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being gay and talking about being gay on the internet is fun and all but boy does it ache when i have to log off of here and go deal with the real world where i have the genuine constant threat of being kicked out and/or abused by my father if he finds out about my sexuality lmao

what gets me is that every time i mention i’m not a fan of country music i get bombarded with “oh but if you just have it a chance!” or “it’s more diverse than you think” or even “it’s not all about tractors it’s beautiful and meaningful” like ok sure do u think i didn’t actually try listening to it, didn’t let my friends play their picks in the car?? like no courtney i’m not a fan because it’s just not my thing go write a song with your guitar about it

I’ve decided to create a list of products (such as soap, shampoo, body wash, hand cream, etc) that will help make nonbinary and trans people feel more feminine/masculine. I’ve seen quite a few general lists but i wanted to put out a specific one. So if you know of any reletively cheap products or products that are more subtil send me an ask,dm me or submit! Please send the brand name and product name with any useful specifications. I will be constantly update this list so send them in whenever you can/find some.

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Buckynat is not happening delusional fan. Nat belongs to Bruce, now he can control his powers, even talk, they will be happy. Only he can make her happy.

fuck u right look how happy she is with him


i cant believe i ever thought of any alternative for her!!! that scene where he comforts her after she tells him about her violation in the red room!!! i love how he comfoted her and told her she wasnt a monster and did just stand there with all the presence of a dead fish!!!! their true beauty and the beast rip off love affair will be what stops thanos! brunkonusty 4ever :)))

💚💙💜💛A little splash of colors 💛💜💙💚

That sweater in the AMSR video was just 👌👌👌 I’m Italian, I can tell ( please wear it again, Mr Lester)

Also, I made a speed painting video of this ^^ Cause some people asked me to do one! Here

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