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Random question for Americans or people in the know - absolutely not fic related, no way, I’ve got work to do and I’m not writing anything, that would be irresponsible of me, hhahahaha, nope, just honest to God curiosity - if you were in a coma for months and you had no family, how would that work? Like, would you have to leave very clear instructions not to be unplugged? Or would you be ‘killed’ anyway after a certain time if no brain activity showed up on monitors? And what about your stuff? Say you were upper upper middle class, so wealthy enough to cover medical expenses for a certain number of months, but not more - would a lawyer be appointed to sell your house so they can keep your body on life-support? Or would the hospital just keep you alive for free, because Hippocratic oath? And would any of that change if you were a famous person?

(I don’t need Harvard Law precision about this, I’d only like the story to be believable for Americans I’m just trying to finish a crossword / win a bet / understand this dream I had. Ugh. Okay, bye.)

Liberals, we need you now to join an actual #Resistance to Trump, fascism, and capitalism, the latter of which will perpetually produce the conditions that breed the former. Support us in the battle against oppression, understand that these problems are systemic, and move to the left. Oppression can’t be defeated with centrism.

Oh and stop calling the cops on direct actioneers.

Sea Shell Magick

Sea shell symbolize the element water, love, protection, preparation, peace, and prosperity. 

  • Abalone: Hidden beneath its drab shell lies a beautiful mother-of-pearl. Use this shell in spells when seeking hidden treasures, wealth, and good fortune. It is also often used in love spells, especially self love spells. Amulets made of abalone shells help with affirmations, balancing, and protection. As well as protection from negativity, attraction to creativity, and is often used for meditation and chakra balancing. A whole abalone she can bee used as an incense holder. Abalone is a healing shell. Helps stimulate psychic development. Abalone helps with anxiety, stress, arthritis relief, muscular problems, and heart and digestive system problems.
  • Auger: Used in spells male oriented magic, fertility, courage, power, and to aid in male healing.            
  • Clam: Since Venus was painted coming out of a clam shell, this has been considered a symbol of her. Use this shell when you call on Venus for help. As well as for spells that have to do with purification, friendship and love. 
  • Cockle: This shell is best used in spells for love, friendship, relationships, and emotions.
  • Conch: Can be used for spells that have to do with summoning, lost communication, difficulties in communication, and to aid in clearing misconceptions. As well as power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, freedom, and forward movement.  
  • Cowries: This shell is used in spells for anything of concern to females. Including menstrual and pregnancy difficulties. Also used for spells that include fertility, prosperity and money.
  • Limpets: Used in spells for courage, confidence, and physical strength. 
  • Moon shell: It can be used for anything lunar related. Also for psychic awareness, purification, and peace.   
  • Murex: Used for protection, defense, and preservation.
  • Nautilus: Used for any mentally related spells. This would include passing your exam, completing all your homework, remain focused, etc.
  • Oyster: Used in spells for banishment, love and good fortune.
  • Sand dollars: Used in wealth spells and wisdom spells. 
  • Scallop: Good all purpose-shells and can be used to replace any shell. Also used in travel and movement spells.
  • Spindle: It is best used in meditations on destiny as well as any spell to do with inspiration. 
  • Whelk: Used in spell to help gain control of the situation. Used for making dramatic, positive changes to your life.                         

May the moonlight your path!

==Moonlight Mystics==


A mere two years after completing his daring General Theory of Relativity in 1915 — where gravity is interpreted as resulting from the curvature of space and time around a massive body — Albert Einstein wrote a daring article, taking on the whole universe under his new lens.

Given that mass tells space how to bend, he reasoned, if he knew the mass contained in the entire universe, he could derive its geometry as a whole. For the first time in history, a single mind attempted to derive the shape of the cosmos not from theological or philosophical arguments, as so many had before, but as the result of solid physical and mathematical reasoning.

As an intellectual move, it took a lot of courage. In what follows, I’ll attempt to take you through Einstein’s reasoning, as close as possible to the famous 1917 paper.

How would someone apply equations that worked very well for solar-system-scale problems to a much grander scale?

Modern Cosmology Turns 100




my obsession is real AND I CAN KEEP GOING FOR THAT 200 PHOTO ALBUM LIMIT.. Another Prompto appreciation post!



DID problems
  • Me, trying to get on with "adult" life: rapid switching, littles wanting to play at inappropriate times, noisy head, unable to concentrate on anything for long, alters fronting for days at a time etc.
  • Me, when the body is ill: silent head, little or no switching, feeling completely alone in dealing with illness.


Mentally ill American citizens are given free psychiatric healthcare. People don’t have to worry about not getting treatment for their disease, BECAUSE their disease disables them from holding a job, or being able to afford health insurance. Suicide rates start to plummet. Sick Americans have hope. The world becomes a better and safer place for mentally ill people.

Cooking Problems

You guys know what I really hate?
When I’m looking for recipes online, and the ones in English are all “take 5 oz of water and 2.7 bloz of oil and 7 and a half tsps of salt and  6.5 lol op pls of sugar and one seven-thirteenth of a medium egg." 
Half the time people posting them don’t know themselves if it’s dry ounces or liquid ounces or King Henry’s foot or Mary Stuart’s ankle.

And the recipes in French are even worse, because they’re all "one glass of water, one cup of oil, one nail polish bottle of salt and exactly that amount of sugar that fits into that small indentation at the bottom of grandma Cecile’s old flower vase.”

If the metric system is evil and oppressive and whatnot, can’t people at least stick to the same damn measure so I can have some idea of the bloody proportion?

Phew, I feel better now. Thanks.

  • What people think gaining a lot of fictive headmates at once is like: Oh hooty hoo wowie look at all my favorite fictional characters gosh i love this UwU

Standing up to defend the only place we have as a home will depend on us by voting out corrupt politicians who represents the greedy class. All corrupt politicians need to be voted out. Regardless if it’s Republicans or Democrats.

Will it take an environmental disaster or a tragedy to vote out corrupt politicians? It seems that we’re heading in the direction to wake people up in which its no longer worth voting for the same corrupt parties who are going make our problems a lot worse. By the time all corrupt politicians are voted out of office then it maybe too late.

It’s up to us to avoid environmental catastrophe.

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People always say they care, but some people say it just to seem like better people - some people are truly, purely self-oriented. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to value yourself and your health but people need support systems. Many of us only survive because of our support systems. And the problem with having a small percentage of people who don’t care, it leaves the possibility that some people will be unlucky enough to never come across a potential support system. Anyway, there may not be a solution to this problem. We can’t make people care about other people. We also can’t tell people to become entirely self-reliant. These are impossible. Maybe we can tell the people with the capacity to help others to always be on the lookout for lonely people? So the people who need others always find each other…

At my school we have to do something called an ALICE drill. Basically the idea is that if an intruder comes in with a gun it is better to try and escape or barricade your classroom door than just sit and wait for a the guy to come in and kill you. So this is the practice barricade we build in my class to fall on the intruder if he opened the door.