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  • what she says: Jim being part changeling is possible I guess but idk
  • what she means: Jim being part changeling because of one of his parents would explain so much. it would explain how an amulet meant for trolls could’ve chosen him to be the Trollhunter. it could explain why his father left he and his mother so out of the blue. it could explain part of why Strickler takes such an interest in Barbara, a seemingly human woman, if she had been with a changeling before or has troll blood in her own veins. it aligns with the foreshadowing Jim says in regards to Strickler being a changeling “if he’s one, i’m one”. and you can argue the horseshoe didn’t affect Jim, but we’re given multiple examples of things designed for trolls that don’t work right for Jim because Jim is not a full troll, like the amulet at first and the furgolator. It makes sense that an item designed for a full changeling wouldn’t work right either if Jim is only part changeling. this could also be how Jim manages to get through the Darklands without being detected in s2. when Toby sticks his head through the small portal we witness a frightening glowing creature fly at him, demanding to know who he is, as if the glowing creature is a sort of security system in the Darklands meant to weed out anyone who doesn’t belong. But if Jim has changeling blood in him perhaps the security system won’t detect him since the Darklands is the home of the changelings. this could be how Jim stays alive. this could be how he saves (or doesn’t save) Enrique. if Jim were part changeling he’d be bridging not only the trolls and humans as the Trollhunter (as he’s done so far, starting to erase the prejudice trolls have toward humans) but also the trolls and the changelings (as he’s also started to do, extending the olive branch to NotEnrique and Strickler, and in turn encouraging his teammates to begin trusting them too). if the other trolls can also see past their prejudice toward changelings, if they can see the hypocrisy in pitying Arrrgh for being kidnapped by the GumGum and forced to be something he wasn’t but condemning changelings for essentially the same thing, if they can do that, perhaps again starting with Jim, the Trollhunter they’ve come to trust and respect, then maybe they can come together. this could dismantle the Janus Order and in turn give the trolls and changelings a common enemy: Gunmar. this could be why Jim was chosen to be the Trollhunter instead of just another troll. because if he’s part changeling, he represents trolls, humans, and changelings; he bridges the gaps between all of them, brings them all together. and perhaps the time has come for them to do so, to put aside their differences and work together to defeat what threatens them all, so that they can then, hopefully, exist in relative harmony at last.


Okay but I’m still questioning myself

how can a girl that has actually has never done anything that bad [like kill someone for example] bring a tornado that huge??? Like, she is not an angel but she doesn’t deserve to die? I’m still in shock

no need to turn it off anymore

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