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💚💙💜💛A little splash of colors 💛💜💙💚

That sweater in the AMSR video was just 👌👌👌 I’m Italian, I can tell ( please wear it again, Mr Lester)

Also, I made a speed painting video of this ^^ Cause some people asked me to do one! Here

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cause of death:

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I commissioned her to draw the both of us together (that’s me on the left and Eden on the right) as if we were taking a selfie. We live so far away that it’s difficult to do that irl but ONE DAY!!!! ;_; ONE DAAAAAY. This photo’s gonna be my motivation to work hard, hustle and save up so I can meet my internet friends! ^O^

Anyways I’ve been squealing over this the whole damn day. It’s so pretty!!!! I’ll never be over it. Never.