Just going to throw this here: I’M GOING TO SEE RÓMEÓ ÉS JÚLIA IN JANUARY! OMGOMGOMGOMG! I’m just…going all ashajdhajdgaka here! WAAAAAAAH!

We saw Rómeó és Júlia. We're back at our hotel room, and we're barely alive.

You are not going to.. this is just too much.. I mean.. I can’t function. At all.

  • We had Sziszi. Goddamn Szabó P. Szilveszter. SZISZIBALT.
  • And we got autographs from the man himself - even though he was scary as hell.
  • Rómeó és Júlia is the gayest musical ever. Benvolio and Rómeó. Tybalt and Benvolio. Tybalt and Mercutio. Benvolio and Mercutio. A few ensemble guys (one Capulet, one Montague).
  • Kissing, groping, harassing, hinting. I think I pretty much drooled the whole time.
  • Zolicutio actually forced Árpivolio’s hand between his legs and just kept it there and started rubbing himself against it. Like, thanks.. I didn’t need my brains anyway.
  • mind-evolution has always liked Árpivolio, and though I still can’t stand his voice, his acting was.. oh my God, what a comic relief and sad little poor baby! I just wanted to hug him all the time during the end of 2nd act. ;_;
  • Naturally we went to the stage door after the show, too. We got autographs from Zoli, Árpi, Ottília (she even kissed our autograph notebooks, leaving red lip prints xD) and László (“Hey.. what’s up?”).
  • When we were done with the autographs, we decided to go and check Magyar Színház (where Vámpírok Bálja had just ended), just in case some of the actors would still be there.
  • At first we thought the stage door was dead and closed, but there were two Japanese girls and so we made the decision to stay there. We were curious.
  • …well guess who came out? Géza von Krolock. He had a long chatter with a few fans and while he was doing his responsibilities as an actor, we were panicking about our vampire teeth. At the end we kept them.
  • And that’s probably why Géza looked at us a few times.
  • “Are you waiting for me?” “Yessss.”
  • Then we talked a bit and he was very delighted to find out we’re from Finland. And when he heard we will be here for four more shows, he made this deep sigh and shook his head. XD
  • I also have to mention that the Japanese girls brought him sake. :D
  • Autographs yay!

So yeah, that’s pretty much all that happened to us during one day. And we still have six more to go.

Somebody help us. :D

Quick update!

We’ve settled in Budapest, had some dinner, went to the grocery shop to get some supplies, got our tickets and thus everything’s ready for a perfect evening. Oh and…

WE’RE JUST ABOUT TO LEAVE TO THE BUDAPESTI OPERETTSZÍNHÁZ TO SEE RÓMEÓ ÉS JÚLIA! (We’re supposed to have Sziszibalt, Zolicutio and Árpivolio and apparently it’s Zolicutio’s last show. I feel so priviledged.)