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date a boy with DID. be supportive of his alters. remind him of things he forgot.

He stands before you. Towering, dark, and clearly evil. His horns are curled in such a way that it sends chills down your spine. Low rumbling and growling emanates from his very being; he could lash out at any moment and hurt you.
Yet he kneels before you, bowing. He stretches his hands out to take yours. You were afraid of his power, but at the moment when you two came into physical contact, there was nothing but love. He looked up, and you saw a small glimmer of peace within his beautiful eyes.
“My dearest lord, I am not here to hurt you. Only to protect you, to keep you, to love you.”


-Reply/comment on this post with ‘penpal!’ to mark yourself as someone who wants a pal!
-Other pals, search through the blogs and find one with interests similar to yours!
-Contact eachother individually via message to exchange adress information!
-Write to your pal!!!

-Don’t be a creep.
-Avoid sexual content unless your pal is consenting to it.
-Don’t glitter bomb (it’s messy) unless your pal consents to it.
-No prejudice allowed! This includes sexuality, gender, and race!

Thank you to @dateaboysuggestions for allowing this to happen. FIND YOUR PAL!

date a boy with DID because 5-10 or more boyfriends are better than 1

EDIT: This post DOES NOT include system littles in any way, shape, or form. This post DOES NOT mean that when someone dates a person with DID, they date every alter. I am aware that this is not the case. I posted this because it relates to me and some alters in my system. It’s meant to be funny