systemic models

Gift ideas for space and moon witches

-A telescope

-moon necklace 

-HUGE jars to be used for making moon water

-ceiling stars for their room

-Handmake a drawing of their favorite constellation

-Triple moon symbol altar cloth

-sun and moon tarot

-moon decal for their room

-anything galaxy

-Moon spells book

-Take them on a camping trip to lay under the full moon and look at the stars

-solar system model

-crescent moon dream catcher

-constellation mug

-solar system sugar cookies

-nasa shirt

-!!!!!!!!!!!!!! name a star after them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-space wall calendar

-moon phase watch

-zodiac sign necklace 

-solar system bracelet

-astronomy book

-galaxy bath bomb

-anything with their zodiac sign

most of these items can be found with a simple google search, enjoy :)

why are people being so negative about andromeda tho i mean making jokes is one thing but people saying its 100% shit when its not even out yet/have only played a little of the game sounds more like people unable to let go of the trilogy and comparing the two than actually trying to enjoy a new game. The whole point of this game is that Ryder isnt Shepard. They’re young and stupid and inexperienced and put into a position of extreme responsibility for the first time. Even if they were like Shepard, y’all would just complain that they’re a clone and bioware cant write new characters.

its also kind of unfair to compare a bioware game to something like uncharted or horizon zero dawn. they spend so much more time recording voice lines, writing different conversation/story paths, allowing you to make a custom character, lore writing, building multiple huge areas ect. in nearly every game they make. 

dont kid yourself and say you played DA:O for the groundbreaking combat system and beautiful character models, or loved Mass effect 2 because the animations were amazing. We all played these for the story.

and for people saying they should still improve? yeah, they should, there’s a lot bioware as a company needs to work on. but at the same time, they have improved. very slowly, but they’re getting there. remember that they started working on this game at around the time me3 came out. if they were to start it today, it would probably be very different. probably even better.

Id also like to remind people that mass effect is a video game, not an animated movie. When you actually play and watch the cutscenes in context you will barley notice. Its easy to pick something apart when you're just looking at a gif of it. bioware is also just a company, they cant track and grant everyones wishes, and they aren’t anywhere near being perfect but, what other game is????? is there a game that has all the diversity and representation and amazing gameplay and animations that you want?? link me if it exists 

Im not excusing their mistakes, representation is beyond important in media and we should fight to have it. But listen guys i bought a fucking ps4 for this and dropped $70 on a pre-order i have to be optimistic.

I’m just struck by the emerging clarity of the contrast between Melissa Chase, World’s Coolest Nerd and Zack Underwood, World’s Nerdiest Cool Kid–

Melissa: can’t throw a ball, spent first day of summer vacation building a model solar system, can just order people to give her money and they will obey

Zack: football star, one-time lead singer of popular boy band, but they all dressed like lumberjacks and he’s scared of fish

It’s easy to look back to the past, and laugh at those morons who used to think that the sun revolved around the Earth. One of the first things you learn in school is that planets revolve around the sun - not the other way around - because the sun is the real star of our solar system, in every sense of the word. And yet that’s not entirely accurate: Remember those solar system models, with the sun stuck on an immobile pillar, while all the other planets spin around it on wires? You know, every model of the solar system you’ve ever seen?

It’s wrong, and so is that diorama your stupid kid made that won second place at the science fair, losing out to a baking soda volcano. In reality, the sun is just another orbiting object, which also rotates around the true center of the solar system, the barycenter. What’s there? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

5 BS Science Myths Your Entire View Of The World Rests On

The glue famine of 2017 is going strong into almost a whole month now. Not only is our store out of all elmer’s glues, but all stores in our area. Not just our chain. Not just craft stores. ALL STORES. On a fully-stocked day, we have around 500 bottles of glue and that shelf is completely wiped out. 

And we don’t know when we’re getting more. 

And the reason?

Glue slime. 

Glue slime is a craft that has been around since I was a kid. Seriously, I remember making this shit all the time. 

But someone in our area found out how to make it. And decided that this would make a great activity for the kids at a birthday party! Oh gosh! What a great idea!

And they told two friends. 

And they told two friends. 

And they told two friends. 

And now there is no glue anywhere, and it is project season for the middle schoolers so there is now no glue to make their solar system models or whatever. 

And people are MAD. 


Lady. No one has any glue. There’s some soccer mom out there in Ohio sitting on a mountain of Elmer’s Glue probably waiting for the right moment to sell basic-ass glue on the crafting Black Market for a 500% markup because that’s the shit they do here on this side of town. Go find out what hovel she’s living in and offer her your Prius as payment. We don’t got it here. 


Extroverted Sensing (Se):

  • Strong real-world focus, with a desire to experience all life has to offer
  • Sensitive to physical stimuli, often seeking to engage with it
  • In tune with the immediate physical environment
  • Lives fully (and immerses self) in the moment
  • Thinks on the move
  • Steers away from contemplative lifestyles
  • Enjoys exerting their physical energy
  • Able to recognize others’ levels of motivation or willpower
  • Comfortable taking initiative when others cannot or won’t do so
  • Easily senses power dynamics
  • Often strives for dominance in professional or personal relationships
  • Seeks to minimize dependencies on others
  • Adapts quickly to the changing environmental needs
  • Frequently seeks new experiences, stimuli, or acquaintances
  • Lacks caution or reserve, may use physical force to accomplish things
  • Can appear impulsive, rash, or aggressive

Introverted Thinking (Ti):

  • Adept at formulating logical systems, models, and reasoning
  • Uses this model as a basis for understanding the world
  • Tends toward logical absolutes
  • Little faith in established rules unless they ‘make sense’
  • May find processing ambiguity difficult
  • Critical of anything that doesn’t match their established interpretation
  • Flexible in expanding or dispensing with infallible systems
  • Retains information deemed useful to their own ends
  • May reference facts, statistics or historical examples to back up claims
  • Eager to learn about a wide variety of things
  • Often motivated by the prospect of rewards and status

Extroverted Feeling (Fe):

  • Values highly vibrant emotional environments
  • Seeks to freely interact and be themselves without moral judgment
  • Often not good at relieving perceived ‘dull’ atmospheres
  • Can appear unfriendly, brusque, unwelcoming, or insensitive
  • Likes large group environments centered on a common shared goal
  • Enjoys surprising or provoking reactions in others
  • Often competitive or seeks positive attention

Introverted Intuition (Ni):

  • Tends to lack restraint or moderation
  • Perceives most situations through instinct
  • Often acts without considering the future consequences
  • May leap to conclusions quickly or haphazardly
  • Often unaware of a difficult situation’s subtle intricacies
  • Finds it difficult to slow down their thought patterns
  • Tends to seek a deeper sense of ‘meaning’ in life
  • Can be oblivious to deeper meanings, hidden symbols, or     metaphysical ideas
  • May aggressively seek answers from multiple sources
  • Often drawn to individuals who can express intuitive worldviews
  • Attracted to individuals more inclined to intuitive reflection than action

Compiled by Charity / the Mod. Based on MBTI and Socionics definitions.

5 Cities With Model Parks Systems

SN: the following is from an article with the title above followed by this subheading; “Can Milwaukee learn lessons from them on how to fund its parks?” It’s a question all cities should ask. Inspiration can found locally or globally, city planners just need the vision to create park spaces.

The article also introduced me to: “The Trust for Public Land’s annual “ParkScore Index” ranks the 100 most-populous U.S. cities, based on comparable metrics.”

BOSTON - ParkScore ranking: #9; public investment in parks: $122 per capita; parks as percentage of city land: 17 percent.

CHICAGO - ParkScore Ranking: #15; public investment in parks: $172 per capita; parks as percentage of city land: 9.2 percent.

MADISON - ParkScore Ranking: #10; total public investment in parks: $122 per capita; parks as percentage of city land: 13.4 percent.

MINNEAPOLIS- ParkScore Ranking: #1 (annually since 2013); public investment in parks: $275 per capita; parks as percentage of city land: 12.5 percent

SEATTLE - ParkScore Ranking: #13; public investment in parks: $224 per capita; parks as percentage of city land: 14.9 percent.