systemsnominal-blog  asked:

You should be in more videos, preferable made with better camera. You’re on my list of people to immortalize in moving pixels using a primitive animation technology developed in 1989, but I can’t do that without quality source material.

Well you’ve got those extremely high quality vlogs, the KotW livestream, the Jesse Cox FF6 stream, the Halloween YTH stream, the New Years drunkenly-sandwich-kiss-Jesse stream, a video of me dressed as a leprechaun, a video of me dressed as a wooly mammoth, two videos of me pretending to be on drugs, one video of me pretending to be drunk on wine while listening to a Christmas song, random Ro and Husky vlogs, that episode of Nerdy Nummies where we made Lembas bread, and… probably other stuff but I can’t really remember.

If you watch them in order you can actually see me become more comfortable with the camera before emerging completely from my chrysalis as a drunken train wreck.