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I know sometimes the word “lesbian” feels dirty and I know it can carry bad connotations for some people but being a lesbian isn’t dirty, the word lesbian isn’t dirty, it doesn’t mean anything gross and being a lesbian is good.

Lesbianism isn’t inherently NSFW, it’s not just “really good friendship,” and it isn’t predatory. Stereotypes don’t define being a lesbian, and being a lesbian isn’t bad. You haven’t done anything wrong, and this isn’t punishment.

Lesbian isn’t a bad word, identifying as a lesbian doesn’t make you bad, and being a lesbian is good. <3

I’m so happy that Rhett and Link are incorporating charity into wheel endings full time - and I’m extra happy that Link seemed pleased about that particular aspect of the new wheel, too.

It’s also great how there’s more opportunity for fan interaction and inter-fandom activity led by the show itself - it’s a great way to advertise the show using social media - have the fans take over tags or be doing something weird and interesting that might have someone go ‘what’s this all about?’

CONCLUSION I really like how Rhett, Link and the crew obviously think about how new changes will help GMM grow. I know there’s always doubts as to how invested Rhett and Link are in GMM after so many years, but to see them change things up and try new things is a sign that they still view GMM as a product worth improving.

some of my friends are finding out that my blog has like….a pretty large amount of followers and they’re asking if i can make them famous but they don’t seem to understand i only got here because i make posts about how much i cry over harry potter and his dead parents like

i really usually dont.. care if strangers irl call me white bc i know that im white passing and benefit from white privilege but im literally Not White.

it’s linked in my about and there’s NO excuse of “well i didn’t see it” because your about was linked in your bio too. white passing =/= white so you really can go choke on a handful of glass shards.