Hello there, a little update about my life.

  • I passed all my courses. (Yes, even that one I thought I would totally fail.)
  • Finished with my last exam on Wednesday and I came home.
  • On Thursday I met with Szophia and when I got home I helped my mother and did chores, plus I was working on the alphabet cards for my brother with autism.
  • On Friday I planned to meet my Fairy-kitten but fate was not on our side. Instead, I did my shopping. After getting home I did chores, again, so I would be free on Saturday.
  • On Saturday, I was doing chores and took care of my younger brothers in the morning (since everyone else was away), and in the afternoon I actually met my Fairy-kitten. After that I and my mother went to the “party“ to where my adored band got invited for a little “concert”.
  • On Sunday (today), in the morning I did the same as yesterday (since no one else was home again), in the afternoon I got some other stuff to work on (still doing the alphabet thing, helped my mother make lunch, etc.).
  • On Monday (tomorrow) we will go to the dentist, and I will go back to uni because the new term is starting. (I’m skipping uni tomorrow, since I have not been to the dentist in like 3 or 4 years, actually more if I do not count the times I just went to “check ups” still in high school.)

Wow, quite a list, haha. Anyways. Now, I will take care of some thing here on tumblr, then go to sleep since we are leaving at 10 AM tomorrow, and I still have other things to do before we leave (like make the beds, pack the rest of my stuff, etc.).