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Tbh I have no sympathy for people who do something shitty or have bigoted opinions and then pull out the ‘iiiim sooooooorrrrryyyyy omg I’m the worst person ever please forgive me I’m such a shitty human being’ because it’s so….performative and not an actual apology

Like, if you fuck up (and we all do sometimes! It’s human!) the right way to apologize is to own up to it, and say that you’re taking steps to not do it again

What calling yourself a piece of shit does is that it 1) fishes for pity, and 2) doesn’t actually show that you’re attempting to correct your mistakes. It’s straight-up emotional manipulation to try and make people feel bad for you after YOU did something wrong.

As someone who grew up with an abuser who would pull this shit CONSTANTLY, I’m tired of seeing it.

💚💙💜💛A little splash of colors 💛💜💙💚

That sweater in the AMSR video was just 👌👌👌 I’m Italian, I can tell ( please wear it again, Mr Lester)

Also, I made a speed painting video of this ^^ Cause some people asked me to do one! Here

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