[Translation] Psycho-Pass: Genesis - Ch.1-0

Japanese-Thai translation: irregulars-daradara
Thai-English translation & edit: xnightrainx


We have it in our power to begin the world over again.
—Thomas Paine, Common Sense


Chapter 1

Who is the ruler of this beautiful new world?

‘The laws’ chosen by the ‘people’

‘The people’ who choose ‘the law’


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Saturday 29/08/15 // 12:45 am

So this is an update, in the second semester I switched AP classes I was taking history 1 and 2 and language and now I’m taking chemistry, physics and biology and its so much fun! I love it although organic chemistry it’s tricky. I recently took my cardiovascular system test and I got an A+ (is that the maximum note? I’m not from the USA) I’m really motivated bc I really want to study medicine

dreaming-pandora asked:

Wouldn't Jupiter's weapon of coice be............. His mouth? (P.s. can you shameless show us Jupiter's great red spot on the gijinka?)

Jupiter’s weapon would be his monstrous gravity and his hands haha~

hmmm, about your request…

I had to ask E-chan to do it for me, alas,  they got caught–

our battle to see his great red spot continues on…

APTX musing

This is less headcanon and more theory spinning. Because making sense of fictitious pseudo science is one of my passions. 

Is there a grounded theory on the nature of the APTX poison? I mentioned in my headcanon that I believe it’s a constantly active drug , “keeping him down” so to speak. So it’s not like it passed through him and he’s just suffering the consequences– or else the antidote would have worked for good

I was always curious about the poisons nature in relation to his immune system. It appears to have rewired his system into considering Conan to be the “default” form… for lack of a better word. This is why the antidote only turns him back to normal when he’s sick. So being Shinichi is physically wrong due to the effects of the poison.  

This is why I’ve got this idea that Ai needs to go a different route with her antidotes because all the temps end up doing is taking advantage of this weakness to have him trot around a little taller with no real progress. Furthermore we’re noticing an exponential decline in the effectiveness of the antidotes because of his growing immunity. I think she needs to focus on fixing this problem with his immune system– you know, change the default function back to Teenage Shinichi so his body is actually working with her to fight the poison. If she keeps going in this direction she’ll sabotage the chance of an antidote working on him at all.  

anonymous asked:

Hello, thank you for making such a great writing blog! I was wondering if you had any resources on the Japanese education system, specifically, exams. Like in America, we have things like SAT, AP, etc. Does Japan have anything like those? Again, thank you very much!

From what I understand, the Japanese Education System is split into three parts: 6 years of “elementary school” 3 of “middle school” and 3 of “high school” as we would place them in the US. A large test is given between middle school and high school, an entrance exam that determines not only if you get into high school, but what your future (university experience and more) will look like. The students train heavily and much weight is placed upon this examination. Below you will find resources that describe this education system in more detail and give the names and preparations for the exact exams. 


Seattle’s Institute for Systems Biology have launched a wonderfully ambitious project to feed 10 billion people by 2050 using aquaponics, a system which requires very little soil and water to grow food. What’s more, they’re turning high school students into citizen scientists who can assist in this grand endeavour - but they need our support!

Beyond its importance to Earthlings, such research no doubt offers immense promise for space colonies as well.✨🌱 ‪✨