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Whiskey Haze by Piscaria

[3221w | Teen]

Stiles blinks drunkenly up at the ceiling, wondering who he knows who’s over 21 and a little bit shady.

Rec’d by a kind anon!

Note: This takes place during the aftermath of Gerard’s kidnap of Stiles and his loneliness in the distance that’s grown between him and Scott with Isaac’s presence. It’s beautifully written and the way Derek is there for him warmed my heart! (It’s pre-slash but there’s a second part written by someone else in the ‘inspired by’ section at the end that continues it! Make sure to check that one out too!)

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Sorry dude, but do you realize how gross it is to write porn of people without their consent? You're literally non consentually sexualizing them, and that's not cool at all. I'm into omo, fuck I have a pornblog and I consent to people doing NSFW art and stories for me. But if I didn't consent, seeing something like that would make me feel so gross and violated. Please. Stop. Think about the people you're hurting, not just your own selfish desires.

1. dan and phil have actually stated that they don’t mind fanfiction, they find it weird but they don’t mind

2. i completely respect their private life and any decisions they make, and i am not saying any of this as a statement or fact, it’s just for fun

3. again, it’s just for fun and entertainment, and if you don’t like it you don’t have to look at it :)

like honestly i can’t even keep up? i remember back in 2014 how ecstatic i was about dan and phil games starting because it meant we get at least one video a month,, like i want everyone who’s new to the phandom to think about that, there was a time when i would go to check youtube to see if there was a new video, and there just wouldn’t be, for like 2 whole months


Didn’t have much of a chance to art on the weekend but here are two I got to dabble with.
1) is humanformer firestar based off @inknose-art’s design (thank u for such lovely designs and I hope you don’t mind)
2) an Ultra Magnus / Verity sketch that is now lost ;-; I only have a screenshot of it. I accidentally killed the psd… it’s gooooone. Oh I’m so sad ;-;

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Stanley Kubrick died at 70 King George V died at 70 Johnny Appleseed died at 70 Donald Trump is 70 Here's hoping!

Oh yeah because it’ll be SO GREAT if we lose our whiny Oompa Loompa president. You know who gets the oval office then?


Pence is honestly one of the few things worse than Trump. At the very least, Trump respects the LGBT community, so they got that going for them. But Pence is worse than Trump because 1. He’s down for electrocuting the gay out of people (spoiler alert: it doesn’t work) and 2. Pence would actually know what he’s doing, making him more dangerous than Trump.

Like Trump doesn’t have a lot going for him, but he said if Caitlyn Jenner were to walk into Trump Tower, she could use whatever bathroom she wanted. I have friends that aren’t even cool with that. Trump at least has that.

I know it’s all just jokes, but I feel like I need to remind everyone that whether we like it or not, Trump has set it up so that we need him, otherwise we get someone worse.


S/O to @acourtofbooks for taking the time to make this for me:)

Arizona Coyotes

General Team + Logo

Dylan Strome

Buffalo Sabres

Rasmus Ristolainen

Jack Eichel

Ryan O’Reilly

Calgary Flames

Johnny Gaudreau + Sean Monahan

Johnny Gaudreau Pt 1  Pt 2

Matthew Tkachuk

Carolina Hurricanes

Jeff Skinner

Sebastian Aho

Jake Bean

General team + Logo

Chicago Blackhawks

Artemi Panarin

General team + Logo

Colorado Avalanche

Calvin Pickard


Columbus Blue Jackets

Zach Werenski

Dallas Stars

Kari Lehtonen

Tyler Seguin

Jamie Benn


Detroit Red Wings

Dylan Larkin

General Team + Logo

Edmonton Oilers

Connor McDavid

General Team

Florida Panthers

Gregg Mckegg

LA Kings

Alex Martinez

Jonathan Quick

General Team/Logo

Minnesota Wild

Mikael Granlund

General team


Montreal Canadiens

Carey Price Pt 1 Pt 2

Brendan Gallagher


Nashville Predators

PK Subban

New Jersey Devils

Adam Henrique

New York Rangers

General Team + Logo

Philadelphia Flyers

Wayne Simmonds

General Team

Carter Hart

Pittsburgh Penguins

Sid Crosby Pt 1  Pt 2  Pt 3

Olli Määttä

Bryan Rust

General team + Logo

General team

San Jose Sharks

Marc-Edouard Vlasic

Brent Burns

Logan Couture

Martin Jones Pt 1  Pt 2

Joe Pavelski + Patrick Marleau


St Louis Blue

Colton Parayko

Alex Pietrangelo

Tampa Bay Lighting

Nikita Kucherov

Ben Bishop

General team


Toronto Maple Leaves

Frederik Anderson

Joffrey Lupul

Auston Matthews Pt 1  Pt 2

Mitch Marner Pt 1   Pt 2

Auston Matthews + Mitch Marner Pt 1    Pt 2     Pt 3


Vancouver Canucks

Bo Horvat

General team

Washington Capitals

Tom Wilson

Michael Latta

Andre Burakovsky + team huddle

General team + Alex Ovechkin

General Team + logo

Winnipeg Jets


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170 cm is definitely not 5'5". It is closer to 5'7" and that is actually a pretty good estimate of how tall he really is if you're just looking at him like you did. In fact, a lot of fans who are about 5'8" or taller have said that he's shorter than they are and he stands on his toes all the time to appear taller. He isn't 2 inches shorter than Harry omg these people...

Thank you for explaining it like a good person would, instead of suggesting places where people can go water their brain to have it grow .
It’s not that hard to see and I’m not gonna lie about heights, mine or his, like…who bloody cares? Is that even a thing people would lie about?! And I missed the moment when being 1.70 something - 5.7 means unattractive. Harry is definitely not taller than 1.80, in case antis want to argue about that too.