SYTYCD Season 14 Tour

If you haven’t gotten tickets to see the season 14 tour yet you’re missing out because this tour is amazing!! Even if I didn’t watch the season I would have loved this show. The lighting and directing of this tour is the best I’ve seen from them, seriously. Go see this tour!

So all of the dancers were really sweet this year during meet and greet. Mark had all of these different saying for the group pictures. Like instead of “cheese” he had my group say “Santa’s coming” lol And after seeing this tour I can say his energy is not exaggerated at all. He is one crazy awesome dude.

All of the dancers were amazing in this show the solo’s were all fantastic and I loved how they were worked into the set and not just thrown in like they usually are. (I’ll try and post a full set list soon) They did a lot of transitions into other dances and broke up the show into small sections like a story. There would be an emotional section and then they would change and have a section entirely devoted to hip hop. They also had an entire section devoted to the 70s disco theme. It was seriously top notch organization. 

All of the dancers on this tour were equally amazing, but I have to say Sydney was one of the biggest surprises and standouts on tour. She is magnetic and absolute fire on stage. Some of the other early eliminations were fantastic too. Robert basically owned the show every time he was on stage and Dassy was incredible to watch dance live. Plus she’s the sweetest and we shared a good laugh about taking pictures at meet and greet. Logan was super friendly and warm and Impavido was so grateful to meet everyone and appreciative and sweet. Honestly there have been years where the meet and greet portion of this show has been a little bit of a let down, but these dancers are seriously some of the best.

petition for a bandstand movie with the whole obc cast please

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Twitch & Dytto freestyle session on The Ellen Show! 

Song: “Basic” by Pusher


His dancing y'all 😭


seriously watch the full version of tear its amazing