t every fic I’ve loved of this pairing (since I’m disorganized and can’t find all of them), but hopefully these will kindle your love of the ship as much as they’ve fueled mine. (These are listed in alphabetical order within each rating.)

Note #1: Please check fic tags before reading as I cannot list them here.

Note #2: In general, other fics by the same authors not listed here are also recommended!

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Part 13 - Sex is About Chemistry.

it was 3 days ago on Wednesday. So usually if I saw someone that is my type on Grindr. I would favorite him first, and I’ll hit them up when I’m horny or feel like it. So there was this guy that I saw his profile. Age 33 , 178cm , 80kg. pale skin tone with an average body. Well for sure he doesn’t look like 33 in picture, of course picture could be deceiving but I don’t mind even if he’s older looking in person.

Me : Hey Free Tonight ? :)

CK : Late night can ? around 11pm

Me : Sure. Send me your address later on.

Well I was pretty desperate that night. Quickly took a shower and make sure water comes out clean. While on my way to Kuchai Lama, I gotten kind of emotional out of a sudden listening to Adele.. Well I told you I was ‘desperate’ so I reached his place at 11pm sharp. 

Me : I’m here.

CK : Sorry I’m not home yet. So sorry 

Me : Nah its okay. I’ll just hang around your area first.

Well I went to a cafe nearby his place and sat down and ordered coffee. With my black singlet and shorts sitting alone in the corner playing with my phone, replying some messages on Tumblr. Turns out there’s a guy who managed to figure out the person in Part 12 and there’s a guy who fucked with him too, the world is indeed small eh ? 

When the clock hits 12, he texted me saying that he’s home now and I can come now to unwrapped my present. With my car parked road side, walked into the apartment blindly searching for his block, took a lift up to 12th floor and : 

Me : Ding Dong (Pressed the bell) 

CK : Hey. Come on in. 

My first sight on him is that he looks exactly what I had describe earlier but slightly older in person which is totally fine with me. He was in his grey singlet decent body with biceps and a ‘dad bod’ but slightly buffer, with his short black hair and facial hair on his face. As I put my phone and wallet on the dining table he hugged me from behind feeling his facial hair across my neck. Embracing the hug from behind I turned around and kissed him gently on the lips as he didn’t stop for once but continue for more. I felt our dicks gotten hard immediately as we make out. (This is what I call chemistry) 

As we’re both pretty horny, he led me into his bedroom with yellow lights from the lamp. He slept on one of the side of them bed with his arms open wide (damn daddy !) and quickly dive into his embrace again hugging him tightly with my head rest on his chest cuddling. 

Fingers running across my hair while we started kissing, feeling the tender yet rough facial hair of his when we kisses, eagerly lifting up his shirt just enough to reveal his chest my hand unconsciously moving towards his nipple and started flicking it as he moans a little while our tongue is tied with our saliva. 

Detached my tongue from his, I went straight to his nipple licking furiously as he moans in excitement. From the left ones to the right. Hands moving downwards taking off his brown pair of boxer stroking his decent 7 inch cock it was wet as fuck. Gently stroking it as I say : 

Me : Can I suck it ? (a little foreplay wont hurt)

CK : yeah suck it good. (moaning)

Started off in a gentle and slow pace running in and out of my mouth making him want more with my tongue licking his head on the inside, while my hands moving upwards playing with his nipple. He was moaning like a slut, I guess I hit all of his sensitive spot at once and he felt great. I went up and kiss him after I blow him as we switch position he lick my neck with that tender yet rough facial hair I was so turn on. He went on doing things that I did earlier instead of sucking my dick he went for the lube and stretch my tight hole with his fingers I was moaning wanting his dick.

Me : Fuck me please (begging as I touches his face)

CK : fuck you’re so cute. 

Nodding my head as he took out a box of condom and wore it and adjusting our position as I slowly felt his big hard dick poking my hole in between my butt cheek as I moan :

Me : Yeah yes fuck ! (feeling his dick enters)

My precum was leaking everywhere as he fucks me slowly with hands touching my every part of my body. In between moving forward giving me kisses on the neck and lips while my hands gulping his muscle chest wishing I could lick it. Both of us moans loudly in that moment I guess we are really feeling it. I couldn’t help it, I had to stroke my cock as I told him :

Me : Fuck baby I’m close ! (stroking my own cock)

CK: fuck yeah (fucks me even faster and harder)

Me : Fuck Im cumming , I cumming !! (Moans and cum)

CK : play with my nipples. 

Obediently do as he a command, flicking his nipple as he fucks me even harder than before as he let out a huge load in he cum even I could feel it inside. 

CK : Ahhh (Moans)

As he gently remove it from my ass we let out a laugh. Because we both knew we enjoyed and it was a great session. Gave me a towel as I was taking a hot shower in his bathroom washing every inch of my body as he hug me from behind again but both of our cock’s are soft by now. 

Me : Sorry if I cum too fast just now haha..

CK : Nah its fine. I understand haha.

it was about 1:30am and I was just resting on his chest while we share our sexual experience, our best sex to worst sex, my first time and what kind of guys I like. On and off he would gently touches my face and smile at me, giving me kisses out of a sudden when we talk. As he woke up from lying down and move above me and we passionately kissed as he reaches for my nipples licking it along with his rough facial hair touches my skin really turns me on again. Magically our cocks are up again. Unhesitantly he asks :

CK : I wanna fuck you again. Can I ? 

Me : (Shyly nodded) 

CK : Ride me since you said it used to be your favorite position. 

Squeezing the lube on my fingers, stretch my not-so-tight hole as he laydown and I squat on him slowly feeling his dick enters. Careful adjusting my position from squat to my knees resting and riding him as he moans. I ride him for very long, placing my hands on his chest to borrow strength for my hips to move intensely to make him feel good, on and off he would raise his thighs and fuck me while his hands gulping my chest until he couldn’t hold it in anymore and he cum again in the condom.

And we clean up again. Talking and laughing about how I turned him on to fuck me two times in a row. We hugged and I left at 3am driving home with a smile on my face. 

happy reading. play safe everybady. xo

Spamano Recommendation List 

for @pizzasexual-southern-italy-rp

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Bottoms Up!: Romance & Humor, Rated M, 80 chapters

And Three Makes Five (Part 2 to Bottoms Up!): Romance & Family (gets a little angsty tho), Rated M, 100 chapters

Sun Kissed: Hurt/Comfort & Romance, Rated T, 8 chapters

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Presente Del Subjuntivo: Romance, Rated M, One-Shot

Drabble: Tough

“18, 30, 32, and 33 with derek. Thank you.”

18: “Who did this to you?”

30: “That-That’s your blood? Why the hell didn’t you say anything?!”

33: “Could you hold my hand?” 

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

Y/n placed her hand on her shoulder, warm blood dripping through the cracks between her fingers. She groaned in pain as she added pressure. When the bleeding stopped, or at least kind of, she wrapped a fresh bandage around it and put her leather jacket on. It was not even a shot, the bullet  just barely scraped her skin. It would heal, no time for worries. 

When she opened the door of their apartment, she felt the pain in her shoulder, but ignored it. She could handle some pain. “Y/n? Are you home?” Derek called from the other room. 

“Yes! Sorry it took me a little bit longer!” She placed her bag on the ground and tried to roll her shoulder. She failed and groaned. She walked to the living room, Derek sat on the couch. “Hello.” She smiled. 

“What- who- Who did this to you?” Derek was already besides her, touching a bruise on her jaw. 

“It’s nothing. Just a bruise. You know what I do.” She brushed it off. 

“Right. You are miss tough.” Derek sighted. “Why don’t you take off your jacket? I can give you a relaxing massage.” Derek suggested. The pain in Y/n’s shoulder told her not to. 

“Maybe another time. I’m pretty tired.” She flashed his a smile. “I think I’ll change real quick.” And she left. Derek knew something was wrong. She only acted like this when there was something wrong. So, he followed her. In the hallways she had already tossed her shirt out. He looked at the grey shirt, which was ripped and wet from fresh blood. He took her shirt and walked into the bathroom, not even bothering to knock. He saw her peeling of a bloody bandage. He held up the shirt. 

“That-that’s your blood? Why the hell didn’t you say anything?!” Derek exclaimed. Y/n rolled her eyes. 

“Can we have this talk later? Just help me with this.” She said. Derek moved to her, looking at her wound. 

“I think you need stitches.” 

“No I don’t.” 

“Yes. Let’s go to the hospital.” 

“I don’t need them! It’s fine!” Y/n called out. 

“Baby, that was not a question.” Derek said. With a sight, Y/n gave in. 

Now they were waiting on a crappy chair, Y/n in a bad mood. 

“Happy now?” She hissed. “We probably won’t be helped for another hour. I could be asleep right now.” Derek looked at her. 

“Quit whining and be patient.” Y/n grunted and looked away. 

When a doctor came, he looked at her shoulder. 

“You’ll need some stitches.” Derek gave her look and Y/n rolled her eyes. 

“Don’t you dare.”

The doctor readied an injection, and Y/n’s eyes went big. 

“Derek, could you hold my hand?” Derek laughed and shook his head. 

“So miss tough can’t handle a needle?” 

“Shut up. And never mind.” She glared at him. He took her hand but she pulled back. 

“Don’t you dare.” She gasped when she felt the sting. “Fine.” She took his hand and bit on her lip. 

“I will be ready in ten minutes.” The doctor smiled. Derek laughed. 

“If you ever bring this up, I’ll kill you.”