me: [has issues with certain sounds (everything sounds slow, harsh, and repeats/echoes) enough that i can’t listen to certain songs (although this is not all that triggers it)]
me: [constantly sees bugs in places there are not bugs]
me: [creates new personalities à la natural system]
me: yes i am a mentally healthy person. i am very neurotypical

(these may not all be bpd symptoms but they are all symptoms that i personally have
-mod ruby)


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[photo // post]

[[ Image Description: A photo featuring a black cat sitting on the floor, looking at the viewer with a seemingly moody look, with a post on it by user serrph.

The post reads: “Hey yeah if you don’t have DID or alters in general, DO NOT TELL SOMEONE WITH DID, PROFESSIONALLY DIAGNOSED OR NOT, THAT THEIR FICTIVE ALTER ISN’T VALID AND THAT THEY ARE FAKING. Fictives are very common for DID systems because DID is formed during childhood due to trauma and children are very likely to use fiction as an escape, so the idea of an alter forming to resemble a fictional character is very likely.

I’ve been professionally diagnosed with DID and I have 2 fictive alters. Do not tell me that the are invalid or not real, because they are very real.” ]]

In general, complexity and precision bear an inverse relation to one another in the sense that, as the complexity of a problem increases, the possibility of analysing it in precise terms diminishes. Thus ‘fuzzy thinking’ may not be deplorable, after all, if it makes possible the solution of problems which are much too complex for precise analysis.
—  Lotfi A. Zadeh

okay im not going to lie, sometimes I feel invalid for having a rather large system (20, possibly 21), so im just kinda curious as to the numbers of other people’s systems. reblog with how many are part of your system because i wanna get to know you guys better and also Id like to know if there are lots of systems as big as mine??

PUNISHMENT, 2015 (Excerpt).

On July 24 Popper Publishing launched their 11th issue “Systems” at National Library of Latvia. This issue is dedicated to natural and artificial systems, contemporary, graphic and post-internet art with abstract forms, color, geometry, mathematically generated images, visualizations generated by biological processes and outer space.

Exhibition’s contributors:
Jānis Dzirnieks, Voldemārs Johansons, Viktors Timofejevs, Līva Rutmane, Sarmīte Māliņa, Atis Jākobsons, Klāvs Loris, Gints Gabrāns, Pēteris Noviks, Ojārs Pētersons, Kristīne Alksne, Darja Meļņikova, Ēriks Apaļais, Reinis Lismanis, Kaspars Groševs, Krišs Salmanis, Maija Kurševa, Katrīna Čemme, Eltons Kūns, Jānis Krauklis, Henrijs Preiss, Mārtiņš Ratniks, Andrejs Lavrinovičs, Kristaps Zelmenis, Zane Zelmene, Arturs Koršs, Ēriks Naivo, Roberts Galviņš, Oskars Veilands (Latvia), Shoboshobo, The Pit (France), Kottie Paloma, Daniél Niederkofler (Germany).

Make sure to check it out if you get the chance.

anonymous asked:

I in no way mean to be rude, but technically it IS part of mental health to be otherkin. It's part of multiple personality disorder or DID. Again I don't mean to be rude but that is what this technically is...

hi anon!

it might be part of that for some people, but not everyone! i don’t have did or mpd, but im otherkin, for example 💐

-mod mubon

I say, ‘Get me some poets as managers.’ Poets are our original systems thinkers. They contemplate the world in which we live and feel obligated to interpret, and give expression to it in a way that makes the reader understand how that world runs. Poets, those unheralded systems thinkers, are our true digital thinkers. It is from their midst that I believe we will draw tomorrow’s new business leaders.
—  Sidney Harman
The Benefits Of Having Central Vacuum Systems

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Do you really want to work for the next 30+ years?

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