Italian Expressions with “Fiore”
  • essere in fiore - to be abloom; to go through a period of prosperity or the most eccentric phase of a development
  • essere tutto rose e fiori - to be all sunshine and roses
  • la città del Fiore - Florence [the symbol of Florence is an iris and its Latin name is Florentia]
  • essere un fiore - to excel in beauty, virtue or quality
  • essere il fiore all’occhiello - to be somebody’s flagship or feather in one’s cap, to be someone’s reason of being proud
  • il fiore della vita - in one’s prime
  • il fiore degli anni - the flush of youth
  • a fior di conio - [said of coins] to be in a pristine state
  • a fior d’acqua - above the surface of the water
  • a fior di pelle - above the surface of one’s skin
  • a fior di labbra - barely visible on somebody’s lips, imperceptible on somebody’s lips
  • il fior fiore - the best part of something
  • il fiore della verginità - virginity
  • il fiore verginale - [same as above]
  • il primo fiore - incipient beard of young men
  • il fiore in fronte - irregular spots made of white hair on a horse’s forehead

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I've had in mind this fairytale, a bit gory, fic prompt for a while now...

The Holmes brothers are Redcaps, malign fays who lure travellers to their castle. Sherlock has the looks and a sinfully decadent voice; Mycroft an elegant, charming persona. They must soak regularly their “caps” (sherlock’s coat and mycroft’s umbrella) in blood, for if the blood dries out, they die. They enjoy the game, the thrill of it. But sherlock is bored out of his wits. Humans are stupid and so predictable.. Enter unwary john watson who got caught in a storm near the inviting castle. Quite the timing, because the coat has started to lose its crimson colour..

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I love stevebucky but im mostly a bucky fan and people thinking hes nothing w/o steve makes me so sad, bucky is a secondary character so we arent seeing his pov like w steve but we still know he had a family, even if you hc him as gay or aro or i dunno theres a lot of different hc, and see his gf as just friends he was still a popular guy, you dont have to be romantically interested in someone for them to matter to you, and bucky cares about people, pierce had to tell him he was doing the right

so bucky would kill for them, bucky cares so much about people and doing the right thing that even brainwashed and without memories hes still caring, he just met scott and sam and all of them and still wanted to know if they were gonna be fine, he and sam saved each other, he was a sargeant and had men under his charge and brothers in arms during ww2, he was a howling commando and cap’s right hand, steve was not the only person in his life, he was skilled and brave, he took the serum (a bastard version sure, but still) and didnt turn evil, he died trying to stop zola, bucky is a good person because bucky is a good person not because of steve, he had a whole life and people he cared about, and friends and family and a future before the train happened and he was robbed of it, erasing everything bucky had and his other relationships and the brave person he was is a disservice and you dont have to like him but saying he doesnt have anything outside cap is just ignoring canon

Anon, I think I love you.

Yep, a new episode is airing in Southeast Asia.

From Misseps:

Steven Universe S05E05 - Dewey Wins
HK Airdate: August 25th, 2017 at 5PM GMT+8
Synopsis: Steven helps Mayor Dewey run a difficult campaign.
NOTE: Listed as S05E05, but could be based off production codes.
NOTE 2: I have a stream (720x576p 1.2Mb/s + 64Kbps mp3) to cap it.
I’ll try if I can find a better one.

Store Run

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Rating: PG

Original Idea: I don’t know. I just really want more Bucky and Peter interacting.

Notes: (Masterlist)(About Me) This one was fun. It’s the first Peter/Spider-Man one-shot that I have completed. I started a couple others, but this one finally got done. Enjoy!


“No,” Bucky snapped.

“Please!” Peter pleaded.

“Absolutely not.”

“Just give me ten minutes to examine it!”

“This thing is one of the best feats of engineering on the planet, and I am not going to have some fifteen-year-old mess it up.”

“I’m not going to mess it up! I’m just going to look at it!”

No,” Bucky repeated forcefully.

Peter sighed. “Fine, then. I’m just gonna borrow Cap’s bike and run to the store,” he muttered, moving to skulk off.

Bucky’s metal arm—the topic in question—lashed out and caught the kid by the collar of his nerdy T-shirt. “I don’t think so. You don’t even have a driver’s license, let alone a motorcycle endorsement for one.”

“You guys are no fun,” Peter complained.

I snorted from my position, leaned against the doorframe with my arms folded.

Both heroes whirled to look at me. “Oh! Hi!” Bucky greeted. “We didn’t realize you were there.”

“Noticed,” I remarked jokingly. “C’mon, Pete. I’ll take you to the store.”

“Oh, uh… okay! Thanks!” he exclaimed before turning to Bucky. “Maybe while I’m gone… you’ll think about changing your mind?” He sounded hopeful. His back was to me so I gave Bucky a raised eyebrow over Peter’s shoulder. The steel blue eyes of the former-assassin flicked between my brown and Peter’s brown. Finally he sighed.

“I’ll think about it,” he relented. “No guarantees.”

Peter fist-pumped. “Yes!” He turned back to me. “Let’s go!”

Shaking my head in amusement, I turned and started to head to the garage, making sure my driver’s license was in my wallet, tucked into my back pocket.

Peter put his hand gently on my elbow. “Thanks. I know you gave him a look,” he whispered.

“Welcome. When you’re happy, we’re all a little happier around here.”

“Where do you two lovebirds think you’re going?” Steve asked from under his massive motorcycle that he was fixing up when we entered the garage—which was really more like a hangar for cars since it was so big. I kicked his foot as we passed on our way to my old sedan. “Ow!”

“We’re heading to the store. Pop-Tart and ice cream run,” I replied as I yanked open the driver’s side door.

“Hey Pete! Must be fun dating an older girl huh?” Steve teased.

I cracked my knuckles loudly.

“We’re not dating,” Peter retorted. “And she’s barely older than me by a couple months.”

The captain laughed. “I know. I’m just teasing you two. You should have seen how pink your face went young lady. You looked like you were ready to throttle me.”

“Still am,” I snapped as I ducked into the car and pulled the door closed. Peter followed my movements into the passenger side while Steve laughed. I shoved the keys in the ignition, cranked it, and drove out of the garage carefully so I wouldn’t hit any of Tony’s ridiculously expensive cars. I was grumbling under my breath the entire time.

“Relax. He was just having fun. He’s less aggravating than May’s teasing,” Peter commented.

“I know.” I shot a quick glance at Peter. The Avengers compound was out in the middle of nowhere so the road was basically abandoned but I was still fairly new at driving and didn’t want to take my eyes off the road for long.

Peter snickered and stared out the window at the fields and greenery flashing past us. My powers made me a bit jittery, trying to process all the input that I got from my senses and react defensively, so driving could be a nightmare.

I braked a little hard when we finally reached the stop sign that led onto a main road. “Sorry.”

“How did you pass your driving test?”

“I’m not used to this road. I did the driving test on roads I knew. And, I’ll have you know, I passed it the first time. The written one too,” I retorted. Peter snickered and patted my closest shoulder absentmindedly.

“I know. Tony told me. I was just messing with you.”

“You’re lucky you’re fun to be around or I’d deck you,” I remarked.

“You also wouldn’t be taking me to the store,” he pointed out playfully.

“Nope. So, Thor wanted Pop-Tarts, Tony suggested ice cream. Anything else?”

“I was thinking maybe some fun cereal. All they have is boring, bland, adult cereal. We’re still kids. I like color and sugar.”

I laughed. “Okay. We’ll find some fun cereal.”

“Also cookies.”

“Nuh-uh!” I exclaimed. “We bring back cookies and anyone sees, they will be gone within fifteen seconds.”

“Then we’ll hide them, duh. Only bring them out on movie night.”

“I’m so glad you’re up here for the summer. Having someone my age here is awesome,” I commented.

“Well, we think alike, don’t we?” he teased.

“Alike enough,” I relented.

While we’d been going back and forth, we made it to the small town closest to the compound. I pulled into the grocery store parking lot and we headed in. Peter grabbed a cart and I jumped into it with a laugh. “Hey!” he protested. “How come you get to ride in it?”

“Because you did last time,” I retorted. “Now it’s my turn.”

“Fine,” he grumbled.

“Plus, standing in the cart will made it easier to reach stuff on the top shelf,” I pointed out. Peter and I weren’t very tall. Peter was about five-eight and I was a solid five-one. He might grow some more but I hadn’t grown in about three years so I was done.

“Good point,” he relented. “I guess I can hardly use my web-shooters to snatch stuff in public.”

“Yeah that’d be bad for a secret identity.”

He pushed the cart—and me—around the grocery store while I rattled off the list from my phone, occasionally checking things off.

Finally, at the far back of the store where all the freezers were and I was buried under a small pile of boxes and ice cream, I turned my phone screen off. “Alright, nerd,” I teased. “I think we’re done!” Peter rolled his eyes but smiled.

“Great! Time to check out and head back then?”

“S’pose so.”

Which was what we did. As we got closer to the registers, I slowly got out from under the boxes so I wouldn’t look too weird just sitting in the cart. Peter stood awkwardly behind me while the checkout lady—who was an elderly, grandma type—complimented us endlessly on being such a cute couple and that it was sweet to see young people in love. Peter and I exchanged slightly-uncomfortable glances but didn’t bother to correct her. Let old people believe what they want to believe—unless those old people were Steve, Bucky, and Tony. Then don’t let them.

Peter unloaded our bags in the backseat of my old car—he insisted that he do the heavy lifting while I put the cart away, what a gentleman—then we piled in ourselves and drove back to the compound. I turned up the radio. It was a little staticky and glitchy given we were out in the middle of nowhere, but we still jammed and danced and sang. Peter had a cute voice.

Once we got back to the garage, Steve was gone. Thank the heavens. I parked and we took a single trip of stuff up to the kitchen—thanking goodness for superpowers and a lack of groceries. We really hadn’t got that much.

Still singing one of the songs that had been on the radio, we put everything away—hiding the cookies somewhere no one would think to find them.

“You’re back,” Natasha stated as she came in with a mug in her hand.

“Yup,” Peter said from where his hands were sticking to the ceiling and his feet were dangling.

“Mm,” Natasha muttered, brushing past us to the coffee pot. I made a face at Peter as I boosted myself onto the counter. He snorted. “See ya.”

“Bye Natasha.”

The former-assassin left with her coffee.

Peter dropped to the ground. “So! What should we do now?”

“Weren’t you wanting to examine Bucky’s arm?”

He lit up. “Oh yeah! I’m gonna go ask him!” he exclaimed. Giving me a quick wave, he raced out of the room. I chuckled.

He was so adorable.

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Flo I need some fall inspiration!!! What are must haves for fall? :)

here are my top favorites! a mix of classics and trend items xx


  1. Contemporary Trumpet Sleeve Top
  2. Sheer Mesh Polka Dot Crop Top
  3. Kayla Striped Bardot Shirt


  1. ASOS Skater Coat with Self Belt and Oversized Collar
  2. Macy Premium Faux Suede Biker
  3. MOTO Cropped Borg Denim Jacket


  1. MOTO Denim Mini Skirt
  2. Black Popper Front Faux Leather Pants
  3. Black Gingham Pull Through Skort


  1. Allsaints "Classic Biker Boot"
  2. PUMA Clyde Core Foil Sneaker
  3. Sole Society Leo boots (outfit ideas here)


  1. New Look Circle Cross Body Bag (affordable alternative to the chloe nile)
  2. H&M Captain’s Cap
  3. ASOS Geeky Metal Round Clear Lens Glasses
It’s Alright (11/?)

Team Cap x Reader - Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Words: 1786

Story Summary: Reader is being chased by someone, not knowing who and why. She’s determined to find out. A group of superheroes is helping her, but as they are helping out, they find out more about her. A secret that they don’t know how to bring to her. Can they secure her safety and tell her the news.

Author’s Note: If you want to be added to the list, please feel free to message me or leave a comment.

Previous parts: Part 1. Part. 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10.

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The night has fallen but Y/N was tossing and turning in her new room, sleep didn’t want to come for her. Sighing deeply, she ended on her back in her new bed. There was nothing special about the room but she didn’t care, it was only temporarily. She was grateful for the things that they did for her. It wasn’t part of the plan she had set out for herself, not at all. She needed to get back to her own life. Y/N stared at the wall opposite of her bed. The words Steve spoke about Bucky, when he was about to leave, she couldn’t get out of her mind. That’s also the reason why she was wide awake still at four in the morning. Who is Bucky and why does he have such an effect on her? What happened to his arm? She couldn’t really ask him, maybe Wanda knows, there was something about Wanda that she liked. Maybe she could help her instead of training with Bucky. “No! You’re not thinking ahead of yourself Y/N!” Y/N stated to herself, taking in a deep sigh and slowly let the air out.  

Okay, only asking about the members of Team Cap to Wanda. The escape plan stays a secret. The tour through the enormous building was fun, laughed about the comments from Wanda. The most interesting room in the building is definitely the gym. Y/N moved the covers away, pulled out of her bed. She walked to my closet, taking out a pair of black sweatpants and a blue tank top, changing into them. She walked out of her room and found her way to the gym in the dark. Y/N searched for a light switch and turned the lights on. She looked surprised to find a boxing bag already hanging there. walking towards the bag, she held both hands against it. This is what she had missed for way too long. Y/N looked around and in the corner, she saw boxing gear hanging. Walking up to it, searching for the right equipment for her knuckles and wrists.

The only thing that was missing was her fight music on her phone. Y/N looked at the bag, observing it and before she knew it, she was punching all the frustrations out on the punching bag. It was going quite well, doing her old routine Ger always did when she asked to train with him alone. After a couple of punches, Y/N stopped and sat down on the gym floor. She took long deep breaths. She was not as fit as she used to be. Of course, she had been missing out on a few workouts and a couple of days of a constant change of surrounding didn’t help.

After a couple of moments, she pulled up as she told herself that she had to do one more routine and then she could go back to her room.  Y/N flexed her hands, rolled her shoulders and moved her head from left to right.

Y/N stood in position to throw another round of punches when she saw someone sitting in the dark, watching her. She couldn’t see who it was but she had a hunch who it might be.

“Who are you?” Y/N called out. The broad shouldered person stood up, it stepped closer and into the light. Bucky!  

Y/N stepped back as he came closer, he was also dressed in sweatpants and a white tank top, his metal arm in full show. She had never seen it like this before, it was always covered, except for the hand.

“I know you’re not afraid of me, you can give up the act.” He said with a huff. Y/N frowned. “Yeah, you’re tougher than you look, you fight off people ten times stronger than you, why should you be afraid of me?” He asked. It was true, kickboxing champions have asked her to fight them and two of the five were knocked out. Y/N shook her head.

“Fine, I’m not scared of you but I want you to think that. This disease is….-” Bucky cut Y/N off.

“It destroys. Yes, I know. I read your file and for a seventeen-year-old, that file is packed.” Nobody had to tell her that, she knew. Y/N looking at her hands. “Yeah, well. You learn to live with it. You learn to stay out of people’s ways as you try to pick up the pieces.” Out of frustration, she gave the bag a soft punch and it caught Bucky’s attention.

“You got quite a workout there, classes?” He asked, he walked towards the punching bag and held it, holding his face at the side of the bag. Y/N nodded.

“Try a couple more of those punches but pay attention to your feet when you come in with your right hook. Your right foot can step in a little more. Try it.” Bucky said. She looked at him, stepping her right foot in as he suggested. She gave the punching bag the right hook. It did have some difference. He knows his moves, she should ask him where he learned it.

“Y/N! Focus! Don’t let your mind wander off. It can kill you in seconds” He snapped Y/N back to the gym. She gave the bag a low kick, three punches, and a high kick, to show she was not distracted. Bucky looked impressed stepping away from the punching bag.

“Now, fight me, I will not hurt you.” He said. Y/N chuckled but wasn’t sure if she could trust herself with her disease or him. He was standing strong and ready. Out of nowhere, he started with the punches, which she could dodge. Punching back was not as easy as she did on the punching bag. When Y/N finally got a chance to give him a few punches, he could defend himself with ease. A couple of times Y/N hit her hand on his metal prosthetic arm. She shook her hand at the pain. Definitely going to hurt in the morning.

She felt great, the adrenaline rush was back from one punch that got dodged, to a high kick. He didn’t see that one coming. She was now throwing punches at him and you could see Bucky struggling with it but he was still standing strong. He looked impressed with the small smile on his face.

The adrenaline rush kicked in more, rushing through her bloodstream towards her whole body. Y/N punched Bucky with full force and the small smile he wore, was now replaced with confusion. “Take it easy, you don’t want to use all your energy all at the same time!” He ordered. Y/N growled, glaring at him. She stepped in to give him another kick when he lunged at her, dropping to the floor. For a moment he knocked the breath out of her.  Bucky kept Y/N in a strong hold as she tried to break free. What was his problem?

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“Stop! Control yourself!” He shouted in my face, his face so close to hers. “I’m not here to hurt you, I’m not your enemy!” He stated. Y/N didn’t believe him, he had hurt her mother, killed her in cold blood. The one person that there for her, that she loved so much. He took her away from her.

Bucky looked at her, his own daughter. Tormented by something he gave her. His chest was pumping up and down, his half long dark hair hanging at the sides of his face, wet with the sweat.

“Let me go!” Y/N hissed. Bucky shook his head. “I can’t let you go, not until you have calmed down. Try to close your eyes, to calm your mind” Y/N didn’t listen to what he was suggesting, she tried to move her arms but this guy was strong.

“Let me go! I have to go, I can’t stay here, not here with you or your friends. You’re not trying to protect me, you’re keeping me on lockdown.” Bucky shook his head This was not Y/N talking but the adrenaline.

“Is that what you think we’re doing? Keeping you locked in here, you have no idea you’re in so much more danger out there than in here!” Bucky retorted. Y/N still tried to get her hand free but he was still not loosening his grip.

“In danger, out there! Are you kidding me! You killed my mother in cold blood, you did that! You can fool your friends but you can’t fool me. I was there when it happened, I know what I saw. I wish I couldn’t but it also reminds me not to trust anyone. I can’t stay here when you are here. I know you want to kill me, I know you do. It’s in your blood, the question is, why did you leave me in my apartment, why didn’t you take me?” Y/N hissed, glaring daggers. Her hands balled into fists. She was putting the strength in them but whatever she tried, he still was ten times stronger than she was.

Bucky pushed Y/N hands up and into the floor, holding them there. “I did not kill your mother, you have no idea what happened to me and your mother when we were under HYDRA! You have no idea about this world, you’re just a kid!” He shouted back. Drops of sweat falling on her face. She closed her eyes, still trying to break free, showing him that there is the determination to win this fight.

“You should calm down now,“ he said calmly. Opening her eyes, behind him. Y/N saw a light go on, she looked at him and waited for the right moment when he would least expect it.

Bucky’s face showed a hint of relief now and that was her cue.

“HELP!!” Y/N shouted on the top of her lungs.

“Someone please help me! Please! Help!!” Finally, Bucky loosened his grip on Y/N’s hands and she got one free and gave him a punch in the face. He dropped back and she rolled away from him and jumped up. Jeez! He was heavy.

Y/N looked around but kept a close eye on Bucky. She saw two exits but now she needed to know that she would not run into Steve on her way out. Bucky pulled up, he wiped the blood from his nose and looked at Y/N when behind him the door opened. Steve and Wanda rushed in. Y/N gave a small smile and sprinted for the other exit.

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Forget Brother, here’s Dio to answer your prayers! Here’s a reg maf check, but let’s cap it at 2:20 AM EST!

For those who haven’t played before: mafia, hosted on epicmafia.com, is a game generally comprised of two teams: mafia and village.

The village’s goal is to discover and eliminate mafia members during the daytime through discussion and investigation, while the mafia’s goal is to keep from being caught while they target a village member at night.
Mafia wins if they outnumber the village, while the village wins if all mafia members are eliminated before then.
Cooperation is vital to your team’s victory!


Staffa and Fingal’s cave, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Photos taken last week, when we had the chance to spend a few hours on the island.

Staffa is an entirely volcanic island, probably best known for its unique geological features such as the many caves and the unique shape of the basalt columns which are also found in the Giant’s Causeway and Rathlin island in Northern Ireland and, closer by, on the island of Ulva. It consists of a basement of tuff, underneath colonnades of a black fine-grained Tertiary basalt, overlying which is a third layer of basaltic lava lacking a crystalline structure. By contrast, slow cooling of the second layer of basalt resulted in an extraordinary pattern of predominantly hexagonal columns which form the faces and walls of the principal caves.

so a few points about this cap in my latest recap:

  • sansa is not useless and i didn’t mean to imply that
  • she survived and she grew and is an amazing person
  • however the skills sansa learnt on the show are subtle manipulation and mistrust, something many people who have been in abusive relationships hate about themselves (book sansa also learns about the common folk but that’s a story for another time)
  • if you remove her tragic backstory i think she may not have been as great at remaining in power  during troubled times but would nonetheless have taken care of her people wisely… grain supplies is definitely not something cersei ever taught her
  • as a nurse i am very jealous of my brother’s time at archeological digs but that doesn’t mean i think i’m useless it just means my brother got to do something that everyone thinks is cool while i’m stuck saving people’s lives i gueeeeess

tl;dr i think sansa’s great and this cap is #me so don’t come for me ffs

Spells - to - Go (Bottle Cap Spells)

Bottle cap spells are an easy way to keep spells with you while you’re on the go and super simple to make! Plus, recycling! (Always a bonus.)

What you need:

  • candle
  • bottle caps
  • a safe surface
  • herbs (optional)
  • small crystals (optional)
  • oils (optional)

How to make them:

  1. To begin, you will need to start melting a candle of whichever colour you would like to use for your spell. While this is occurring, charge the melting wax and any herbs or crystals with your intent.
  2. Once you have a sufficient amount of melted wax, blow out your candle and begin to pour it into the bottle cap(s). Fill it however full you wish to. Remember to be very careful as the wax is hot!
  3. If you have any herbs or crystals that you wish to add, do so before the wax completely sets. Add more wax on top if you would like to.
  4. After everything is set, put any oil you would like on top of the wax!

Ta-da! You now have your very own pocket spell!

Sleep Talking

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Really damn cute
A/N: I saw all the notes on Ex-Friends and nearly cried, you guys are so sweet and amazing and I’m so happy you guys seem to like my stories! Also - I will be putting up a new posting schedule soon, but for now I’m doing a bunch of college stuff so I don’t know when I can get to it. Hopefully soon!


“Yeah! And then he was like ‘Underoos!’ and I flipped in and stole Cap’s shield!”

You felt a smile tug at your lips while your best friend rambled on and on about his adventure in Germany. Truth be told, you loved how excited he got about it, but the only thing you truly cared about was that he came home safe.

Well, mostly safe. He did have a black eye, which you got ice for immediately and made sure he held it to his face during the whole story.

“It was just, it was amazing, Y/N,” he finally finished, the dopiest grin on his face as he moved the ice pack away. “I wish you could’ve been there.”

“I don’t think I would’ve liked seeing you get your butt kicked,” you teased, moving your hand to his to push the ice pack back on his face.

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