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Have any of your other PF party members ever tried to ride the bisontaur?

All the time, I climbed a 40 foot metal pole with our dwarf druid on my back so she could stick a rope into the stone at the top for the rest of the party to climb. I started dumping a bunch of rank points into climbing because me and alyxdesigns are unstoppable when we work together to scuttle up things now. It’s funn because I’m supposed to have a -4 to climbing because I’m a freaking dude growing out of a bison but I still have a +11 with all the points I put into it.

Hey I actually wrote a post of my own.

    The concept of “you need to watch it bc you might trigger someone” like… idk that seems wrong to me on a fundamental level.

    Isn’t that making your problems someone else’s responsibility?

I understand being considerate but I always figured my baggage was my problem and not yours. If you aren’t aware of my baggage you have no responsibility to it, even if you aren’t a stranger and we work together or something you have no real responsibility to it. My personal comfort is not your problem. If I have a freak out from a flashback or something, even if you caused it, that’s my responsibility to remove myself. Not yours.

I don’t understand the audacity to demand the world around you conform to your individual comfort level.

Most might not agree on here, I’d welcome any feedback if you have an opinion one way or another.