szechuan style

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Yo, today I saw a menu item that was a "Szechuan style" "chicken satay" with a "miso glaze." Can I go ahead and assume that all this just means someone said "make it sound 'oriental'" and think this is racist?

“Just throw all that ching chong stuff together, it’s cool.”


From top to bottom, left to right: spicy pork dumpling,stir fried hand-pulled noodle (w/ pork, ear mushroom, cabbage, and bean sprout), stir fried pork with gluten, pickled cabbage & adamame, fried pork bun that has a bit of soup inside similar to xiao long pao (but in a bun form), Szechuan style spicy beef stew, fried pumpkin dough BY Paradise Dynasty, Bangkok branch. Every dish was sooooooooooo good!!!