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do you miss jhope's forehead? cause i do :'(

I miss it so fucking much T^T lets cry together (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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[INFO] Samuel mentioned Youngmin in an interview

Samuel chose Im Youngmin and Woo Jinyoung as the trainees he felt most regret over being eliminated. "Youngmin hyung also showed a stable stage during ‘Open Up’, so it felt regrettable that he wasn’t in the debut group.“ 

translation credits: @woojinprk

dustin the troll aka josh norris’ lucky charm is how the 99 ntdp went from the shittiest team in the fuckin world to u18 world champs like thanks dustin i owe u my lief

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hi there! im recently new to your blog and i came here through my friend showing me it(aka ur blog) and i recently saw your post about u and ur cosplays. i swear im not here to tell u that u look bad or anythings i swearr. i just wanna ask a question in the most polite way possible. if a black person can cosplay as a white person, why cant a white person cosplay as a poc? i dont mean anything blackface orsomething just the person wearing their stuff and whatnot,im sorry if itsounds bad aaaaasry

I never said that a white person couldn’t cosplay a person of color. I think that anyone can cosplay who they like as long as it’s done in a /respectful/ manner (so yeah no blackface, yellowface, etc)