drrr plotdump #1 : human is so interesting, they're so pathetic

AU where Shizuo and Izaya is actually an artificial(sp?) life/human created by scientist!Mikado (because we all know it’s impossible for them to be human), they’re created with nature of hating each other and twisted personality, to make Mikado life more interesting. Complete with the nature of hating being controlled by their ‘father’ -Mikado, just because Mikado finds it amusing to find them struggle for freedom.

The scientist!Mikado is eventually dead, and unfortunately they still keep fighting each other, because they’re programmed(?) so. Years later (I don’t know, they’re artificially, so they immortal?), they found a boy who look like their 'father’ with a different personality, which is  actually scientist!Mikado’s clone, and with his newest artificial slave, Aoba(?)
So Close Yet So Far

I shall promote my fanfic stories whenever possible! Also, this was my first Shizuo x Mikado fanfic. I’m quite proud of it. :D

Summary: Mikado starts off his fifthteen year of age by almost getting hit by a truck. Almost. Who saved him? Why is a certain bartender showing up lately? And what the hell is wrong with Izaya? Warning: Yaoi, Stalker/Troller Izaya, & flying vending machines.