Shout out to those females who are proud of themselves. To the females who don’t fake themselves to impress a guy. To the females who are confident showing their freckles and stretchmarks. To the strong and confident women, here’s to us.
  • non-spanish speakers:hey do u understand what shakira is saying in this song?
  • me:to... to be honest... no one really does

i hate how you’re ready to help someone; listen to their problems and give them advice, give them company when they feel alone, laugh at their jokes even when it kinda sucks and when it’s your time to ask them favors all they say is that they’re “busy”. i hate it how i can’t break the cycle. 

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Toasting Salone del Mobile in Milan, With Friends and Fruit

T’s party celebrating Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last night included an interactive installation by the Italian food design studio Arabeschi di Latte.

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finished my intense week of tutoring with this one kid

don’t remember exactly what I posted before but the mum essentially gave me a full on interview beforehand asking me for my ‘approche pédagogique’ on the spot and the entire situation was unsettling and intimidating and I definitely got the impression she wasn’t convinced by me at all (she literally said to my face halfway through qu’elle n’était pas sure que j’étais “bien équipé” et qu’il faudrait peut-être chercher encore and I was like panicking trying to turn it around hahha)

anyway the week went really well, I’m happy with what I planned prepared and covered, and last night the mum was telling me how happy she and her kid are with what I (well, me and the other tutor too) have done and that she’d like to know if I’d be free end of Aug for some more last minute revision before school starts again

I feel like I’ve won her over and proven myself and had some sort of small yet incredible victory and honestly I’m very happy rn