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only-boy-group stans are so fucking annoying. ok. we know bts has more views and they may have charted last week and the week after that but that drag wasn’t even about those? we’re not even discrediting their achievements? the main point was that y’all always shit on twice (and any gg) and turn blind to their achievements to glorify bts. why can’t y’all just let us hype up a girl group without you coming in to tell us that what twice has is less than bts’

@stargirlhorse - “I can’t believe you chose me.”

“I can’t believe you chose me,” Jim murmured in your ear as he turned you around on the dance floor, his hand firm on your back leading you through the motions.

“Why not?” you asked, letting your nose touch the shell of his ear. “You’re an easy choice, Jim Kirk.”

“Far from it,” he chuckled. “I meant every word I said up there today.”

“I should hope so!” you said with a light laugh. “I won’t have you backing down on me now.”

“I won’t. I swear,” he kissed the side of your head, just behind your ear. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Jim,” you smiled into his skin, aware of other people joining you on the dance floor.

“What do we do now?” Jim asked, turning you around in a circle again.

“What we’ve always done, I guess,” you shrug, “protect our ship. Explore. But together. For real this time.”

“For real this time,” he repeated, tipping his head into yours, “Together for real this time.”

“Starfleet isn’t going to know what to do with two Kirks on their hands,” you grinned as he squeezed your body to his.