The reality and non-reality: Touch of hands

Real version (my point):

There are a few days ago, exactly on Wednesday, Sydney has an attitude that I think the boy did not have in mind doing it. He and Peter were arranging any excuse to keep your hand in hand, and it was so cute, I could barely keep myself normal! It’s amazing how they leave in the face as their love and no one can see, it makes me nervous.

Fictional version (Peter’s point):

Is that sure to touch his hand? This is normal among friends, say, touch hands sometimes. But the way I wanted to play, is unacceptable. Sometimes I wish I was born as a girl, it would be so much easier and there would be no harm in telling him how much I love and how hard it is not able to touch it, look at it as passionately - which is inevitable , kiss him and even approach me too much.
The only way I found, well, it was find a way to “touch it accidentally,” but what hope is that these girls have not noticed. They are about to discover all that no one should know.